Alien Autopsy Roswell UFO Crash Original footage 1 2 ( Balkandzije.Net ) Portal za Sve.

True Believers and Sci-Fi fans gather near the site of the July 7, 1947 UFO Crash in Roswell, New Mexico to celebrate first contact! Dave Malkoff [ http://da…

0 thoughts on “Alien Autopsy Roswell UFO Crash Original footage 1 2

  1. Steven Sielberg and Ridely Scott say they cannot replicate this what dose
    that say, it dosent support their work, or try to hide for the government
    and they are religious people (Steven is jewish idk about Scott)

  2. 1. The video is super old, crappy and without audio
    2. the body is highly damaged, especially the leg
    3. Skilled pathologist performing the autopsy are also wearing
    contamination proof suits
    4. The body is highly detailed, with excessive blood and precise organ
    5.Notice how he cuts the organ attachments before removing them

    are we stupid? can that really be a hoax?
    or are we smart enough to create such a hoax ?

  3. the fucking finger moved! 3:15 – 3:18
    I’ve watched this footage many times I was trying to see if they showed his
    rib cage to see if if was consistent with a skeleton they found in Peru. 

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