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♥ If someone credible said that “The Ant-Christ was going to come on a UFO” what would you think?

Question by ♥Beans 4Brains™ Vodka Martini II: ♥ If someone credible said that “The Ant-Christ was going to come on a UFO” what would you think?
I AM more than quite serious here. I was so shocked that there were no words to express my sentiments. All i could do was erupt with laughter and a very loud “Are You Kidding Me?”

OBVIOUSLY … i think it’s a load of crap and completely illogical … in addition to being slightly humourous.

The problem is, I was (again) reading a book on Cult Studies. This book is about 14 years old. The authors are credible insofar as their knowledge of Pseudo-Christian Cults and they have penned many insightful and credible books and booklets. What they state therein is standard in conjunction with a variety of other books by other authors on the same subject.
I have had this book for quite some time and i have read it more than once and i never remember seeing this “theory” in there. Perhaps i missed this statement in that chapter on the cult of UFO Phenomenon.
In any case, i know that what is written elsewhere therein the contents of the book is credible … (as are other general and specific statements made by these authors in other books) but the “Anti-Christ on a UFO” comment made me laugh … like seriously laugh and of course i do not believe it. At all. Not even close.

But sadly enough I have heard others state such a “theory” and it is no less ridiculous to me, regardless of who says it. From a kook i would expect as much, but from someone credible?

ANYWAYS I am just curious. IF you read (or heard) this “theory” from a “credible source” …. what would you think ?


Oh btw … the book was published in 1994 and i do not know if there was an addendum or a recant in any book by them since (I do not recall seeing one).

BUT i have heard, even this past year others who have the same opinion … which … you know makes me laugh hysterically. We are talking about the Bible, not “V” or “StarTrek” here.
Anyways ……. I’m still laughing about this.

Here is the quote: ” Our own speculation is based upon the study of Scripture and the study of UFO’s, we emphasize that this is only an educated opinion. What we believe is that we are seeing the world being prepared for the coming of the Anti-Christ on a UFO. In other words, we believe that UFO’s are of a demonic realm.” (p248; c15 “Satanism and the Occult Explosion”).

Now, there IS more to the chapter that expounds this brief “hypothesis” but time and space limit me from retyping out the chapter. They only address this in a few paragraphs.
*edit* I cited chapter name, not book title (so as, for the present moment; not to cast negative shadow on the authors).

But i am thinking that i agree. I KNOW that what they have penned (even more recently than this particular book) IS credible as there are a variety of other studies on the topic of cults and they seem to be pulling from that a great deal. BUT … i don’t know how “credible” i can consider these two authors any longer IF this is an “educated guess” by them.
I do not wish to judge and no one knows it all yet SO is it a matter of overlooking one isolated comment from 14 years ago OR are they no longer to be valued as having credibility? I do not recall seeing this same statement made anywhere else by them, save in this particular book.

*thinks* It really does make me laugh though …. sorry if that offends anyone.
*edit* — No no, i meant i agree with now doubting their general credibility … not that the Anti-Christ UFO comment.
To me that is more than ridiculous and i can’t stop laughing about it. *sighs* Sorry if that offends anyone.

Best answer:

Answer by priestessyemaya
I wouldn’t think that the source was very credible anymore.

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0 thoughts on “♥ If someone credible said that “The Ant-Christ was going to come on a UFO” what would you think?

  1. I think the Anti-Christ/Christ Ufo theories are worth the same as them “coming” any other way.

    They’re all ridiculous because Christianity is ridiculous.

  2. It sounds rather ridiculous, why would the entity need a vehicle to transport itself, sounds lame.

  3. I don’t know anyone credible who would say that. And since you don’t list the authors’ names, I can’t tell if they’re credible or not.

    Just like in one of the Star Trek movies, when Capt. Kirk asks….”Why does God need a star ship?”

  4. Don’t buy it, however, it seems stranger yet, to claim that the
    Anti-Christ will arrive on an “Identified Flying Object”.

  5. Interesting word… “credible.”

    By “someone” being credible, do you mean God? If God said this, I would believe it.

    By “someone” being credible, do you mean some human being? If so, it is questionable.

    To receive eternal, unfettered truth, you need to go to the source for such things.

    God bless.

  6. weeeeell gorgeous gal ………. my mom fluffs that theory luv ……. i think the UFO’s have already landed with the anti-christ already amongst us ……… for something to be you first have to believe it is so ………. so how do you explain my completely delusional, neurotic, emotional capacity of an iceberg, empathetic as steel mom?? she definitely has been sent here from another planet to decimate and destroy the human population with her neuroses, obtuseness and inability to display even a moderate amount of human warmth …… she says she arrived on the boat from South Africa 53 years ago with her family when she was 18 but given that it’s nigh on impossible to determine whether that is fact or fiction it is a very plausible explanation for her demeanour that she actually arrived on an interplanetary doom missile ……. a UFO.

    haha ……. did you like that?? prolly not ….. you prolly won’t talk to me anymore now ……… **cries & stamps feet** don’t be grumpy with me mate for behaving like a conspiracy theorist ………. i just believe that anything is possible…….. oh, i just noticed you apologised for offending anyone…… pffft, i don’t get offended unless somebody smacks me upside the head ………..;0)

    luv ya all day long

    peace baby

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