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ALERT – ELEnin is a ufo – Rockefeller-gates fleeing to India

ELEnin trajectory JPL Small-Body Database Browser ZetaTalk: Swirling Moons Russia report Russian Warning Issued Over “Controlled” Comet Headed Towards Earth « jimmyprophet Rockefeller’s visiting Delhi – Times Of India India building nuclear-proof bunkers for top leaders – news Yellowstone Seismogram Thumbnails – 2/25/2011 Google Is Deliberately Hiding Nibiru Images @ 5h 53m 27s -6 10′ 58 – US Message Board – Political Discussion Forum Nibiru/Planet X Event Timeline Comet Elenin C/2010 X1 (Elenin): Oct. 18th 2011 Please read !!! USA Plan Chaos 11-218-49 3D Map – Pauperes Commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici – The Real Illuminati – END GAME FOR THE NEW WORLD Safe zones during the Pole Shift “Zeta Talk” 5 ways “The end of the World” God Bless
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0 thoughts on “ALERT – ELEnin is a ufo – Rockefeller-gates fleeing to India

  1. Sorry Guys I forgot to mention that the colour of isa is Black … so thats black and white … 11 – 9

  2. Sorry Guys I forgot to mention that the colour of isa is Black … Iso thats black and white … 11 – 9

  3. sorry guys I forgot to mention that the colour of Isa (11) is Black … black and white / 11 – 9

  4. The number 11 in Viking Runes represent Ice and is described as a “protective preservative” its advice suggests freezing a situation. And it is used by Occultists to perpetuate different situations (make them last forever)

    In combination with Hail we can see the real signifigance of these numbers to the enemy

  5. Good information and investigative report Henning, The harvesting of souls.

    The number 9 in Viking Runes represents Hail, described as “Disruptive natural forces” Its colour is White (On a personal level it serves as a warning against mis-placed intentions) But can be used by occultists to bring about disruption tand crisis

  6. If Comet Elenin is controlled, it’s a FALSE FLAG EVENT used as a last ditch effort by the elites!

  7. well, you wouldn’t believe me if i told you what i’ve been through, i was told i was free but i’m still here, and my new dear friend who was a man yesterday just flew through the sun or into a supernova, i’m not really sure, so anyway

  8. @PHANTOMSLAYER77 Please send me a friend request and a DIRECT LINK. I am disabled and this French computer is not my friend.

  9. @evpointfinder Her (9Nania) and (katnip2u) work in tandem they converse amongst each other in open and private. They are a team so to say. Nania is an occultisit and government(proven), I am not sure about katnip2u as of yet ill do more researching but they do work as a team, katnip2u has on her page promoting slandering and attacking anyone who exposes 9Nania and she has many men and women out “working” to do this check her sub list they are on there.

    God bless you

  10. @evpointfinder I sent you a P.M about this its pretty long way to long for 500 characters but yes 9Nania is a dis-information “insider” one of the ones sent here a woman she stopped her attacks as soon as i exposed 9Nania in reverse speech analysis. And so the plot thickens..

    God bless


  11. @melvin8865 I am starting to think she is a government agent and anyone who gets too close to the truth she sends in harassment agents to intimidate them and get them to shut their channel down. She is Dis-Info.

  12. @macpduff Henning. Steven Hawkings sentiments were all over the news in the last 2 yrs. Hawkings was terrified at human attempts to contact Aliens. Warned against it.
    His ‘take’ was that scientific odds leaned on them being hostile and uncompassionate to us. Just as we squich a bug.
    My husband had a terrible accident 4 yrs ago, so time is a bit of a swirl for me. i wish I could give you references but can’t.

  13. Good video brother. You will have to come back as a guest on the show again. I loved interviewing you brother. God bless you and your family.

  14. last wave of the myan calender starts on 9th march and ends in october 2011 this year and not 2012 like some people would like to have you think, so buckle up people it is going to be a fucking deadly roller coast ride.

  15. you are the only person who seems to have read the same info I did in the Bible…. Christian people will be hunted by the enemy, satan, and I really appreciate your speaking the truth about what will be happening before Christ returns.. God bless ya’!

  16. i love you´r work but we are nothing else but animals .. why aint some human devine race ?? you think we cant be harmed ?? you from norden so i can write in swedish and i think you understand … jag gillar allt ditt arbete och respekterar att du är religös och är troende .. jag har jätte svårt att tro att vi skapta .. visst historion är skriven example that thind with dino´s we got ica stone`s from peru thats shows man coexisted with dino`s .. soo the history is pretty wrong much of it .. Peace

  17. @2010TheCountdown Hello brother i sent you a video response that just might interest you it is about 9Nania i reversed her vocals and some very very wicked things came to be. I prayed for her repentance and that the Lord opens her eyes and let her see the demons she is talking to.

    God bless you Henning

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