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50 thoughts on “*ALERT* UFO Skips Off The Suns Surface! *ALERT*

  1. well those could be ones that monitor the sun activity and protect our planet from solar flaresby suppresing the surface with their ships force… maybe they are harvesting the solar energy that’s why they are so close as its pure and in huge sizes… it could be a portal… anywayt whatever it is… its amazeing… nothing on earth is this amazeing and life changeing…becouse we cant imagine to go outside our planet…yet beign this close to sun is just wow for humankind ^^

  2. we should stop already beliveing what NASA say’s… becouse its bullshit… they work for the secret gov. they will denny aliens existance out there (around our sun for example)…they will remove those objects from the pic. and if they miss one they claim its camera malfuncion of some kind… dont belive it they will never tell yeah those are aliens…if we wont uncover it ourselfs than no one will… this object is huge planet size… and is untouched by such heat !! this is technology ^^

  3. wow thats so cool why dont we have something like this that can go that close to the sun something thats not military that every person could use?

  4. 1:30 it has it postioned exactly there to look into this white spot. it must be a on autopilot alien satellite , studying the suns activity. our sun a study object. our some kind of space fireman, controlling sun CME to protect life on planets , like our planet. there must be thousand of planets out there with life

  5. ya know the sun might not be what we were taught to think, all i know is there have been a lot of objects “huge ones” near and around an even entering even exiting it. There are tons of stereo photos clearly showing this, the excuse that it is camera artifacts no longer holds water imo. Not the detail of said objects anything like camera artifacts, matrixing ect. Great find.

  6. NOTICE: At 2:46 it looks as if this thing actually “skips” off the surface of the sun! Look at 2:46 and you will see where it hits the surface moving at an angle which causes it to “bounce” and “skip” right off the surface causing an explosion!

  7. dam that is strange it could be some kind of probe It sure can hold its position well but you can see the gas and flames are affected by it as the sun rotates.

  8. @JetZ27 There are certainly ET’s with time travel. It’s probably more common than not. I’m saying those in the know are careful to use 1 term of the other. We should also think of hyperspace and those whom live there. The spaces between spaces.

  9. @GrownupsThinkUrDumb even u know then sun is a door I think there is a stargate inside the sun I dreamt it once very clearly as someone wanted to show me that. I saw what looked like a run way. at the base of it is wider than add the end and a large oval/circular shaped thing just at the left of the base of the runway. It looked very technologically advanced it look like with blue glow spots with hints of silver in its structure.

  10. @GrownupsThinkUrDumb so u know that the ET maybe exist Outside Linear time<(which is an illusion) like in infinite time.

  11. Please dont be fool by this, in 1 Thessolonians in the bible its speaks of a great deception that will deviate us all from the truth of Jesus Christ. Everything these “aliens” are telling are prophecies of the bible, they are coinciding with the zietgist movement. Pay close attention to bible prophecy, don’t be fooled. Satan knows humans would all love to be Gods, he’s telling you everything you want to hear! Don’t fall for the great delusion during the tribulation to come. JESUS IS COMING!

  12. BP you amaze me again!! I agree with the folks who are stating this to be an inter dimensional being. Any actual craft would burn up! But I also think we are seeing the signs the Lord told us to look for before the rapture. I hope that everyone takes this as serious as I do and realizes our generation will see history in the making!

  13. Maybe the UFO has a way of disappearing at exactly the right moment in order for us to think its fake. Ever seen a cat play with a mouse?

  14. @Abstruse1nk your right, it is also invisible in the frames between 14 seconds and 20 seconds, then it disappears again at the frame 28 seconds, then it disappears at the infamous frame before the truck, then it disappears at a frame at 1:15, Then it brightens up the clouds to the left at frame 1:13, then it disappears behind the trees as two or three glowing orbs.

  15. @wendyw007 Its went inside that cloud several times – in that frame also – they act with in seconds. this frame rates are too slow – 24-30f/s – we need at least 1200 f/s to capture that in real. because they are too fast all happens in milliseconds. So normal camera is not enough to analyze this – i think it is real and video is not edited.. that camera has very less zoom capacity..

  16. @harishs2486 I just uploaded the debunked video, its faker the fakety fake fake fake, its on my channel, the ufo is not in the frame before the truck, people its right in front of you, stop falling for this fake video

  17. Seriously the dubunked video is on my channel, the UFO vanishes one frame before the truck appears, I would put the link down but it wont work just click my name its on my channel.

  18. I was just looking online because something just passed over my home in Seattle at an incredible speed far too high to be a jet commercial or military. Looked like a very bright star heading E NE. I’m no believer by any means, rather open minded until proved other wise, but what ever it was, it passed over and out of sight in roughly 45 sec. however, the clouds moving back and forth at 0:24 and the “lense flare” look as it passes behind the clouds do look like a simple photoshop

  19. I was just looking online because something just passed over my home in Seattle at an incredible speed far too high to be a jet commercial or military. Looked like a very bright star heading E NE. I’m no believer by any means, rather open minded until proved other wise, but what ever it was, it passed over and out of sight in roughly 45 sec.

  20. The truck has nothing to do with it, its the Whole thing not being there the Frame after the truck passes by @ 1:37

  21. The ufo is not missing. I don’t know what software people are using to view it frame by frame but using the latest VLC player you can totally see the ufo one frame before the truck passes, it’s just dark due to the camera lens stopping down.

  22. Sorry fake. Anyone that want to find the error in the video, just watch the video FRAME BY FRAME. The UFO CG is missing in few frames before the truck pass in front of camera lol

  23. @Mayazdad watch the link I posted – the “ufo” disappears from the frame,, from looking at the behaviour of the object it is not flashing in and out of existence any other time so I am afraid it’s fake…

  24. Could be real could be fake but let’s not think we are the only ones in this world some times we are to ignorant

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