1/8 UFO Documentary. Dan Aykroyd.

Dan Aykroyd gives his opinion on UFO’s in this interesting documentary.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. @IsMackinac I don’t think anyone who talks about ufo has anything to gain…By making this documentary, he exposed himself to a lot of hostility, and ridicule and else. Even the three american astronauts who said ufo’s are real have been made fun of. This is probably your first inquiry in this field. I did not beleive at first neither… But the amount of information, and the quality of the witness are now truly overwhelming. It’s truly fascinating.

  2. It’s hard to believe that anyone would admit to believing in flying saucers, aliens, space ships, etc. But if it keeps you in the public eye people won’t forget about you; it’s been a long time since Ghost Busters, and longer still since the Not Ready for Prime Time Players took the stage back in the unusual days of the late seventies.

  3. @MrMorg19

    its fact that the nazis were experimenting and even manufacturing craft that were unlike anything seen before, the fact that you think it must be ”back engineered” is just lack of thinking …. if the germans discovered anti gravity in the 1940’s … and the scientists that have been publicly known to have been spared and brought to america for research and production have continued their programmes….. it isnt hard to think about the tech we have today. not everything is alien

  4. @mrbassman25 No…turning on a pinhead at mach 5, that’s tech that is not of this world. Why American? It would need to be back engineered anyway.

  5. I too believe tthis statement by Dan Aykroyd, “These sightings could be explained through conventional means,” rings true with nearly all sightling, photographs, and videography; as long as our current state of technology, in the hands of average person, steadily increases, it will nearly always allow government agencies to explain away the event as mere hoax, “swomp gas,” and whatever else have you, except real extraplanetary or alien. And this is the real problem that will keep us in the dark.

  6. Dan Aykroyd was my first love.. I’m still quite shocked he didn’t turn out to be the man I married! And now it seems we actually have something in common, which I had no idea about when I was 7.

  7. UFO’s do exist, it’s only a matter of time before they contact us. Amino acids are caused by eletrical currents and a few chemicals, then they start to replicate. Life does exist.

  8. I love how Dan Aykroyd is smoking during this interview- you can tell he’s doing it because it helps him relax. Unlike that whiny douchebag Michael Rupert, who was smoking when he was interviewed for the documentary “Collapse” just to look cool and to add dramatic effect.

  9. Somehow I’m surprised he still smokes (or still did when this was made just a few years ago) and is comfortable doing it on camera. I mean, I smoke but I don’t plan to still be doing it when I’m his age (and I only smoke 1 or 2 a day). It’s a silly habit really.

  10. @DerMitDemBlunt Alot of space doesn’t mean that there has to be something living in it. “Science” has spent the past 150 years ridiculing God and the whole spiritual idea. But whatever is going on out there is likely not what we imagine.

  11. @ITDXB For your kind information, humans have been trying to teach animals how to behave e.g tamed animals like dogs, cats etc. Hell Humans have even tried to teach chimps what to do! you might be primitive sir but I am not. Have some self-respect! There has been no conclusive evidence of aliens aboard the supposed UFOs If they were superior to us, they would’ve blocked any attempts by our “primitive” governments to censor what they have to say.

  12. maybe the reason that USA are so stubborn with admitting UFO’s , after france, belgium, mexico are open about following craft and being inferior to the technology……. is because they are American craft !!

    all the more reason to keep quiet, think about it !!

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