Area 51 – Place For Experimenting the Secret Weapon

The U.S. Government once had declined the existence of Area 51. What is it that they try to hide? Or it is the army of extraterrestrials? If one asks that which U.S. soil is the most secret area; the answer might be Area 51 as there are many people claiming that they see UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) flying over such area frequently and so many people guess that Area 51 might be army or commanding area of UFO.

Working morning Every morning of working day, there are at least 500 people passing the entrance going up to the airplane with strict guard which is at the wing of the Northwestern area of Maccaran Airport in Las Vegas. The owner of this restricted area is EG&G – Edgerton, Germesausen and Grier.

These people have to provide password of Jnet followed by three-digit id. Number before entering into Boeing 747-200s without any sign identifying whose aircraft it is. This airline has flight very half hour with destination at Groom Lake, the secret area that the U.S. Government agency declines the existence many years ago. Experimenting area of secret aircraft Area 51 or called Groom Lake is 90 miles far to the north from Las Vegas. In fact, Area 51 was once the location of soldier army of the U.S. established in 1955 with the purpose to test U 2 Spyplane

And it is used as the place of research as Aurora Project. These fighting planes would be tested the performance at Groom Lake. When they complete the test of fighting aircraft, then they would announce to the public that the army has built new weapon already.

History of Area 51

In March, 1955, Kelly Johnson, the designer of U2 Spyplane, had been assigned from CIA to design U2 Spyplane. Besides, he had been assigned to work in looking for testing place for this U2.

Kelly had sent staff, Tony LeVier, the pilot to test U2 with Dorsey Kammerer to explore the area in the middle of desert at the South of California, Nevada, and Arizona. Two weeks later, Tony came back with report sent to Kelly and Kelly compared 3 places then decided to choose area near the Lake Groom in Nevada.

Lake Groom has many names as from the time when the base was founded. Kelly called it the Paradise Ranch. However, after testing U2 in July, 1955 then it was called in brief as Ranch. In fact, this air base (secret) was officially called Watertown Strip according to the name of one town located at the North of New York which is the native town of Alen Dulles, the Director of CIA at that time.

Background and origin of Area 51

In June, 1958, the Atomic Energy Commission – AEC had used the area around Groom Lake together with U.S. army in order to experiment new secret projects; they called this as Nevada Test Site. The Commision had divided the area into various parts then designated number to each part, the area which is air base obtained 51.

As from that time, every time when Hollywood creates movie concerned with secret project of the U.S., they often refer to Groom Lake but just in a brief way as Area 51 called by the AEC although the secret experiment of AEC was ended in 1970.

In 1970, the U.S. air base had occupied this area permanently in order to sue as testing new fighting aircraft and experimenting Mic 21 Aircraft and other modern weapons of Russia confiscated by U.S. in 1967.

In 1975, Area 51 had been determined as area for replicating the air fighting under Red Flag. Then this Area 51 was called in brief as Red Square, the semi-formal name was “Dreamland. And during 1970s, there had been experimenting of project on space and the most modern aircraft as Tacit Blue.

Expanding territory The air base of Groom Lake was expanded during 1980s again and the airport was built, building for storing airplane was built on flying field to be easy for hiding from the sight of stealth satellite and radar. It is expected that it is used as the commanding area of Testing Center of fighting aircraft called Detachment 3.

Although the security was increased, the area was still be taken photograph because the surrounding area of Groom Area was mountain. Inn 1984, the U.S. Army had to expand this restricted area with the hope to prevent anyone from seeing into the area. However, there were another 2 spots that could be spied which was 12 miles far from the Groom Lake to the South which was White Side Peak and Freedom Ridge. In 1995 then the army announced this as restricted area as well.

But such restricted area was only equipped with warning sign without any fence as such restricted area extends widely. The security guards were arranged to safe the place including the anonymous security guards with modern weapons. This patrol anonymous area is called Cammo Dudes with supporting helicopter as Silkorsky MH-60G Pave Hawk

Various secret projects use Area 51 as experimenting area are gradually ended such as the testing of Tacit Blue was complete in 1985, the testing of Advances Cruise Missile or ACM.

Advances Cruise Missile

Was canceled in 1992 The test of Stand-Off Attack Missile is terminated in 1994. However, the air force of U.S. still established the Operation Center there. It is possible that air force still had other missions that had never been disclosed. In 1989, the Television Station of Las Vegas had broadcasted the interview of Robert Lazar.

Robert Lazar- The man who claimed that he once worked in Area 51

Robert said that he had been assigned to study into spacecraft engineering of extraterrestrials in Area 51 with 9 cycle spacecraft falling down in restricted area called S4 or Papoose Lake which was 10 miles far from Groom Lake to the Southwest.

The story of Robert was highly criticized. It made story concerned with UFO become more tangible. The cycle spacecraft might be the test of resistance system of gravity. Of course, this remarkable technology must be covered as top secret. Besides, there was test of spy plane with more speed than sound for 5 times using new engine such as Pulse Detonation Wave Engine and with high-speed airplane driven by hydrogen power; the test of air plane with more speed than sound many times is called High-Mach Vehicle.

The structure of air plane with characteristics as mixing between A12 and D21 or called Super Valkarie. There were many people once look at around Area 51 which was often the area for testing spacecraft from other planets. According to the statement of Robert, S4 was the place for testing the study and research into UFO under the name of Moondust.

Robert worked in the lab together with Barryy Castillio, the scientist. Each research group was separated and worked in various divisions. They were limited to have just a few colleagues. Barry was only one colleague who helped Robert in studying and searching for the driving of spacecraft.

The first day that Robert travel to S4, he was taken to nursing room to examine his skin. He was coated with many kinds of substances around many spots on his arms. On the following day, the staff checked his skin. And he was ordered to drink some substance that would make him to have better immune system. The substance drank by Robert had smell like the pine. In that night, after he drank such substance, he had cramp at his stomach. It was the side effect of the substance. Subsequently, Robert was introduced to Rene. He did not know that who is Rene and what is his duty in S4. There were only 22 staff working in S4. The supervisor of Robert was Dennis Mariani.

He knew Dennis at the time of interview at EG&G Company. At that time, there was office located at Maccarran Airport in Las Vegas. At present, it was moved to Nellis Air Force Base

In early days, there were staff taking Robert to small room. There was only one table and chair with more than 100 files of documents… to be continue :

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