Against The Grain: Our Alternative History From The Big Bang To UFOs

Once upon a time, 13.7 billion years ago, there was the Big Bang event.


Fast-forward to 10 billion years ago, and natural physical processes produced the Milky Way Galaxy (and lots of others besides, but they don’t feature in this scenario).


Within a quick-smart time frame, lots of super-massive first generation stars in our galaxy blew up as supernovae spewing through interstellar space the heavy elements required for biology – oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, etc. These heavy elements became incorporated in 2nd generation stars, even further enriched in 3rd generation stars.


By the time our own third generation star, Sol, formed with accompanying solar system and it’s third rock from the star (Planet Earth), 4.5 billion years ago, our Milky Way Galaxy was already 5.5 billion years old, more than enough time to have generated extraterrestrial life, intelligence, and advanced technologies capable of subliminal interstellar space travel.  


My basic premise therefore is that at least one, probably many, extraterrestrial civilizations have ventured out into interstellar space even before our own star, solar system, and home planet ever existed, and that trend continues.


The time it would take to explore all the galaxy’s nooks-and-crannies would be a tiny fraction of the age of the galaxy. Translated, Planet Earth would have been noted and logged billions of years ago.


That being the case, it’s logical to assume that there is at least one advanced boldly going extraterrestrial civilization currently in our here and now; probably one or more from our historical past and probably hundreds extending throughout our prehistory; even more in our geological history of 4.5 billion years – translated, no matter how you slice and dice it, we (i.e. – Planet Earth) have received multi-thousands of visitations over our 4.5 billion years of existence.


Based on calculations by scientists interested in extraterrestrial life, ballpark figures suggest that Sol, our solar system and Planet Earth should have received or expected, on average, a random visitation by advanced extraterrestrials every 100,000 years (Sagan) to an even greater once in every 10,000 years (Condon).


Even varying the random frequency visitations downwards by even one or two orders of magnitude still translates into a lot of visits over our 4.5 billion years. This not only satisfies the Fermi Paradox (“where is everybody?”),  but all those critics that point out that our first alien visitation was unlikely in the extreme to be in 1947, the start of the modern UFO era.


Thus, we note that random visitations have absolutely nothing to do with the existence of humans and human technology, like our radio and radar and TV signals that are expanding throughout (to date very nearby) interstellar space that could be in theory detected by aliens at home.


These boldly going aliens (one or many) might have been actual flesh-and-blood extraterrestrials, and/or augmented bioengineered half-biological; half-machine hybrids, and/or artificial intelligent Bracewell or Von Neumann probes, an initial probe that can ‘boldly go’ but ‘reproduce’ themselves at various suitable pit-stops along the way like cancer cells and continue expanding throughout the galaxy, exploring and recording.


It is possible that one or more of these boldly going alien races might have had the inkling of seeding suitable planetary abodes with simple life forms (unicellular microbes, etc.) – spreading their genetic material as it were throughout the galaxy, a sort of quasi-reproduction. Such seeding might help explain the very sudden origin-of-life-event on our very young planet against all expectations given how complex an origin-of-life-event appears to be; and our possible genetic kinship to ET.



Okay, once Planet Earth, our solar system and Sol have been noted and logged by an initial random visit to our neck of the stellar woods; random visits will evolve into routine and more frequent visits. Why? From the get-go, well close on 4.5 billion years ago, or at least shortly thereafter, any extraterrestrial survey will have noted something slightly out of the ordinary about that third rock out from Sol. Life – a biosphere. In terns of cosmic real estate, biosphere’s aren’t a dime a dozen, rather they’re probably as scarce as hen’s teeth. That Earth is a really ongoing interesting place will be true even if ET kick-started life here via Directed Panspermia.


Once we’ve (as in Planet Earth) have been noted and logged, catalogued into an ET’s database as something biologically special, well then that information can be transmitted throughout the galaxy via the galaxy’s news services, internet, whatever. It only takes 100,000 years at light speed for electromagnetic (i.e. radio) messages to get from one farthest corner to the opposite farthest corner of our galaxy. That’s a cosmic blink-of-the-eye in time. 


It needs to be stated that not only can’t we hide from any physical onsite alien visitation or ET scan, there’s nothing any life form(s) on Planet Earth can do to prevent the dissemination of any information obtained via that visitation or scan.


Visitations to Planet Earth whether they be 4.5 billion years ago; 450 million years ago, 45 million years ago, or 4.5 million years ago, probably were scientific expeditions – aliens exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life forms and new civilizations. So once they have explored our strange new world and our new (if still primitive) life forms, then what? Again, I suggest that initial random visits (as calculated by professional astronomers and physicists within the ballpark of one per 10,000 to 100,000 years) will translate into ongoing more frequent and routine exanimations. Perhaps science eventually translates into more commercial areas. Science finds the resources; business exploits them.


Fast-forward to say a few millions of years ago. An extraterrestrial expedition (scientific or otherwise) set up shop here on Planet Earth as a quasi, if not permanent colony, base of operations, resort site for R&R, whatever. Enter the realm of mythology, for these extraterrestrial beings would become the universal, throughout all cultures, as the polytheistic ‘gods’.


Also based on universal mythological themes, there’s the belief that the ‘gods’ created humans and often for the purpose of ultimately serving the ‘gods’ as in doing the ‘housework’, and serving as sex objects, and of course serving the ‘gods’ through worship. The ‘gods’ are the masters; humans are their servants.


How did or could the ‘gods’ create humans, when we’re obviously descended from our primate branch of the zoological tree of life?  The ‘gods’ slowly, but surely, hominoid species by improved hominoid species, genetically bioengineered ultimately modern humans from that primate stock – most likely the chimpanzee branch. 


This solves a lot of physical anthropological quandaries like why facial features; why racial features; why our high IQ; why are we bipedal; why are all our hominoid ancestors extinct?


The polytheistic extraterrestrial ‘gods’ divided up the Earth into various regions each patch under the administration of one of the senior ‘gods’.


God, as just one of the numerous polytheistic gods (or ‘gods’ since they’re alien beings) had as His chosen people or patch of geography to lord over was the Middle East, the Israelites. Zeus / Jupiter had the Mediterranean region (Greece, Italy and surrounding regions); Odin’s chosen people were the Norsemen and his patch the Norse lands (Scandinavia); Atum and Ptah shared parts of Ancient Egypt, Indra covered India, etc.


Ultimately, the ‘gods’ (now also called ‘ancient astronauts’ in our modern times), again based on universal mythologies shared by all cultures, these ‘gods’ gave modern humans the gifts of knowledge and culture and tools required for our domestication and transition from primitive unsophisticated hunter-gather to advanced sophisticated urbanite. This is, in fact, what archaeology confirms – our very rapid turnabout from the one lifestyle to the other.


Some ‘gods’ were more generous in gift-giving than others; some geographical areas were better suited to these godly gifts, so not all humanity’s geographical cultures transformed from ‘primitive’ to ‘civilized’ equally.


Now ‘God’ and the other ‘gods’ didn’t always see eye-to-eye; in fact various ‘gods’ often were a feuding and a fighting with their comrades (i.e. – the Olympians overthrew the Titans). Turf wars probably! Thus mythology records numerous ‘wars-in-heaven’. 


For some reason(s), the ‘gods’ left around the time of the post-settlement phase transition from polytheism to monotheism. As an explanation, it logically follows, seeing as how there’s no love lost between ‘God’ and the ‘gods’, that at some point ‘God’ and followers overthrew all the other ‘gods’ and sent them packing. Thou shall have no other gods before me for I am a jealous God! Monotheism now rules.


The monotheistic clan followed the rest of the ‘gods’ shortly thereafter and thus no God or gods have been heard of again since roughly 2000 years ago. Why did ‘God’ too split the terrestrial scene? Probably ‘God’ left the building because he wasn’t wanted by us ungrateful humans. Despite ‘God’s’ temper tantrums and threats and punishments and atrocities and catastrophes all an attempt to keep us in line, humans not only gave ‘God’ the Big Finger, refused to obey and worship as directed, but executed His son (J.C.) to add a final insult to injury. ‘God’, quite pissed off, huffed-and-puffed, gave us the Big Finger in return, but unloved and unwanted, turned tail, totally fed up and left. That’s why over the past 2000 years plus, there have been no more burning bushes, no new commandments (or amendments to any of the old), no reports of anyone walking on water, not to mention that the Sun hasn’t stood still for over 2000 years, and it’s been a very long time indeed since anyone has used the belly of a whale (or large fish) as a method of seagoing transportation, etc.


However, there remains a token presence left behind to monitor humanity, least our thunderbolts begin to equal theirs, or perhaps because parents are always interested in the development of their children – we call the evidence of that presence our modern day UFOs.


If UFO / alien abductions are to be believed, taken at face value, (somewhat backed up and supported by animal mutilation cases), then the alien ‘gods’ – collective now called the ‘Greys’ – are still manipulating human genetics and further progressing with the evolution via artificial selection (breeding) of the human species, as well as their own, for the apparent objective is nothing less than a human-alien (or human-grey) hybrid. That this is implausible, well, recall from mythologies around the world those human-animal hybrids like the satyr, sphinx, Minotaur, mermaid, and a host of others.


What the future will bring, well your crystal ball is as good as mine and I haven’t any idea. Be prepared for anything is probably as useful as it gets.

Science librarian; retired.

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