UFO truth, from Roswell to Nazi involvement, to the NSA and today is discussed with UFO researcher and author Richard Dolan. Sightings and officially documen…
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0 thoughts on “AT THE ROSWELL UFO CRASH SITE, by Josef Cene

  1. It IS a UFO. A UFO is an “Unidentified Flying Object” So it is, either way,
    a “UFO”. What I THINK you mean is whether or not it is from space, and
    extraterrestrials where operating it.

  2. Hallo JulieR912! I am glad that you like my video. 🙂 Yes, it is very
    difficult to find this place, because it is somewhere in the desert from
    Roswell. The Roswell book (of Johannes von Buttlar) describe very well the
    exact location. But you need get the permission from the owner of these
    land to visit this place. You must ask him before. Regards! Josef!

  3. Thank you for sharing this video Josef, I never saw the actual place before
    I don’t think anybody ever put this on a video, that’s not to say that
    nobody ever visit that place but you’re definitely the first one, to take
    the time and show it to the world…very interesting..thanks again
    !!!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. Knowing how unscrupulous the world’s secret services can be. I’d imagine
    faking a load of sightings and documents, leaving it to the usual sorts to
    claim abduction, would be a great way to generate fear in America’s cold
    war, ‘reds under the bed’ phase. If anyone believes they faked 9/11 then
    faking UFO’s would be a piece of cake.

    the “citizens hearing on disclosure” is great too. its several hours of
    testimony by experts done in a congressional hearing-style event. 

  6. No proof, no facts, just stories and baseless claims. Sellers selling their
    wares, promoting their books and egos. And that is it.

  7. Damn Nazi’s, I was abducted somewhere near neuremburg. The things they did
    to me, well you can imagine. they had some good beer though. They took me
    to their camp on the dark side of the moon, and I must say that I wasn’t
    impressed by the casino and the hotel had horrible room service. The view
    was good though.

  8. Untrue, where did these researchers get the technology in order for these
    ships to fly at such a high speed velocity when they can only manage get a
    space shuttle as far as the moon, its a fact that there is no ship capable
    of reaching anything beyond the moon because no one has this kind of
    technology so if they are now saying they do have it how has this magical
    formula suddenly come about to make these supposedly UFO’s fly at unusually
    high speeds when they can not even get a space shuttle any further than the
    moon hasn’t anyone ever asked these kind of questions because they are very
    valid questions to be asking and I can bet these people do not have the
    answer to your question.

  9. Good presentation. I’m not convinced one way or another on UFOs, but take
    Carl Sagan’s mathematical possibility of other life forms as a guide.
    Probability leansy toward an affirmative for species on/from other planets.
    I’m also sure that if they exists, all species can not be as stupid as us
    and have made it to much further technological heights without toasting
    themselves, as we appear to be doing. 

  10. Great channel. I have a schematic on how to build a craft such as this
    (antigravity) and can scan to whoever could figure out how to interpret
    advanced astrophysics!

  11. In Spain we saying; “MIERDA PURA EN EXTRAMA DURA”… There in no way to end
    with this parasites of the web… Only way is; put them in jail for being
    liars and fuck up internet…

  12. Great interview, Richard Dolan always seems to be clear thinking and even
    handed in the way he looks at the subject. I have a brother that thinks
    everyone interested in the subject are dopes, maybe I should send him a
    link to this lol. 

  13. All I know about Roswell is that I once saw a list of UFO reports from 1947
    that were in the regular military records. There were always more of these
    reports than were ever publicly admitted, even at that time. On this
    particular list, there were handwritten notes about the New Mexico
    “incidents” that were pulled from the regular records and classified Top
    Secret. That might explain the almost total absence of any records about
    these events; they have been security segregated somewhere else.

    Incidentally, the military never called this the “Roswell incident” at all.
    There was no mention of “Roswell”, but rather the note referred to other
    locations, like Socorro and White Sands. I don’t know anything more about
    it or where these Top Secret records are now–not even if they still exist.

  14. The Case Against Explosive Energy
    Interview:: Host Shaun Stone speaks with Richard Dolan about
    #UFO #researchers #buzzsaw #theliptv 

  15. A new documentary soon out have information from former intel disinfo
    specialists about how the aliens story was planted to stall the questioning
    of the sightings regarding the black programs of ‘electrogravitics’
    technology. This technology is documented with T. Townsend Browns saucer
    testing in the 1950s and summarized in Dr. Laviolette’s book on the matter.
    The movie: “Mirage Men” []

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