• Bow Sighting Tips To Improve Accuracy During Hunting

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    Posted in UFO Sighting on July 4th, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    If you utilize a bow and arrow set during hunting, it is important to know that there are several bow sighting tips that will assist in improving your accuracy to targets that you are interested in on the field. If you enjoy hunting, it is likely that you know that taking down an animal in the field with a bow set is one of the most challenging tasks that you may engage in. It takes several hours of practice and a high level of dedication in order to utilize a bow and arrow set in the field. However, bow sights will take you to higher levels of accuracy with less work. In this hunting guide, you will be introduced to bow sighting tips that will assist in an improved level of accuracy during all of your hunting outings.

    The Basics

    If you are interested in learning a few bow sighting tips, it is important to first learn a couple of basics about bow sights. First, this type of accuracy tool has actually been around for several decades. However, only recent innovations in the technology behind these tools have led to their recent level of popularity among those that hunt and those that engage in archery as a hobby. Individuals that invest in bow sights claim that the products provide them with an improved accuracy level whether they are hunting their favorite game or simply enjoying a competitive round of archery. In order to get the most from using a bow and arrow, it is important to understand what two factors determine the level of accuracy that you will experience. First, the actual focus of the shot that you are making and second, the memory that is retained in the muscles after performing the same movements over and over again. Bow sights are beneficial in improving accuracy in both of these instances.

    Choose Your Technology

    If you are interested in learning bow sighting tips, it is important to start with the technology of bow sights. There are simple sights that allow you to look inside of a designated area in order to determine where to make your shot. Then, there are highly technological sites that utilize lasers and other types of dot technology that give the user more control of their anticipated shot. Naturally, it is best to opt for the technology that you are more comfortable with. However, it is important to understand that the more advanced that the technology is behind the bow site, the more apt you are to make a highly accurate shot. While cross hairs within a sight are appropriate in improving your accuracy, sights that utilize red dots and laser beams that actually assist in marking the target physically are often preferred among those that desire to improve their success at taking down their chosen game during hunting.


    If you have an interest in learning bow sighting tips, it is important to consider the overall convenience of the sights that you select. If you would like to have an easy range of motion and would like to be able to move around with as few complications as possible, it is appropriate to choose bow targets that are considered to be lightweight. If you would like the added bonus of increased stability, it is important to ensure that you opt for a heavier bow sight. If you consider your needs when it comes to hunting, as well as what you would like to accomplish when hunting, it will be simple to follow the bow sighting tips contained in this guide to select the right bow sights for you.

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  • UFO Hunting ~ HmMm… – Tucson, AZ – June 4, 2011

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    Posted in UFOs on December 10th, 2011 by Ryqn Roswell

    Hmmmeowwww The following is the text from a U FO sighting posted to www.ufostalker.com today. I think it describes to a T what I am seeing here in Tucson which are in this vid you are at right now. They fly low to the ground, but together in formations, switching places but keeping the same median distance from one another. @_@ Case Number: 29394 Log Number: US-06042011-0018 Submitted Date: 2011-06-04 15:32 GMT Event Date: 2011-05-22 00:00 GMT Status: Assigned City: North Ridgeville Region: Ohio Country: US Longitude: -82.0190321 Latitude: 41.3894905 Shape: Circle Distance: 500 feet or less Description: “We were at the Autorama Drive-In theatre. Around the beginning of the movie we saw about 5-6 round lights appear to the right of the movie screen. They all seems to float together, staying about the same distance apart and went behind the movie screen, then to the left of it. They stopped and slowly faded to small lights, then nothing. You could hear other people saying things like “what are those strange lights?” from other cars. We tried to take a picture but it didn’t come out. Other poeple were taking pictures. I checked on facebook and the newspapers the next day to see if anyone reported it, and apparently not. It seemed really close, not much higher up than the screen. I am so a believer now!”


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