Are Our Skies Being Deliberately View Blocked- UFOs?

Are Our Skies Being Deliberately View Blocked?-UFOs?

When I first noticed the blocking of our skies from their correct views, I thought I was crazy. I then began to research and found that many persons worldwide are witnessing this deception. I’ve been warning about deceptions in my October 2010 astrological forecast. You can read those articles at

Planes, jets and other human made sky vehicles are repeatedly told that they can’t fly in certain areas. Why restricted? Youtube features what appear to be UFO’s or portals which suddenly appear (often with clouds) and suddenly smaller UFO’s shoot from or into these portals (clouds?). A pilot flying into the Bermuda Triangle saw clouds which formed into a “funnel” and “shot” him hundreds of miles away from the Triangle. He could only remember seeing the clouds (living consciousness? form into the funnel (portal?). It’s funny how much of this information is in the Bible but most of us think that we’re way too smart to look to the Bible for such answers (Exodus 24:16-18; Psalm 104:1-10, 25-27; Revelation 1:7; Read all of Exodus Chapter 14-the Cloud of Deliverance). The one good thing I read about some of these UFO’s is that they interfer with Nuclear War Advancement. I honestly believe that if left unchecked, we humans who destroy ourselves and this planet.

I always thought the “planes barred from flight” during the High Priest’s 2008 USA visit seemed strange. The unidentified blue sky light during the President’s Norwegian visit raised concerns. Extremely Strange Cloud Formations, and the UFO which shut down flights at a Chinese Air base, with a recent editorial on trails raises much concerns. The Internet continues to warn of UFO’s and strange planets, stars, and lights in the sky.

I’ll let you do your own research to determine if and why our sky/space view is being deliberately blocked. Here’s an article/email written by Sherry Shriner on the subject:

2. the sky…
Date: Thu Oct 7, 2010 6:22 pm ((PDT))
ok so it’s so fake…

I was out at the football field tonight and noticed at sunset there were 8
chemtrail planes above the sun trying to drown out the area behind it. The
trails would dissolve as soon as they were sprayed and the ‘drones’ would
just pop up…they never ‘arrive’ they just appear out of
nowhere…sometimes it’s mil planes, other times it’s just alien drones disguised as planes.
What I saw tonight were the alien drones.

Then it’s dark, sky is crystal clear….and NO MOON???? NO STARS??? it was
a clear night…no clouds in the sky at all…just one star in the
east….and I couldn’t tell if it was Jupiter or Shema.

So let’s say it was Shema..the only star in the sky??? They’re blocking
everything else out so we can just see SHEMA?

me thinks they’re getting ready to pull something, so all we see is Shema
and them arriving from it or something…

I don’t know how they’re doing it, but they’ve got some kind of dome over
our atmosphere and they can block us out from seeing the moon and stars.

get ready for the deceptions folks, they’re going to be good.

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