Alien Autopsy – Roswell UFO Crash (Original footage).avi

Alien Autopsy – Roswell UFO Crash (Original footage).avi.
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  1. So can somebody explain to me why an alien who evolved on a another planet
    would have identical facial features, limbs, 5 fingers and similar body
    structure? The changes of two identical evolutions on two different planets
    are extremely far fetched.

  2. you want me to take time and research and give you a source to give you
    laser precise facts? Wow. You know you have doubts about this but here,
    this is where i got it off watch?v=AGMnVGQet1A start watching at 1:54

  3. WHO LIKES CONSPIRACIES!! 😀 I know I don’t, because any of you who believe
    this bullshit are fucking nuts.

  4. you do know the government keeps alot of secrets from us so many what they
    teach us in history there is always one lie

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