• MUFON Symposium Comes to Las Vegas, Nevada July 18-21, 2013

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    Posted in UFO Sighting on July 11th, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) July 03, 2013

    MUFON is currently the largest and oldest UFO organization in the world that publishes a monthly UFO Journal distributed to its members consisting of over 3,000 individuals, including several hundred Ph.Ds.

    The MUFON Symposium began in 1970 in Peoria, Illinois with the goal of gathering groups of people together where full-length detailed papers could be presented. It was a way for investigators and researchers to meet face-to-face to share the results of their work in this field with each other, the MUFON membership, and the public in general.

    This year MUFON will hold their Annual Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada at the JW Marriott Hotel and Resort, 221 N. Rampart Blvd. from July 18-21, 2013. For full details go to http://www.mufonsymposium.org now.

    MUFON is excited to announce that this year’s symposium will be so much more than just another UFO Conference by adding special events such as the viewing of Sirius the movie by Dr. Steven Greer, a venture into the mountains for a Skywatch with Ben Hansen of SyFy Channel, a Field Investigators Training Day for those who dream of becoming a mUFOn Field Investigator, a tour to Area 51 as well as dinners and cocktail parties for those who want to network with others in the UFO field.

    Speaker Line-up

        Dinner Banquet & Keynote Address – Francois Louange, Ph.D
        Ted Peters, Ph.D. – “Science, SETI and UFOlogy”
        Albert A. Harrison, Ph.D. – “Truth and Consequences: Disclosure, Denial and Extraterrestrial Life”
        Robert Powell , Mufon Director of Research – “The Stephenville, Texas Incident: Multiple Visual UFO Sightings Supported by Radar”
        Ron Westrum, Ph.D. – “Science and Hidden Events”
        Dr. Steven Greer – “Disclosure: Newest Evidence about the Atacama Humanoid”
        David Jacobs, Ph. D.- “Science, UFOs and the Search for ET Hybrids”
        Don Donderi, Ph.D. – “Evidence about ET Abductions from the Viewpoints of Science, Scientific Intelligence and Common Sense”
        Paola Harris, UFO Researcher – “Crash at Ground Zero: Re-Examining the 1945 San Antonio UFO Crash”
        Eric Davis, Ph.D. – “Faster-Than-Light Space Warps & Interstellar Flight: What’s It All About?”
    Debbie Ziegelmeyer, MUFON State Director – “Missouri’s UFO Flap and The Environment -Is there a relationship between the two?”

    Tickets start as low as $ 75 or you can experience the entire event for as little as $ 239 if purchased before July 1, 2013. For more information or a Press Pass contact Jan Harzan at mufonsymposium(at)gmail(dot)com today!

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  • World Renowned Scientists Reveal UFO Secrets at Press Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada

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    Posted in UFO Sighting on May 18th, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    Las Vegas Nevada (PRWEB) July 16, 2013

    WHEN:    Friday, July 19th 1pm – 2pm

    WHERE: JW Marriott Resort and Spa in the Murcia Room

                 221 N. Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

                 (Lunch will be served)

    WHY:     Consultants to NASA and the European Space Agency share the truth about UFOs and ETs at the 2013 MUFON Symposium. For more information go to http://www.mufonsymposium.com

    MEDIA CONTACT: JAN HARZAN 562-577-2258 mufonsymposium(at)gmail(dot)com

    The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) announces a PRESS Conference of world renowned scientists who will speak at the 2013 MUFON Symposium in Las Vegas and reveal for the first time important facts about UFOs and ETs. MUFON will also for the first time release its Top Ten UFO Cases of the Year to the press. Startling REAL UFO encounters which remain unexplained even after vigorous field investigation. MUFON is the world’s largest UFO investigative organization operating in 38 countries worldwide.

    Scientists at the press conference and available for interview include;

    Francois Louange, Ph.D – Formerly of the European Space Agency (ESA) and now consultant to GEIPAN, France’s UFO department within the ESA, will be sharing insights into France’s official UFO investigations including detailed UFO Photo Analysis, his area of expertise.

    Eric Davis, Ph.D – Consultant to NASA will speak on Faster-Than-Light Space Warps & Interstellar Flight: Will traversable wormholes and warp drives that include the engineering of space-time be the answer? When will our future begin with operational FTL Travel?

    Albert A. Harrison, Ph.D – Consultant to NASA will address Disclosure, Denial and Extraterrestrial Life: Both non-disclosure and disclosure offer advantages and disadvantages. Which is the right path for mankind? Are we ready for it? And, will it happen in our lifetime?

    Robert Powell, B.S. – Director of Research for MUFON will discuss the 2008 Stephenville, Texas Incident: Multiple Sightings supported by Radar: A real-time journey through the events of that night from behind the FAA Radar screen as F-16 jets are scrambled to intercept a massive and elusive UFO near the Western White House.

    Ted Peters, Ph.D – Science, SETI, and Ufology : What do Astrobiologists and Ufologists have in common? Their zeal for the scientific method calls for a close examination of the facts. What we may find will surprise you! Ted has been a consultant to NASA and SETI on the ethics of planetary protection.

    Ron Westrum, Ph.D – The Science of Hidden Events: Hidden events may be experienced by thousands, but remain hidden from social consciousness. How does the human psyche allow this to happen, and when will science wake up to the facts? (Professor Emeritus Eastern Michigan University)

    Don Donderi, Ph.D – Evidence for ET Abductions from the Viewpoints of Science, Scientific Intelligence and Common Sense: What are the implications of being in contact with extraterrestrial civilizations; on government policy, ourselves, and the future of our planet? (Professor Emeritus McGill University, Montreal)

    David Jacobs, Ph.D – Science, UFOs and the Search for ET Hybrids: Budd Hopkins coined the term “hybrids” to designate the offspring of Human/ET reproduction. An exciting new theory of hybridization will be revealed. (Professor Emeritus Temple University)

    Dr. Steven Greer, M.D. – Dr. Greer will share the results of skeletal & DNA studies done on the Atacama Humanoid – a 6” humanoid skeleton found in the Atacama Desert of Chile. These tests were performed by top scientists at Stanford University.

    Debbie Ziegelmeyer, MUFON State Director – Missouri’s UFO Flap and the Environment: Along with a large increase in UFO sightings in 2012 came an unusual number of “strange” environmental occurrences. Are they related?

    Paola Harris, M.A. – Crash retrieval: The 1945 San Antonio Crash and its Relationship to the Einstein / Oppenheimer MJ-12 document: Multiple first hand witness testimony and hard evidence that proves the crash of an ET craft.

    Media contact is Jan Harzan at 562-577-2258, or just come to the JW MARRIOTT at 1pm Sharp on Friday, July 19, 2013 in the Murcia Room. Your life will NEVER be the same.

    Lunch will be provided


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  • Area 51 Tours From Las Vegas NV – Tourguy.com Offers Late Summer Special

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    Posted in UFOs on October 17th, 2013 by Ryqn Roswell

    Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) August 07, 2013

    Las Vegas based ecotourism and adventure sightseeing tour company TourGuy.com is offering a late summer special on their one-of-a-kind all day tour to the mysterious military base outside of Las Vegas known as Area 51.

    Area 51 first began military operations in the 1940s and has been the subject of conspiracy theories ever since. The United States Government denied its existence until the 1990s further fueling speculation. One of the prevailing conspiracies ties the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident to the highly guarded and secretive location. Conspiracy theorists believe UFO space crafts and extraterrestrial life forms were secretly kept at Area 51 to be studied and experimented on.

    The TourGuy.com Area 51 tours from Las Vegas operates daily for combined parties of 4 or more from 7:30 am 5:00 pm. Guests receive complimentary hotel pick up from Las Vegas hotel. Highlights of the tour include a drive down the Extraterrestrial Highway that includes some of the most mysterious and desolate areas in Nevada including the ancient Indian Petroglyphs resembling aliens located on the edge of an ancient lake.

    Lunch features a stop at the iconic Little Ale Inn restaurant and gift shop where visitors can indulge in the world-renowned Alien Burger and shop for souvenirs. The Little Ale Inn is the location where several documentaries and films including Independence Day starring Will Smith have were filmed. After lunch, the tour continues on to the mysterious Black Mailbox, which has become a sacred meeting location for UFO enthusiasts. The final stop takes visitors to the absolute perimeter of the facility where they encounter real life Men In Black guards standing watch outside of the highly guarded facility. Guests get a tour of Area 51 including an in-depth history of the facilitys mysterious past.

    TourGuy.com spokesman James Hoke says, This tour is like the X-Files in real life. We get people from all over the world who come just to take this tour. Its a seriously chilling experience you wont forget.

    To learn more about the Area 51 tour and to book your late summer special visit TourGuy.com on the web at: http://www.tourguy.com/las-vegas/area-51-top-secret-military-facility-tour-pid57.html.

    About TourGuy.com

    TourGuy.com is a Las Vegas based ecotourism and adventure tour company founded in 2008 by James Hoke. TourGuy.com offers over 30 different tours from Las Vegas NV to popular locations throughout the desert southwest including the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Las Vegas Strip, Hoover Dam and more. Tours are designed for all tastes and interests whether its an adrenaline pumping helicopter ride over the Las Vegas Strip or whitewater rafting trip down the Colorado River or a relaxing tour of the Grand Canyon in an air-conditioned luxury motor coach.

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