51 Price Cuts Have Neglected The Home Appliances To The Countryside Carnival Products

The following Township home appliances business, “unified price” as an excuse to resist price cuts, bidding price adjustment period is too long shelling

“Why go to the countryside products can not be down?” I went to Dongyuan Blue Town, home appliance stores, Ye Weihua issue can not help but doubt.

” Appliances to the countryside Product is the ‘price of national unity’, not down! “Blue Town appliance dealer boss’s reply was firm way. He countryside products” unified national price “is understood that: even if they can not sell, can not cut prices.

Home appliances to the countryside in the “Plan” price before the market’s invisible hand actually did not work, which raised questions of farmers, has caused the industry’s “bombardment.”

Price stays on the countryside Blue Town’s phenomenon is not isolated cases.

‘s Survey found that, regardless of home appliance giant, or township dealer, they were to bringing home appliances products labeled “no price cut” tag. Even in the home appliances 51 price reduction when the carnival, bringing home appliances products

Sell Prices, still have not seen signs of loosening.

51 approaches, various set off price wars. “51

Gome ‘Down’ heart unique, staged cheap Legend “,” 51 Suning to seize the market, in 2009 prices of all categories Appliances bottom “and Duorenyanqiu title, full of media. Suning posters show, Midea, Haier,

Hisense Maximum discount brands were 7 fold less, mobile phones and computers also come up with a promotional discount intensity of the audience, phone a minimum discount up to 5 fold.

However, bringing home appliances products are not in the list of price cuts. Suning’s call, but the answer is bringing home appliances products will have 13% of the subsidies, and the margins are thin, so I do not participate in promotions. GOME same reply.

Town dealer is also true. County at the fresh

Zhongshan Road-day Lake appliance stores, entrance walls with eye-catching large font read, “purchase over a certain amount, Ji Song

Gift “Message, but the salesman told reporters that the event only products to participate in non-rural areas. Its not far away from the strong dragon appliance stores, at a promotion price to clear inventory, the countryside is not in the promotional products list.

Reporter learned that, with the holidays, business promotional discount will be increased, while rural areas are not seen down product prices, resulting in loss of home appliances to the countryside product price advantage, and even promotional products with grades lower than the price of home appliances under the Rural product prices, the enthusiasm of farmers greatly affected.

Factory price adjustment by conscious Bringing home appliances products Why did down? According to household appliances to the countryside policy,

TV , Refrigerators, washing machines and other products to rural areas, there is a price ceiling, the countryside final sales price of the product can not exceed maximum prices, but can be lower than the limit. Obviously, bringing home appliances products do not cut prices, not the policy limit.

“The problem at the factory.” Assistant general manager of Guangzhou Branch Hisense Kelon Wu Weizhen that since the policy, sales price as long as no more than the price-cap on the line, in the case of falling raw material costs, reduced household appliances to the countryside products not price reduction depends conscious manufacturers, but “almost not so conscious of the manufacturers.”

Him to a 19-inch LCD TV to rural areas, supporting his point of view. 19-inch color TV to rural areas which, in the price is 1399 yuan, due to decreased raw material costs, the functional equivalent of the current products on the market, prices have dropped to 1,090 yuan, but the countryside is in no way reduced price.

“Raw materials rose, manufacturers can not exceed the limit sales drop, they also do not want lower prices.” Appliance industry observers Lu Renbo further pointed out that the manufacturers do not consciously reason. He said the instability in raw material prices, home appliances, general, companies can adjust the raw material price changes, market prices, but the price of home appliances to the countryside products is currently limited to price, price adjustment company lost space. Price limit, the risk of weakening the company’s initiative.

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