“A UFO” or “an UFO” – which one is correct?

Question by MC 24: “A UFO” or “an UFO” – which one is correct?
It should be “A UFO”, I think but Google gives results with both.

So just to be sure, which one is correct?

Best answer:

Answer by Gabby
it sounds better “a UFO”, but “an UFO” is the correct way

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7 thoughts on ““A UFO” or “an UFO” – which one is correct?

  1. i think it is a UFO… but an unidentified flying object… it depends on the way you ‘read’ the abbreviation.

  2. It should be ” An UFO ” really shouldn’t it?
    An unidentified flying object.

    If you put it in a sentence it might help you out?
    I just seen a unidentified flying object
    i just seen an unidentified flying object.

    I’d say an : )

  3. its a ufo since when you pronounce it you say “YOO-EFF-OO” and you attach a or an based on the pronunciation and not the way it is spelt

  4. An UFO would be correct…but it doesn’t sound right does it.

    What I understand is if the next word starts with a vowel then use the word “an”

    like an Apple, an Orange, an Elephant, an Igloo

    if the next word begins with a consonant then use “a”

    like a Building, a Dog, a Cat

    EDIT: Good answer Chrisshore…glad you explained that whole “U” thing!!

  5. It is “A UFO”.
    Any word starting with the letter “U” which is sounded as “Yoo” takes the article “a” before it.
    e.g. A university. A united team. A union.
    If the “U” sound is short, the word has “an” before it.
    e.g. An unusual event. An usher. An untitled book.

  6. The correct is a UFO, it’s all about grammar rules.
    You use “a” when the noun you are referring to begins with a consonant (b, c, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, p, q, r, s, t, v, w, x, y or z), for example, “a city”, “a factory”, and “a hotel”.

    You use an when the noun you are referring to begins with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u)
    BUT the above is the general rule.Because with the vowel u and consonant h the rule has the exception that the pronunciation matters not the spelling.

    Pronunce loud the words:hour,horse, university,umbrella UFO
    .You say “hour” like “our” you don’t say the h, so it is an hour.
    You say university or ufo and the sound of u is like the y saying yahoo
    So the correct is a university,a ufo but an umbrella .
    Also when you want to search such questions type on eg google machine ” a an grammar” and it will give u more accurate sites to read.Type your question and add the word grammar.And of course we are here for u ,too.

  7. “an” is used in front of a word that begins with a vowel sound.

    Words that begin with U vary because the letter U has 2 pronunciations, one that sounds like a vowel “uh”, and ther other that sounds like a consonent (you).

    If the words begins with the “uh” sound, use “an”. If the word begins with “you”, use “a” . Therefore:

    a unicorn
    an upper bunk
    a union
    an upscale restaurant
    a university
    a UN conference
    a UPS plug.
    an ugly person.

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