• David P. Weldens New Book Unveils a History of Secrets about the Origin of Human Race

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    (PRWEB) June 03, 2013

    In his latest book, The Stone, Alien enthusiast David P. Welden provides evidence that aims to prove the existence of an alien race called “Anunnaki”, also known as “ancient astronauts”, and its role in the creation and evolution of human beings.

    Mr. Welden actively participated in Zecharia Sitchin’s expedition to gather proofs on the existence of “ancient astronauts” or Anunnaki. In The Stone, he shares the astounding discoveries they made and evidences they gathered that prove not only the existence of Anunnaki, but also the role this alien race played in the creation and evolution of humanity through genetic manipulations.

    Mr. Welden also presents his own investigations on UFO sightings and alien abductions by sharing the stories related by individuals involved, as well as his own ideas and conclusion based on information he gathered from years of studying alien life forms on planet Earth and their connection to mankind.

    David P. Welden is a businessman and inventor who holds nine patents for his inventions in the United States of America, one of which is the Welden Direct Fired Steam Generator. He started writing The Stone in 2002, which, according to him, was one of the most rewarding experiences of his life.

    For more information about David P. Welden and his book, The Stone, visit his webpage at http://www.accurance.com/davidwelden/. The book is also available at amazon.com for Kindle and in paperback edition.

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  • World Renowned Scientists Reveal UFO Secrets at Press Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada

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    Las Vegas Nevada (PRWEB) July 16, 2013

    WHEN:    Friday, July 19th 1pm – 2pm

    WHERE: JW Marriott Resort and Spa in the Murcia Room

                 221 N. Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

                 (Lunch will be served)

    WHY:     Consultants to NASA and the European Space Agency share the truth about UFOs and ETs at the 2013 MUFON Symposium. For more information go to http://www.mufonsymposium.com

    MEDIA CONTACT: JAN HARZAN 562-577-2258 mufonsymposium(at)gmail(dot)com

    The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) announces a PRESS Conference of world renowned scientists who will speak at the 2013 MUFON Symposium in Las Vegas and reveal for the first time important facts about UFOs and ETs. MUFON will also for the first time release its Top Ten UFO Cases of the Year to the press. Startling REAL UFO encounters which remain unexplained even after vigorous field investigation. MUFON is the world’s largest UFO investigative organization operating in 38 countries worldwide.

    Scientists at the press conference and available for interview include;

    Francois Louange, Ph.D – Formerly of the European Space Agency (ESA) and now consultant to GEIPAN, France’s UFO department within the ESA, will be sharing insights into France’s official UFO investigations including detailed UFO Photo Analysis, his area of expertise.

    Eric Davis, Ph.D – Consultant to NASA will speak on Faster-Than-Light Space Warps & Interstellar Flight: Will traversable wormholes and warp drives that include the engineering of space-time be the answer? When will our future begin with operational FTL Travel?

    Albert A. Harrison, Ph.D – Consultant to NASA will address Disclosure, Denial and Extraterrestrial Life: Both non-disclosure and disclosure offer advantages and disadvantages. Which is the right path for mankind? Are we ready for it? And, will it happen in our lifetime?

    Robert Powell, B.S. – Director of Research for MUFON will discuss the 2008 Stephenville, Texas Incident: Multiple Sightings supported by Radar: A real-time journey through the events of that night from behind the FAA Radar screen as F-16 jets are scrambled to intercept a massive and elusive UFO near the Western White House.

    Ted Peters, Ph.D – Science, SETI, and Ufology : What do Astrobiologists and Ufologists have in common? Their zeal for the scientific method calls for a close examination of the facts. What we may find will surprise you! Ted has been a consultant to NASA and SETI on the ethics of planetary protection.

    Ron Westrum, Ph.D – The Science of Hidden Events: Hidden events may be experienced by thousands, but remain hidden from social consciousness. How does the human psyche allow this to happen, and when will science wake up to the facts? (Professor Emeritus Eastern Michigan University)

    Don Donderi, Ph.D – Evidence for ET Abductions from the Viewpoints of Science, Scientific Intelligence and Common Sense: What are the implications of being in contact with extraterrestrial civilizations; on government policy, ourselves, and the future of our planet? (Professor Emeritus McGill University, Montreal)

    David Jacobs, Ph.D – Science, UFOs and the Search for ET Hybrids: Budd Hopkins coined the term “hybrids” to designate the offspring of Human/ET reproduction. An exciting new theory of hybridization will be revealed. (Professor Emeritus Temple University)

    Dr. Steven Greer, M.D. – Dr. Greer will share the results of skeletal & DNA studies done on the Atacama Humanoid – a 6” humanoid skeleton found in the Atacama Desert of Chile. These tests were performed by top scientists at Stanford University.

    Debbie Ziegelmeyer, MUFON State Director – Missouri’s UFO Flap and the Environment: Along with a large increase in UFO sightings in 2012 came an unusual number of “strange” environmental occurrences. Are they related?

    Paola Harris, M.A. – Crash retrieval: The 1945 San Antonio Crash and its Relationship to the Einstein / Oppenheimer MJ-12 document: Multiple first hand witness testimony and hard evidence that proves the crash of an ET craft.

    Media contact is Jan Harzan at 562-577-2258, or just come to the JW MARRIOTT at 1pm Sharp on Friday, July 19, 2013 in the Murcia Room. Your life will NEVER be the same.

    Lunch will be provided


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  • UFO Files Roswell Secrets Unveiled

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    UFO Files   Roswell Secrets Unveiled

    As I suddenly appeared on the World Renowned Researcher and #1 Best Selling Author in the World, I caught him a little off guard, but at the same time got th…
    Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • History’s Secrets: The Roswell Conspiracy

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    History's Secrets: The Roswell Conspiracy

    A great National Geographic documentary about the Roswell UFO Incident and the alleged cover-up by the US government of first contact with an alien species: …

    In the mid-1990s, the United States Air Force issued two reports that, they said, accounted for the debris found and reported on in 1947, and that also accou…


  • UFO Shocker! Area 51 secrets revealed. Ex-employees at a mysterious Nevada testing site are finally free to talk

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    After nearly five decades, guys like James Noce finally get to tell their stories about Area 51.

    Yes, that Area 51.

    The one that gets brought up when people talk about secret air force projects, crashed UFOs, alien bodies and, of course, conspiracies.

    The secrets, some of them, have been declassified.

    Noce, 72, and his fellow Area 51 veterans around the United States now are free to talk about doing contract work for the CIA in the 1960s and ’70s at the arid, isolated southern Nevada government testing site.

    Their stories shed some light on a site shrouded in mystery; classified projects still are going on there. It’s not a big leap from warding off the curious 40 or 50 years ago, to warding off the curious who now make the drive to Area 51.

    The veterans’ stories provide a glimpse of real-life government covert operations, with their everyday routines and moments of excitement.

    Noce didn’t seek publicity. But when contacted, he was glad to tell what it was like.

    “I was sworn to secrecy for 47 years. I couldn’t talk about it,” he says.

    In the 1960s, Area 51 was the test site for the A-12 and its successor, the SR-71 Blackbird, a secret spy plane that broke records at documented speeds that are still unmatched. The CIA says it reached Mach 3.29 (about 2,200 m.p.h. or 3,500 km/h) at a height of 90,000 feet.

    But after September 2007, when the CIA displayed an A-12 in front of its Langley, Va., headquarters as part of the agency’s 60th birthday, much of the secrecy of those days at Area 51 fell away.

    Warning to ufologists: Sorry, although Noce and other Area 51 vets say they saw plenty of secret stuff , none make claims about aliens.

    But on to the secrecy part.

    Noce remembers always getting paid in cash, signing a phoney name to the receipt, during his several years of working security at the site. It was, in CIA parlance, “a black project.”

    Noce says he has no paperwork showing that he worked at Area 51 for the CIA. He says that was common.

    Others who got cheques say they came from various companies, including Pan American World Airways.

    But Noce is vouched for by T.D. Barnes, of Henderson, Nev., founder and president of Roadrunners Internationale, membership 325. Barnes is the one who says he got cheques from Pan Am, for whom he had never worked.

    Roadrunners is a group of Area 51 vets including individuals affiliated with the U.S. Air Force, CIA, Lockheed, Honeywell and other contractors.

    For the past 20 years, they’d meet every couple of years at reunions they kept clandestine. Their first public session was last October at a reunion in Las Vegas at the Atomic Testing Museum.

    As age creeps up on them, Barnes, 72, an Area 51 radar specialist, wants the work the vets did to be remembered.

    And Barnes himself has someone quite credible to vouch for him: David Robarge, chief historian for the CIA and author of Archangel: CIA’s Supersonic A-12 Reconnaissance Aircraft.

    Robarge says about Barnes, “He’s very knowledgeable. He never embellishes.’

    Barnes says that the way membership in the Roadrunners grew was by one guy who worked for the CIA telling about another buddy who worked at Area 51, and so on. Barnes says other Area 51 vets vouched for Noce.


    Noce was a 1955 Vancouver High grad who went right into the air force and was trained in radar.

    Leaving the service in 1959, he worked as a produce manager for the Safeway in Camas, 30 kilometres east of Vancouver.

    Sometime in late 1961, Noce got a phone call at the grocery store. It was from a buddy of his from the air force days, who now worked for the CIA.

    “He knew I had classified clearance from working at the radar sites,” remembers Noce. “He asked me how would I like to live in Las Vegas.”

    Noce agreed to drive to Las Vegas and call “a guy” who worked for “the agency.”

    And so Noce began doing security. Most of the time, it was routine stuff. On Monday mornings, a Lockheed Superconstellation would fly in from the “Skunk Works” in Burbank, Calif., bringing engineers and others who were working on the A-12. They’d stay there during the week and return home on weekends.

    Skunk Works was the nickname for Lockheed’s Advanced Development Projects, which had the A-12 contract.

    The routine stuff included checking badges and making sure nobody had weapons or cameras. Security workers also made sure only those with proper clearance would witness a test flight.

    And what a sight it was.

    According to the CIA, its late former chief Richard Helms recalled visiting Area 51 and watching a midnight test flight of an A-12.

    “The blast of flame that sent the black, insect-shaped projectile hurtling across the tarmac made me duck instinctively. It was as if the devil himself were blasting his way straight from hell,” said Helms, according to former CIA director Michael Hayden. Other times, the routine got very exciting.

    Noce remembers when “Article 123,” as one of the A-12s was called, crashed on May 24, 1963, after the plane stalled near Wendover, Utah. The pilot ejected and survived.

    Noce says he was among those who flew to the crash site in a giant cargo plane loaded with several trucks. They loaded everything from the crash into the trucks.

    He remembers that a local deputy had either witnessed the crash or had quickly arrived at the scene. There also was a family on a vacation car trip who had taken photos.

    “We confiscated the camera, took the film out,” says Noce. “We just said we worked for the government.”

    He says the deputy and the family were told not to talk to anybody about the crash, especially the press.

    “We told them there would be dire consequences,” Noce says. “You scared them.”

    As an added incentive, he says, the CIA arrived with a briefcase full of cash.

    “I think it was like 25 grand apiece, for the sheriff and the family,” says Noce.

    Robarge says cash payments were routine to cover things up.

    “It was common practice”

    Noce also remembers providing security in 1962 as a disassembled A-12 was trucked along back roads from Burbank to Area 51. trailers.

    At one point, a Greyhound bus travelling in the opposite direction grazed one of the trailers.

    Wrote Robarge, “Project managers quickly authorized the payment of nearly ,000 for damage to the bus so no insurance or legal inquiry would take place.”

    About the aliens … Noce and Barnes say they never saw anything connected to UFOs.

    Barnes believes the air force and the CIA didn’t mind the stories about alien spacecraft. They helped cover up the secret planes that were being tested.

    On one occasion, he remembers, when the first jets were being tested at what was Muroc Army Air Field, later renamed Edwards Air Force Base, a test pilot put on a gorilla mask and flew upside down beside a private pilot.

    “Well, when this guy went back, telling reporters, ‘I saw a plane that didn’t have a propeller and being flown by a monkey,’ well, they laughed at this guy — and it got where the guys would see (test pilots) and they didn’t dare report it because everybody’d laugh at them,” says Barnes.

    Noce says he quite liked working at Area 51.

    He got paid ,000 US a month (about ,200 in today’s dollars). Weekdays he lived for free at the base in admittedly utilitarian housing — five men assigned to a one-storey house, sharing a kitchen and bathroom.

    Something that all Area 51 vets remember about living at the base, he says, was the great food.

    “They had these cooks come up from Vegas. They were like regular chefs,” Noce remembers. “Day or night, you could get a steak, whatever you wanted.”

    Lobster was flown in regularly from Maine. A jet, sent across the country to test its engines, would bring back the succulent payload.

    On weekends, Noce and other contracted CIA guys would drive to Las Vegas. They rented a pad, and in the patio plumbed in a bar with storage for two kegs of beer. It was a great time, barbecuing steaks and having parties, Noce says.

    Noce has two pieces of proof from his Area 51 days: faded black-and-white snapshots taken surreptitiously.

    One shows him in 1962 in front of his housing unit at Area 51. The other shows him in front of what he says is one of two F-105 Thunderchiefs whose Air Force pilots overflew Area 51 out of curiosity. The pilots were forced to land and were told that a no-fly zone meant just that.

    Noce worked at Area 51 from early 1962 to late 1965. He returned to Vancouver and spent most of his working life as a longshoreman.

    Noce remembers once in recent years talking with fellow retired longshoreman pals and telling them stories about Area 51. When they didn’t believe him, he says, “Well, there was nothing I could do to prove anything.”

    Mary Pelevsky, a University of Nevada visiting scholar, headed the school’s Nevada Test Site Oral History Project from 2003 to 2008. Some 150 people were interviewed about their experiences during Cold War nuclear testing. Area 51 vets such as Barnes also were interviewed.

    The historian says it was difficult to verify stories because of secrecy at the time, cover stories, memory lapses and, sometimes, misrepresentations.

    But, she says, “I’ve heard this cloak-and-dagger stuff , and you say, ‘No way.’ Then you hear enough and begin to realize some of these stories are true.”

    In October, Noce and his son, Chris, of Colorado, drove to Las Vegas for that first public reunion of the Area 51 vets. He and his old buddies remembered the days.

    ‘I was doing something for the country,’ Noce says about those three years in the 1960s. ‘They told me, ‘If anything should ever come up, anyone asks, ‘Did you work for the CIA? Say, ‘Never heard of them.’ But (my buddies) know.”

    The author, StunnerCold (Alias), is an Electrical engineer specializing in cutting edge semiconductor technology with an eye out for the long overdue galactic rendezvous. Checkout the nifty blog on Alien Civilizations for a thorough scientific account of the Life Beyond, without the speculative conjuncture.

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  • UFO – Secrets of the Third Reich (Full Movie)

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    UFO – Secrets of theThird Reich. Evidence of the use of extraterrestrial technology. One of the last great mysteries of the 20th century is the occult past of the 3rd reich, and membership of secret societies by some of its leading exponents. The question as to whether these people were aware of the existence of lost extraterrestrial technologies, once applied by past advanced cultures, is raised by completely new research, supported by historical documents and original film footage of the period. Were the disk-shaped flying objects (UFOs), driven by anti-gravitation forces, actually constructed? Test pilots, engineers and investigators explain the Nazi programs for space travel and contact with aliens.
    Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Alien Secrets Opens at the Galaxy 8 in Roswell on 7-07-07

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    Albuquerque, NM (PRWEB) July 6, 2007

    “Alien Secrets”, winner of the best feature film at the “International UFO Congress Film Festival” has its Galactic Premiere at the Galaxy 8, in Roswell, New Mexico. Showings at midnight on July 6th , with special premiere screenings on Saturday July 7th. In a special engagement celebrating the 60th Anniversary of a UFO crashing in Roswell, the Allen Theatre presents one of the most entertaining and informative films ever done on the subject of UFO’s and Alien/Human Hybrids.

    Filmmaker J.J. Barmettler and controversial UFO Investigator Brandon Scott have captured the UFO subculture from the inside out working 43 artists, 23 abduction victims, 30 experts and 200 eye witnesses who have all had experiences in the chilling UFO Alien phenomenon. “This unusual subject matter is presented with wry humor including original songs and real UFO footage and it’s sure to be a cult fave,” Marci Marks of the Studio City Sun.

    Alien Secrets, the Spinal Tap of UFO’s with a touch of truth, weaves Sci-Fi and reality in an epic portrayal of ones man’s search for an Alien/Human/Hybrid and his drive to save humanity. Based on his real life escapades as a Paranormal Investigator, Brandon Scott plays a parody of himself as he explores the UFO subculture with a biting edge and wit; while dogging a shifty shadow government agent bent on stopping his findings. With real footage of UFOs and actual underground encounters, we follow Brandon as he cleverly navigates his way through the world of Hollywood celebrities, renown experts in the UFO community and how he uncovers the truth about actual people claiming to be abductees and alien/human hybrids. Brandon will be guest on Coast to Coast with George Noory on Monday, July 9th.

    For more information: http://aliensecretsmovie.com/roswell/


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  • EXAMINER: UFO secrets of President Obama and BP CEO describe “saucers” and “black wars”

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    June 18, 7:30 PMVancouver UFO ExaminerJon Kelly

    Unconscious UFO remarks from both President Obama and BP CEO Tony Hayward portray the largest oil spill in the history of the United States as an environmental battleground in a global state-sponsored “Operation Northwoods” – type terror war. According to a recent study released on YouTube by a private Vancouver-based audio lab, secret mirror-encrypted messages suggest that Hayward is aware of plans to use the Gulf oil spill disaster in a bid to access US-held UFO clean energy technology secrets. Messages from President Obama also described a “saucer” and provide “black wars” details.

    With BP now set to begin drilling for oil in British Columbia with the consent of the BC Liberal Party Government under the leadership of Premier Gordon Campbell, an examination of the deep culture behind BP’s global practices through a review of unconscious communications encrypted within the voice of BP’s CEO is both vital and timely for British Columbia residents.


    Click here to

    At Thursday’s House subcommittee hearing, messages encrypted involuntarily within Dr. Hayward’s remarks described weaponized applications of advanced UFO technologies for use in “black wars”. President Obama’s Oval Office address from Tuesday also revealed messages in a way that suggests Obama has formed a cognitive link between UFO propulsion and clean energy. Elaborating on the Hayward “black wars”, the Obama messages further described human trafficking of “black project” personnel through Israel, as well as commenting on a proposed Israeli transfer of silent, unmanned aerial vehicle technology into Russian hands. The President’s messages also commented on plans to detonate a nuclear device in the Gulf of Mexico.

    BP CEO Tony Hayward spoke this week at a House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations hearing to address the Deepwater Horizon explosion and explain decisions surrounding the incident. According to his executive profile, Anthony B. Hayward has been Chief Executive Officer of BP plc since May 2007. Dr. Hayward also serves as Chief Executive of BP America, Inc. and holds a Ph.D. in Geology from the University of Edinburgh in 1982.

    During his opening statement, Hayward told the subcommittee members that, “I give my pledge as the leader of BP that we will not rest until we make this right. We’re a strong company, and no resources will be spared. We and the entire industry will learn from this terrible event and emerge stronger, smarter and safer.”

    Viewed through the lens of a mirror filter, the audio signal from Tony Hayward’s spoken comments revealed the words, “Give us a saucer in the, in the black wars.”

    Continues here

    Jon Kelly is a world-famous expert in the application of voice-based disclosure technology for revealing UFO secrets. A native to Vancouver, BC, Jon’s work as a voice analyst, photographer and videographer has been recognized by international media through hundreds of appearances in radio, television, documentary film, print and online publications. Call Jon’s toll-free hot line 1-888-453-0751 to report a UFO sighting or visit yourinnervoice.com.

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  • Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion: Tesla, UFOs, and Classified Aerospace Technology

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    Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion: Tesla, UFOs, and Classified Aerospace Technology

    A complete investigation of the development and suppression of antigravity and field propulsion technologies

    • Reveals advanced aerospace technologies capable of controlling gravity that could revolutionize air travel and energy production

    • Reviews numerous field propulsion devices that have thrust-to-power ratios thousands of times greater than a jet engine

    • Shows how NASA participates in a cover-up to block adoption of advanced technologies under military development

    In Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, physicist Paul LaViolette reveals the secret history of antigravity experimentation–from Nikola Tesla and T. Townsend Brown to the B-2 Advanced Technology Bomber. He discloses the existence of advanced gravity-control technologies, under secret military development for decades, that could revolutionize air travel and energy production. Included among the secret projects he reveals is the research of Project Skyvault to develop

    List Price: $ 24.00


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  • UFO’s and Popular Culture – A Saucerful of Secrets

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    by hsuyo


    A 2001 survey of 183 college students at a regional university in North Carolina found that nearly one in four reported having a unidentified flying object (UFO)-like experience or anomalous light sighting of some kind (Dewan 2006). This finding was relatively comparable to similar studies undertaken over the past several decades.1 Additional follow-up interviews were conducted with students willing to discuss their experiences further and with other individuals reporting similar experiences from around the country. Because such tantalizing data necessitate a more holistic approach to analysis, the use of folklore theory, the experience-centered approach of David Hufford, and insights from cognitive anthropology suggest that UFO accounts may be understood more fruitfully to be based on real, unusual experiences that instigate a complex interaction between the event, existing cultural traditions, and mental schemas. Accounts of anomalous light experiences are best categorized as a particular type of personal experience narrative, the memorate. A detailed case study of interviews conducted with three members of a single family illustrates the integration of these three theoretical perspectives in the analysis of narratives, concluding that personal experiences play a major role in the development and maintenance of the UFO phenomenon.

    Whereas much of the past research focused on the study of anomalous lights as a whole, my study particularly emphasizes aerial anomalies generally included within the realm of the UFO phenomenon, in part because of its exceptional growth and popularity in American culture during the past fifty years. The UFO domain has grown to include, for example, animal mutilations, crop circles, mysterious figures known commonly as “men in black” (or MIB), alien abductions, and speculations concerning varying degrees of government conspiracy. For the purposes of this article, UFOs themselves are placed within the more straightforward category of anomalous lights while concurrently understood to exist as part of a broader social movement.

    Culture, Perception, and Anomalous Experience

    Although the interaction of belief and experience is certainly complex, the incorporation of cognitive anthropology enriches a folkloric analysis of this issue. In doing so, the extent to which culture holds dominion over individual perceptions of experience must be addressed. A central issue involved in the study of extraordinary experiences relates to the question of how they are perceived, reported, and interpreted in a cultural sense. Cognitive anthropology maintains that recollections of past memories are not mental copies of stored originals. Rather, they are schematized, mental reconstructions of past events that are reassembled in particular circumstances for particular purposes . As Robert Schrauf has found, the cognitive analysis of autobiographical memories reveals several key elements: “[R]ecollection of the personal past is (1) essentially a reconstruction of the past, (2) prompted by a person’s affective states and ongoing beliefs and goals, and (3) constituted by the sociocultural world of the rememberer”

    During an experience, a process of revision in light of the person’s beliefs and expectations occurs immediately, if not simultaneously with the experience. Once the memory is encoded, subsequent recalling acts as a reconstruction that involves the affective (emotional) states and social circumstances (e.g., campfire story) of the rememberer. Furthermore, sociocultural factors shape one’s expectations about reality, and what one remembers directly depends on one’s expectations. Although Schrauf’s study examines autobiographical memory across a long span of time and is not directly applied to single, specific memories of events, the ability to apply this approach to specific memories appears to be implied. There is also no discussion in Schrauf’s work of whether different types of experiences are recalled differently. For example, how is the recall of a particularly traumatic or exciting event fundamentally different from a more mundane, yet equally significant, memory? Linda Garro has argued that individuals tend to remember specific events that have some emotional impact on them. Despite this fact, whether one is recalling an encounter with Bigfoot in Yosemite National Park or Mr. Miller in the town grocery store, it remains understood that both memories are, in reality, social reconstructions.

    The author, StunnerCold (Alias), is an Electrical engineer specializing in cutting edge semiconductor technology with an eye out for the long overdue galactic rendezvous. Checkout the nifty blog on Alien Civilizations for a thorough scientific account of the Life Beyond, without the speculative conjuncture.

    Article from articlesbase.com

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