• Roswell: Technology + Marketing Two

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    In recent years, China HVAC market along with China’s economic highlights in the development of business opportunities, fully open the market to provide development opportunities for foreign brands. Some brands have a firm foothold in the Chinese market, some brands eager to areas of the UK professional manufacturer of fluid control Roswell latter. For the China market, Roswell began to intensify efforts to develop, not only changes in distribution patterns, but also want to realize the localization of production, marketing campaign increased the intensity is evident. Roswell mainland market has accepted the HC Miss Zhang Li, director of network edited the interview, described Roswell specific market and product development plans to promote the new situation.

    Roswell Miss Zhang Li, director of the China market

    HC Network: Miss Zhang Li, Hello! I’m glad you accepted our interview you please give a brief history of the development of Roswell.

    Zhang Li: Roswell Flow Control Corporation factory based in Birmingham, England industrial city, Roswell employees around the world had less than 100 people from the developed to the current 20,000 people, branches all over the world. 2006 Roswell set up representative offices in Guangzhou, China, setting up representative offices in mainland China will be better for the region Proxy Cooperation Makers to provide better and efficient service.

    Roswell products from the original water Pump To the current to pump, industrial Valve Doors, air-conditioning systems such as Automatic Control Valves three competitive products, in an important share of the global market. Especially in air-conditioning system in the Automatic Control Valves, our Thermostat , Balance valve every year to lead the industry development, technical content continuously improve, get rid of. Estimated in the Chinese mainland market in the near future our products will account for 30% -40% industry market share. Looking ahead, we Roswell in the company’s products and strong policy support, there is no reason not to lead the agency in cooperation with mainland China makers of Ben a better future!

    HC Network: It is understood that Roswell Hong Kong companies to deal mainly with the Asia Pacific market, mainland China retail market has been dominated by imported, then the current market development in China Roswell any strategy change?

    Zhang Li: Overall, the Roswell market development in China is still in market development stage. Roswell Guangzhou, China set up a representative office in mainland China means the board Roswell attention, China’s rapid economic development has attracted the attention of their comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the information, we decided to step up efforts to develop the mainland market. Guangzhou will serve as the Roswell

    future market for the continent’s hub of marketing and promotion, from point to area, spreading the national market. Next year we will in the east, north, southwest of the three areas of the three branches. Mainland China within 3 years the market started popularity and reputation. The current situation is good, has recruited agents in many areas full.

    Our technical and marketing decisions can be in the market place while maintaining precise control and significant energy saving technologies such as the leading case, strengthening the marketing of our development ideas.

    I am a professional writer from China Quality Lighting, which contains a great deal of information about cadmium nitrate , nitrate reductase, welcome to visit!

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  • Seven Directions Custom Tours Announces New Tour From and To Space to Explore the Relationship with the Outer Space from Ancient Times to the Atomic Age, from UFOs to Space Tourism

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    Santa Fe, New Mexico (PRWEB) April 30, 2013

    The clear skies over New Mexico have dazzled, intrigued and served as a vast science laboratory for centuries. This 9 night guided tour from Seven Directions Custom Tours travels through both time and space, from the ancient pueblo walls depicting astronomical events to the new Spaceport America where tourists will soon take flights into space.

    Offered from May through October, the intrigue begins when the group spends the night at the Hotel Andaluz where the infamous spy Harry Gold gave away information on the atomic bomb to the enemy.

    The tour starts with a tour of the Petroglyphs National Monument where the ancients painted and chipped a vast number of messages on the volcanic rocks, to continue with a visit to the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, part of the Smithsonian museums system, to learn about the history and technologies of the atomic era, a time when New Mexico played a critical role.

    The adventure continues at Chaco Culture National Historical Park, the site at the center of the Ancient Puebloans civilization where guests can admire the depiction of ancient astronomical events on the high canyon walls and learn about archaeo-astronomy and the influence of the skies and stars on the architecture and life of these people. After a close look to other rare examples of ancient paintings the drive continues to Los Alamos where the atomic bomb was created at the end of WWII.

    Santa Fe is renowned for its art and beauty but less recognized for its connections to the atomic era. It was in Santa Fe where the scientists and workers of Los Alamos traded in their identity to become a number and where secret documents were exchanged with details of the work going on “up there on the mountain” in Los Alamos.

    Also ghosts are part of the history of the oldest capital of the country and their stories will come alive during a private tour. Dinner is at the historic La Fonda Bar where then anonymous scientists, including J. Robert Oppenheimer, gathered for some time away from their hectic experiments.

    During the following days the itinerary take to the Very Large Array, a radio observatory with 27 parabolic dishes each 82 feet in diameter that contributed to the mapping of the Black Holes; to the Valley of Fire to walk among the volcanic rock valley created by an eruption 5,000 years ago and to Roswell, the UFO capital of the world.

    After a full immersion in UFO’s history and lore at the local museum another site, the Walker Aviation Museum, contribute to the extra terrestrial saga where those who believe in UFOs swear the aliens from the space craft that crashed at a nearby location were kept prisoners. This is also where the B-29 flights to Hiroshima and Nagasaki took off in August 1945.

    After a stop in Alamogordo for a visit to the Museum of Space and History rich of exhibitions and movies about space missions, the tour will continue up into the forest of the Sacramento Mountains for an overnight at a lodge that some say is haunted.

    Some relaxation at White Sands National Monument, the largest desert of its kind in the world, where one can hike and slide on the white dunes, then back to the atomic world at one of the most historic sites, Trinity Site, where the first atomic explosion took place on July 16, 1945. One month later the first bomb would be dropped on Japan. After a visit to an unusual museum of space memorabilia and a night in Las Cruces, Follow the Sun Team, the official tour operator for Spaceport America, will provide a tour of the stunning new buildings of the Spaceport, a place sure to be the focus of even more worldwide attention as the first space tourists take flight in the near future.

    A breathtaking journey like no other designed to discover the unusual attraction different people had with the space above New Mexico.

    For further information and media inquiries: Patrizia Antonicelli – Tel.505.820.3305

    About Seven Directions Tours:

    Seven Directions | Cultural and Sustainable Tours has established itself as one of the finest sustainable tour operators in the Southwest. They facilitate exceptional tours that create a memorable and authentic experience that is relaxing and profound in every respect. Seven Directions Tours caters to a wide-ranging audience that seeks a hands-on experience by putting them in touch with the landscape and the people. Clients learn salient information in the comfort of a tour they can customize. Seven Directions Tours can accommodate large and small groups, and individuals. They also specialize in Fly & Drive programs that clients can take on by themselves. To learn more about Seven Directions visit them at http://www.sevendirections.net

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  • All-American Family on thatTripUSA to Complete 50,000 Mile, 50 State RV Journey

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    Helena, MT (PRWEB) May 15, 2013

    While many dream of a family RV trip to some far-flung vacation destination, a West Palm Beach, Florida family decided to expand upon that dream by visiting all 50 states in 13 months. On June 10, 2012, the Martin family left South Florida with their 38-foot fifth wheel to begin thatTripUSA in Delaware, the nation’s First State. To date, 46,000 miles have taken the Martins; Randy, Heidi, Kristi (age 14), and Kyle (age 12); to 46 states and three Canadian provinces.

    Along the way, they’ve traveled to famous sites like Mount Rushmore, the White House, Waikiki Beach, and the Grand Canyon; as well as lesser known “treasures” like the world’s largest squirrel in Texas and the International UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico. Currently, the Martins are in Montana, home to Glacier National Park and the annual Bucking Horse Sale, both on the family’s itinerary. Then, it’s on to Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska before returning to Florida.

    Heidi and Randy Martin’s decision to travel initially surprised friends and family members. After all, the couple has lived in West Palm Beach, Florida for 40 and 21 years, respectively, and never mentioned RVing before. Four years ago, Heidi had the idea for the family to tour the entire country. “I wanted my children to experience all the United States has to offer; the America that some might say exists only in the history books,” she explained. The rest of the family agreed and in the years since, the family planned their comprehensive tour of the United States, sold their home, and received a leave of absence from The King’s Academy; a private Christian school where Randy and Heidi are employed.

    As novice RVers and first-time nation-wide travelers, things haven’t always gone perfectly for the Martins. In Ohio, it took more than five hours to extricate the family’s truck and trailer from a muddy field. In Tennessee, Randy jackknifed the trailer but, thankfully, only caused cosmetic damage to the rig. The family even walked away from a hot-air balloon crash landing in a Sedona, Arizona neighborhood. Kyle remembers the accident as follows, “We hit two trees and just missed some houses. When we landed in the ditch and hit the stop sign, it was crazy! People were driving by us, waving and shaking their heads.”

    Despite these mishaps and others, Randy is happy that the family has accomplished its goals. “We had become tired of hearing what’s wrong with the United States. We wanted to discover and celebrate our nation’s greatness again. That’s what this trip has done for us. And, we’ve met many new friends too.” Heidi adds, “While teaching my children, I thought it would be wonderful if my family and I could share what we learned on our trip with school children and their families across the country. Maybe we can inspire them to take their own American road trip.”

    More information about the Martins and their American RV tour is available at http://thatTripUSA.com. Trip updates are also available on social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

    thatTripUSA FAQS

    What are the Martins’ favorite states visited on thatTripUSA?

    Favorites have included Pennsylvania, Colorado, Arizona, Hawaii, and Georgia. And, of course, the family loves their home state of Florida!

    How did thatTripUSA drive the RV to Hawaii?

    Actually, the Martins flew to Hawaii and will cruise to Alaska. They are only RVing the lower 48 states, but that’s still a lot of driving!

    Have the Martins met anyone famous on thatTripUSA?

    They’ve met Rev. Joel Osteen, former Vice Presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan, Montana Governor Steve Bullock, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, NASCAR Crew Chief Chad Knauss, and UNC NCAA Basketball Coach Roy Williams among others.

    Are the Martins homeschooling their children?

    Kristi (8th Grade) and Kyle (6th Grade) are enrolled in a great online school, The King’s Academy Online (TKAOnline.net).

    Would the Martins do thatTripUSA again?

    They have loved seeing all of America and are glad to have done it; but at the moment, they’re too tired to drive it all again. But, try asking again in a couple of months, because their answer might change!

    Will there be a book about thatTripUSA?

    Yes, the family is in the process of writing a couple of books. Stay tuned!

    Have the Martins seen snow falling on thatTripUSA?

    Yes, lots of snow has fallen on thatTripUSA! They’ve seen snow (in order of greatest to least snow fall) in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, Missouri, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Nebraska, New Mexico, Minnesota, Arizona, and Indiana.

    Where have the Martins eaten the best pizza on thatTripUSA?

    Favorite pizzas in America were from Bucceto’s Smiling Teeth in Bloomington, Indiana and Grotto’s Pizza in Lewes, Delaware.

    Is anyone sponsoring thatTripUSA?

    The Martins are grateful for the support of Kampgrounds of America (KOA), The King’s Academy of West Palm Beach, Florida, WPBF Channel 25, Washington DC/Capitol KOA, and Ride-Fi.

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  • Theory States Roswell UFO Was a Nazi Wunderwaffe (Wonder-Weapon) – KOB 4

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    A new German film suggests that what landed there was a ten-foot-wide, 12-foot-high aircraft created by Nazi Germany. Source=http://www.kob.com/article/stories/s3607165.shtml#.VFbs8vnF8W4…
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  • What Are UFO Grow Lights?

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    Grow lights have been round some time now.  They provide light that promotes photosynthesis for your indoor plants.  This is a concept that is nothing new.  For decades people have been doing this on an industrial, commercial, and also residential levels.  But the thing that is somewhat a new concept is the use of LEDs.  These lights are in most cases much more powerful than regular lights.

    One style of led grow light are called UFO LED grow lights.  These are almost the same as many other LED grow lights, but in this case they are much different in their design and also their efficiency for plant grow.  Lets take a look at what those things are so you can understand them better. 

    The first thing that UFO grow lights have is their intense light.  The light, especially LED lights are very high powered, which means your plants will grow much faster.  Using a UFO grow light also means that you could potentially grow your plants faster than using regular conventional Sunlight because you have control over when and how much light each of your plants get. 

    The design of UFO grow lights also make them much easier to use in smaller rooms and also smaller plants.  Although you can also use them on bigger plants and get the same results.  The downside with these small lights is that most of them can’t provide light for several plants because of their light spectrum ability.  So I would suggest you only use one light for every 1 to 3 plants, depending on their sizes.  This will give you the best results both for your plants and for organization.

    UFO lights also make your indoor gardening operations much more efficient and has a less impact on the environment.  This also means you will be spending less on electricity bills and other gendering resources.  These light also have the ability to either be set up on the ceiling facing directly down on your plants and they can even be setup on a wall, so your plants get light horizontally.  This means you can buy two UFO grow lights and place them on facing walls so that your plants can get light from either side.  The typical size of a UFO grow lights is about 8 inches in diameter and an inch or two think.  This makes them easy to place anywhere where there is an outlet nearby.  

    If you want to learn more about what UFO LED grow lights are check out this site.  You can find reviews of grow light and also where you can buy some of the best.  Getting as much information about grow lights will help you better to grow your indoor garden so you can enjoy it more.

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  • International UFO Museum Roswell New Mexico HD

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    Posted in UFOs on April 27th, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    Visiting The International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell is sort of like a pilgrimage. And you’ll have a better journey if you have a little faith and imagination in your quest….
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  • Encounters: U.F.O. Experience Explores Extraterrestrial Reports as “Star Trek Into Darkness” Premiers and XCON Opens in Myrtle Beach

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    Myrtle Beach, S.C. (PRWEB) May 16, 2013

    More than 3,000 comic book and science fiction fans are expected to gather in Myrtle Beach, S.C. this weekend to attend the sixth-annual XCON World conference, just as one of the most-anticipated science fiction movies of the year, Star Trek Into Darkness, premiers. Those fans will also have the opportunity to explore a unique exhibition with more than 200 original and reproduction artifacts from UFO sightings and alien abductions at “Encounters: U.F.O. Experience” at Broadway at the Beach.

    Encounters started a limited run in Myrtle Beach that will last through the Labor Day weekend, and then it heads off on a worldwide tour. The exhibition is open Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sundays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.; and Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Beginning Memorial Day, it will be open seven days a week, Sundays through Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

    This extraordinary exhibition features seven galleries filled with original and replica artifacts. Displays include materials left by early man as supporting evidence of their alien encounters, and an exploration of military involvement with Roswell and Area 51. Visitors can view videos of UFO sightings from around the world, and listen to actual 9-1-1 calls made by people reporting sightings and alien abductions. A pop culture gallery even explores alien encounters in film. It features props from Men in Black and a full-size model of an alien from District 9, and kids are sure be delighted when they encounter a life-size E.T.

    The first comprehensive look at reported alien interactions with the people of earth, this exhibition is a must-see for anyone visiting Myrtle Beach. Tickets can be reserved by calling 843-353-0046, and they are $ 14 for adults, $ 12 Students, and $ 10 for children (ages 4 – 12). Children under the age of three are free.

    Star Trek Into Darkness, J.J. Abrams’ continuation of the popular sci-fi franchise, will be showing in 3-D at Broadway at the Beach’s BigD Theatre, a state-of-the art digital venue with an immense screen and epic surround sound. Just a short walk from Encounters, the much-anticipated movie opens May 16, and is a perfect weekend complement to the real-life reports presented at Encounters and the comic book world of XCON.

    The XCON VI conference gets underway at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center on Friday, May 17 and runs through Sunday, May 19. It will feature games, panel discussions, and special appearances by celebrities from The Walking Dead, Star Wars Episode IV, and Doctor Who. In addition, representatives from Encounters will be there to meet the crowd at a booth in aisle “D.” They’ll be accompanied by one of the exhibition’s alien figures who will be spinning an out-of-this-world prize wheel. Conference attendees who stop by the booth will be able to win special alien memorabilia and tickets to the exhibition.

    Encounters and BigD are a five-minute walk from each other, while the Convention Center is less than a half mile away. This makes Myrtle Beach — a resort town with some of the best beaches in our world — a great place for those who want to get an up close and personal look at things that are out of this world.

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  • Roswell UFO and the Nazi Connection

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    In mid 1947, a crash of a military Air Force surveillance balloon at a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico gave rise to claims alleging the crash was of an extraterrestrial spaceship. Interest…
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  • Myrtle Beach’s Encounters: U.F.O. Experience will be open seven days a week beginning Memorial Day.

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    Posted in UFOs on April 12th, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (PRWEB) May 24, 2013

    “Encounters: U.F.O. Experience,” a museum that takes visitors on an interactive journey exploring alien encounters from ancient times to modern-day pop culture, is expanding its hours of operation. Beginning Memorial Day, Encounters will be open seven days a week. Extended summer hours of operation will be Sundays through Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Encounters plans to remain at Broadway at the Beach through Labor Day before taking off on its world-wide tour.

    Although the exhibition has only been open a little over a month, it has already received abundant media attention. The Huffington Post, the Associated Press, and The Charlotte Observer are among dozens of media that have reported about the exhibition. Good Morning America/Yahoo News raved, “This is where alien theory meets pop culture, with exhibits on Roswell and Area 51, clips from classic extraterrestrial films (remember E.T.?) . . . You may never leave.” “Fans of Agents J and K or Scully and Mulder the world over will be flocking to South Carolina this year to be a part of the world’s first ever exhibition of UFOs, alien encounters and alien abductions,” enthused online vacation magazine TravelTalk.biz, while Southern-Traveller.com called Encounters “fun and educational.”

    Encounters features seven galleries filled with more than 200 original and replica artifacts. Displays include materials left by early man as supporting evidence of their alien encounters, and an exploration of military involvement with Roswell and Area 51. Visitors can view videos of UFO sightings from around the world, and listen to actual 9-1-1 calls made by people reporting sightings and alien abductions. A pop culture gallery explores alien encounters in film. It features props from Men in Black and a full-size model of an alien from Alien, as well as a life-size E.T.

    Items at the exhibit were gathered from private collections of UFOlogists from around the world. As additional exhibits are secured, they will be incorporated into this already unique and extraordinary exhibition.

    “Based on what we are hearing from visitors who came to the exhibition during May, we’re anticipating a very busy summer,” said Brian Bouquet of The Event Agency, the company responsible for developing the exhibition. “The media and individuals are spreading the word about what a great experience it is. We continue to add new material here and there. We’ve gotten very positive feedback from respected scientists and UFOlogists like Stanton Friedman, who toured the museum in early May. There’s just not anything else like it — nothing that looks at reported alien and human interaction so comprehensively. Whether you believe in extraterrestrials or not, it doesn’t matter. We hope what you’ll see here will open your mind to the possibility that there may be life beyond our planet. At the very least, I know you’ll be captivated by our pop culture gallery because, for the first time, you can get very close to some of the most famous sc-fi movie props of all time.”

    Encounters is located on the northeastern side of Broadway at the Beach in a building distinguished by a flying saucer bursting from its side. Tickets are $ 14 for adults, $ 12 for seniors and students, and $ 10 for children (ages 4 – 12). Children under the age of three are free.

    More information regarding Encounters: U.F.O. Experience, including ticket prices and hours of operation, is at http://www.UFOexhibition.com or call (843) 353-0046.

    About Encounters: U.F.O. Experience, Presented By Intergalactic Brands

    Encounters: U.F.O. Experience, presented by Intergalactic Brands is an out-of-this-world, family-friendly museum. It’s based on widespread interest in UFOs and alien lifeforms. It includes more than 200 original and reproduction alien artifacts, films, recordings, conceptual models and interactive experiences. Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach, S.C., is the first stop on what is expected to be a world-wide tour of the exhibition. Anyone interested in receiving offers, discounts and other information directly may sign up at the exhibition’s website at http://www.ufoexhibition.com.

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  • Roswell UFO incident Google logo (Doodle)

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    Posted in UFOs on April 8th, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    Interactive doodle from Google because of the 66th anniversary of the Roswell UFO incident’s reporting. In the video is demonstrated which steps you need to take to get the Alien flying again….
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