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    Bible books inform readers of “spies” who entered lands prior to destruction. The order of these “spies” was to find and “save” selected individuals before such destruction. The Good News is that no matter whom you are or what you did, you can still be counted among the selected. Although this might sound like a movie, just think about it. As the former attempt to “unite” the world under One rule returns, the economy falls. Laws are speedily changing. “Control” is becoming a thing of the present. While these things occur, accounts of Supernatural and Paranormal events increase. Might “God” be sending His Forces (Matthew 24:15-22; Luke 21:26-38)? I’m certain that Fatima-like (Portugal) events will occur by year’s end.

    I’d like to turn your attention to http://abundanthope .net/pages/ hazel/Developmen ts.shtml

    This website contains messages from God’s army. These Beings say that they are now “landing” upon Earth and will eventually make themselves known to selected humans. Now I don’t want anyone to think that they are not selected. I can assure you that if you want to be a part of the “saving” team, God has a front row seat for you. We’ll talk more about that “seat” later.

    But can we believe that Angels, aliens, spirits, or any other type of person is entering earth to help us? Well we believe (or at least accept) all the “bull” that our leaders preach. May if we were quiet and gave God the Spirit (John 4:24) a chance to talk, we might become Enlightened (Revelation 2:7).

    God has always sent spirits or Angels to save people (Matthew 24:30-44). Think of Joshua and Jericho. Think of Sodom and Gomorrah (to name a few). So it’s not uncommon to have these types of supernatural and/or “ufo” sighting events.

    There is a belief that our world is about to be turned over to the “Dark Ones”. Earth’s catastrophes and this united “push” for “global” and “one world” government is nothing new. The Allies resisted such an attempt during the second World War. Ironically, the Civil War was based on the South wanting to “unite” and withdraw from democracy.

    There is a belief that just before “things become Dark” that certain ones will be saved by angels/spirits. I will talk more about this later in the article.

    There is another belief that Evil will rule the earth. The Evil will eventually be overthrown by God and His angels.

    So are you interested? Are you interested in being saved? Don’t fool yourself feeling that it’s too hard. It’s actually very easy. That was the entire point of God’s Salvation plan. Peter tried to walk on water like God. Peter sank. Peter was smart enough to scream, “Lord, Save Me”. And Peter was immediately saved.

    Now don’t get me wrong. I’m no “Holy Roller” or “Born Again” type. But I’m smart enough (sorry, I’m just being honest) to know that planet Earth will show be taken back to the 40′s. I remember when America was “God’s Nation”. So if God is leaving, then I want to be with My Father!

    So are you interested?

    Please read this website http://www.godlikeproductions. com/forum1/ message1064745/ pg1

    That website talks about a man who couldn’t sleep. He went into the kitchen around 2:15 AM for a soda. He suddenly felt the “Presence” of someone. His deceased father was sitting in the room with him.

    Please make sure that you let what his father told him sink into your mind, heart, and spirit.

    His father told him that the formerly strong country will soon be no more. I can assure you that there is a reason why the 1917 Fatima Miracle is back in the News. The Moors named that location “Fatima”. I strongly advise you to study the financial and historical relationship between the Moors and the US. If God wills, I’ll be writing about this more. October 13th and 31st, 2010 will hold certain “historical” and occultic significance.

    His father also told him that he should “get right” with the Lord. Several reliable sources have informed me that “time will begin to speed up”. I’m assuming that world and legal changes will cause people to “think faster”. The man’s father told him that when God comes into a person’s life, they will make the right decision in an instance (1 Corinthians 15:52). This means that when the Angels “Come” to save you or me (Matthew 24:30-44), that what is in our hearts and mind will either “save” us or “condemn” us. That condemnation will be staying on Earth during that New World Rulership.

    God repeatedly told me to read the Bible. You can read other Holy Books. The Bible has been my best friend since childhood. I also believe that Jesus is the Perfect Example of how Love is not trapped by time.

    If you reject your fear and anxiety, Jesus will “lift you up (like He did Peter)”. You and you alone are responsible. No religion or person can help you become Friends with Jesus. This salvation will be based solely on your mind and heart. This is what the Father told his son. And it is also what God told me.

    It really will be like Raiders of the Lost Ark. The “spirits” will appear. These will be able to judge you instantly. I am told of Aliens who froze people and then evaluated them. If the person has “God in their mind and heart” they will be changed in a “moment of time (1 Corinthians 15:47-52)”. To humans, they will appear to have disappeared. Jodie Foster acted in a movie where this occurred. Ironically that movie was about UFO’s, Aliens, spirits, and the other side. Even if the person’s “spirit goes to be with God” and the body falls “dead” to the Earth (for viewers to witness), the person (spirit) will have “disappeared (left our physical realm)”.

    So what do you do if you want to be saved?

    It’s very simple. Religion makes it hard. People make it hard. Sad to say, families (and friends) make it hard. God made it so easy.

    You won’t be perfect. You just have to reach out to God. There is no special prayer. There are no formalities.

    Right here, Right now, just start talking to God. And be consistent. Don’t stop because you feel he’s not listening. Give him time to respond.

    Now I don’t know how he will respond. That’s not your concern either. Your concern is to keep praying to him consistently. You don’t have to worry about formalities. All things come in time.

    Bible reading is good. I suggest that everyone read all four Gospels. Learn about Jesus. It’s something about Jesus that emits powerful Love. I’ve heard of UFO’s that suddenly disappeared when Jesus was called. He really is Powerful!

    I won’t go in to your or my past mistakes, or our shortcomings. We’ll let God (Jesus) handle that. Just start praying and be consistent. Don’t expect God to react or respond in any certain way. Let the Spirit move as it List (John 3:8).

    This is why the Bible gave us Rahab. Rahab was a renowned prostitute in Jericho. Rahab was smart enough to know that Jericho’s days were numbered. The “spies” appeared to Rahab. She obeyed and saved herself and her entire family.

    Nothing will change. Expect to hear more turbulence. Expect to hear more scandals. Expect to hear more law changes. Expect to have more rules imposed upon you.

    As the above Father warned his son. The days are numbered (Daniel 5:26).

    I love God’s Wisdom! It is very possible that humans will have communications with Angels (as Jodi Foster did in that movie). On lookers will not be aware of it. Based on that communication, the person will either “disappear (to be with God-1 Corinthians 15:47-54)” or remain.

    Sounds unbelievable, huh? Yet who would have ever thought (after World War 2) that Earth would again be faced with a One World Order (Revelation 17:12-13, 17)?

    The main thing to realize is that it’s time to “let go” of Earth’s negativities. This may be hard to do. Refocusing on God, Prayer, Bible, and/or spiritual readings will help you.

    God has an arsenal of support. You just have to reach out to Him.

    This article can be freely edited and utilized as long as credit is given to its author (Gary Colin).

    Gary Colin is Author of, “Bible Symbolism What It Means To Your Salvation (ISBN 1-4241-0152-2)” http://garycolinastrologicalasscension.webs.com

    All articles can be freely edited and utilized as long as credit is given to Gary Colin. Contact Author for complete articles.

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  • World Renowned Scientists Reveal UFO Secrets at Press Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada

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    Las Vegas Nevada (PRWEB) July 16, 2013

    WHEN:    Friday, July 19th 1pm – 2pm

    WHERE: JW Marriott Resort and Spa in the Murcia Room

                 221 N. Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

                 (Lunch will be served)

    WHY:     Consultants to NASA and the European Space Agency share the truth about UFOs and ETs at the 2013 MUFON Symposium. For more information go to http://www.mufonsymposium.com

    MEDIA CONTACT: JAN HARZAN 562-577-2258 mufonsymposium(at)gmail(dot)com

    The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) announces a PRESS Conference of world renowned scientists who will speak at the 2013 MUFON Symposium in Las Vegas and reveal for the first time important facts about UFOs and ETs. MUFON will also for the first time release its Top Ten UFO Cases of the Year to the press. Startling REAL UFO encounters which remain unexplained even after vigorous field investigation. MUFON is the world’s largest UFO investigative organization operating in 38 countries worldwide.

    Scientists at the press conference and available for interview include;

    Francois Louange, Ph.D – Formerly of the European Space Agency (ESA) and now consultant to GEIPAN, France’s UFO department within the ESA, will be sharing insights into France’s official UFO investigations including detailed UFO Photo Analysis, his area of expertise.

    Eric Davis, Ph.D – Consultant to NASA will speak on Faster-Than-Light Space Warps & Interstellar Flight: Will traversable wormholes and warp drives that include the engineering of space-time be the answer? When will our future begin with operational FTL Travel?

    Albert A. Harrison, Ph.D – Consultant to NASA will address Disclosure, Denial and Extraterrestrial Life: Both non-disclosure and disclosure offer advantages and disadvantages. Which is the right path for mankind? Are we ready for it? And, will it happen in our lifetime?

    Robert Powell, B.S. – Director of Research for MUFON will discuss the 2008 Stephenville, Texas Incident: Multiple Sightings supported by Radar: A real-time journey through the events of that night from behind the FAA Radar screen as F-16 jets are scrambled to intercept a massive and elusive UFO near the Western White House.

    Ted Peters, Ph.D – Science, SETI, and Ufology : What do Astrobiologists and Ufologists have in common? Their zeal for the scientific method calls for a close examination of the facts. What we may find will surprise you! Ted has been a consultant to NASA and SETI on the ethics of planetary protection.

    Ron Westrum, Ph.D – The Science of Hidden Events: Hidden events may be experienced by thousands, but remain hidden from social consciousness. How does the human psyche allow this to happen, and when will science wake up to the facts? (Professor Emeritus Eastern Michigan University)

    Don Donderi, Ph.D – Evidence for ET Abductions from the Viewpoints of Science, Scientific Intelligence and Common Sense: What are the implications of being in contact with extraterrestrial civilizations; on government policy, ourselves, and the future of our planet? (Professor Emeritus McGill University, Montreal)

    David Jacobs, Ph.D – Science, UFOs and the Search for ET Hybrids: Budd Hopkins coined the term “hybrids” to designate the offspring of Human/ET reproduction. An exciting new theory of hybridization will be revealed. (Professor Emeritus Temple University)

    Dr. Steven Greer, M.D. – Dr. Greer will share the results of skeletal & DNA studies done on the Atacama Humanoid – a 6” humanoid skeleton found in the Atacama Desert of Chile. These tests were performed by top scientists at Stanford University.

    Debbie Ziegelmeyer, MUFON State Director – Missouri’s UFO Flap and the Environment: Along with a large increase in UFO sightings in 2012 came an unusual number of “strange” environmental occurrences. Are they related?

    Paola Harris, M.A. – Crash retrieval: The 1945 San Antonio Crash and its Relationship to the Einstein / Oppenheimer MJ-12 document: Multiple first hand witness testimony and hard evidence that proves the crash of an ET craft.

    Media contact is Jan Harzan at 562-577-2258, or just come to the JW MARRIOTT at 1pm Sharp on Friday, July 19, 2013 in the Murcia Room. Your life will NEVER be the same.

    Lunch will be provided


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  • Are Our Skies Being Deliberately View Blocked- UFOs?

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    Are Our Skies Being Deliberately View Blocked?-UFOs?

    When I first noticed the blocking of our skies from their correct views, I thought I was crazy. I then began to research and found that many persons worldwide are witnessing this deception. I’ve been warning about deceptions in my October 2010 astrological forecast. You can read those articles at www.articlesbase.com

    Planes, jets and other human made sky vehicles are repeatedly told that they can’t fly in certain areas. Why restricted? Youtube features what appear to be UFO’s or portals which suddenly appear (often with clouds) and suddenly smaller UFO’s shoot from or into these portals (clouds?). A pilot flying into the Bermuda Triangle saw clouds which formed into a “funnel” and “shot” him hundreds of miles away from the Triangle. He could only remember seeing the clouds (living consciousness? form into the funnel (portal?). It’s funny how much of this information is in the Bible but most of us think that we’re way too smart to look to the Bible for such answers (Exodus 24:16-18; Psalm 104:1-10, 25-27; Revelation 1:7; Read all of Exodus Chapter 14-the Cloud of Deliverance). The one good thing I read about some of these UFO’s is that they interfer with Nuclear War Advancement. I honestly believe that if left unchecked, we humans who destroy ourselves and this planet.

    I always thought the “planes barred from flight” during the High Priest’s 2008 USA visit seemed strange. The unidentified blue sky light during the President’s Norwegian visit raised concerns. Extremely Strange Cloud Formations, and the UFO which shut down flights at a Chinese Air base, with a recent editorial on trails raises much concerns. The Internet continues to warn of UFO’s and strange planets, stars, and lights in the sky.

    I’ll let you do your own research to determine if and why our sky/space view is being deliberately blocked. Here’s an article/email written by Sherry Shriner on the subject:

    2. the sky…
    Date: Thu Oct 7, 2010 6:22 pm ((PDT))
    ok so it’s so fake…

    I was out at the football field tonight and noticed at sunset there were 8
    chemtrail planes above the sun trying to drown out the area behind it. The
    trails would dissolve as soon as they were sprayed and the ‘drones’ would
    just pop up…they never ‘arrive’ they just appear out of
    nowhere…sometimes it’s mil planes, other times it’s just alien drones disguised as planes.
    What I saw tonight were the alien drones.

    Then it’s dark, sky is crystal clear….and NO MOON???? NO STARS??? it was
    a clear night…no clouds in the sky at all…just one star in the
    east….and I couldn’t tell if it was Jupiter or Shema.

    So let’s say it was Shema..the only star in the sky??? They’re blocking
    everything else out so we can just see SHEMA?

    me thinks they’re getting ready to pull something, so all we see is Shema
    and them arriving from it or something…

    I don’t know how they’re doing it, but they’ve got some kind of dome over
    our atmosphere and they can block us out from seeing the moon and stars.

    get ready for the deceptions folks, they’re going to be good.

    This article can be freely edited and utilized as long as credit is given to its author (Gary Colin).

    Gary Colin is Author of, “Bible Symbolism What It Means To Your Salvation (ISBN 1-4241-0152-2)” http://garycolinastrologicalasscension.webs.com

    All articles can be freely edited and utilized as long as credit is given to Gary Colin. Contact Author for complete articles.

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  • https://youtube.com/devicesupport

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  • Pastels Sighting sticks and viewfinders

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    The two main tools you use for sighting and measuring are a sighting stick to help find relative sizes and proportions and a viewfinder to help you focus on your composition and analyze the arrangement of the elements of the work. Sighting is used to find correct placement of items in a scene and to find correct angles of some features. Measuring is used to gauge the relative scale and proportion of items in a scene.

    Sighting sticks are tools used for visually measuring heights, widths, and angles of objects and sighting the relationships of objects or parts to each other. You can use a kabob skewer, pencil, chopstick, or any thin, straight stick about eight inches long. A sighting stick is easy to find around the house, and this section shows you how to make a couple of kinds of viewfinders.

    A viewfinder allows you to find the best view and decide whether you want a vertical or horizontal format for the image, just like a viewfinder on a camera does. Viewfinders come in a couple of different varieties:

    Window: A window viewfinder is the simplest type; it’s just a piece of cardstock with a rectangular opening. The opening corresponds to the standard proportions of a piece of pastel paper. To quickly make your own, just cut a rectangular window in an index card or similar piece of cardboard. You can modify the window with threads taped in place to create crosshairs that help you visualize your image and transfer the forms to your drawing.
    Adjustable: This type of viewfinder, as the name implies, has an opening that can be adjusted for when you want to make a square image or a long rectangular image. If you want to make your own adjustable viewfinder, just follow these steps
    Cut two L shapes out of a piece of 81 ⁄2-x-11-inch or so sheet of cardstock, cardboard, or mat board.
    On the interior edges of each L, copy the marks of a ruler, starting in the innermost corner with zero.
    Clip the two L shapes together with large paper clips or butterfly clips to form a square or rectangle the same proportions as the height and width of your drawing paper. You can also use masking tape to temporarily fix the two L’s together.

    The main advantage to using an adjustable viewfinder is that you can adjust the opening to fit the proportions of your paper so that you have a square opening for a square piece of paper or have a long, rectangular opening for a long, rectangular piece of paper. Having a viewfinder that has the same proportions as your paper makes reproducing the image you see easier.

    Want to build a Wooden Sleigh as Decoration?

    Just check out the internet, there are Small Workshop Design to satisfy all skill levels. And you can download Finewoodworking Lathe Stand Plans, make woodworking easier and more fun !

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  • UFOs: What A Load Of Rubbish!

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    Posted in UFO Sighting on April 26th, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    Pro-UFO (as in supporting the UFO extraterrestrial hypothesis) and ancient astronaut buffs are happy to claim evidence for extraterrestrials having been, or even now are, as just plain folk, tourists, scientists, colonizers, whatever, sharing with us this Third Rock out from the Sun.  Now a logical objection to this scenario is that there’s no obvious extraterrestrial detritus or garbage sites (kitchen middens) or ruins, etc. they left behind. There’s no fossil evidence for any non-terrestrial critter or of the mythological and possible extraterrestrial hybrids (like centaurs, the sphinx or mermaids). There are no skeletons of E.T. itself thus far uncovered. We’ve yet to find the burial remains (if any) of the alien Cyclops.


    That’s not to say there aren’t some pretty weird fossils in the geological record – within the strata of the rocks – but nothing that ultimately can’t be interpreted in terrestrial and Darwinian evolutionary terms. Trilobites were terrestrial.


    Of course as any palaeontologist is happy to point out, what fossils we do have amount to a tiny fraction of those still existing within the geological rock record; all fossils (discovered or not) are but an incredibly tiny fraction of all those critters (including plants) that once upon a time got fossilized. Of those that got fossilized, many remain buried, but many have since been destroyed by natural forces; that subset, all those potentially undiscovered fossils, or fossils that no longer exist, are in turn but a super ultra tiny fraction of all critters who have ever lived and died. Most (nearly all) critters when they die serve as food for something else, even if just bacteria. They get biodegraded in one way or another – dust-to-dust and ashes-to-ashes. Translated, the odds that one lone (out of trillions) Joe Trilobite will ever have been fossilized discovered and ultimately grace a museum display is astronomically against. So, that would have to apply to E.T. as well. There might well exist buried in the ground some bona fide E.T. artefact, even an E.T. itself, but that does nobody any good if that artefact remains buried or more likely as not, has been destroyed over geological eons by various and destructive natural geological processes.


    In summary, if any such extraterrestrial artefacts and fossils exist, they are so few in number, so eroded and weathered and buried and biodegraded that the proverbial-needle-in-the-proverbial-haystack is easy pickings by comparison. If anyone is familiar with the History Channel’s documentary series “Life After People”, infrastructure when left unattended to the mercy and forces of nature and ravages of time don’t last or survive all that long before crumbling to dust. It’s said that ‘man fears time, but time fears only the pyramids’. However, even so, it’s obvious that time has in fact taken its toll on those ancient wonders atGizainEgypt. In another 50,000 years, even if ten times that, even the pyramids will have been recycled back to sand as the wind and rain and pollution and earthquakes do their destructive things.


    Still, maybe an amateur archaeologist or palaeontologist or just plain lucky prospector or individual who happens to look at the right spot at the right time might stumble onto the find of the century – E.T. Actually it would be the find, not just of the century, but of all time.


    Those same natural geological forces and biological agents would also strut their natural recycling and breakdown stuff on E.T.’s waste. But, in addition, E.T. can and does have the option of removing their detritus off the planet. One also needs to ask; would we of necessity recognize and distinguish E.T.’s rubbish from all other forms of human rubbish? Would there be any obvious differences that would suggest extraterrestrial rubbish is somehow different from human rubbish? If we wouldn’t immediately jump to a conclusion that a metal bolt we found was extraterrestrial, would we then go to the trouble and submit it to complex analysis, analysis that would be required to confirm that this rubbish wasn’t ordinary rubbish but extraordinary rubbish?  Lack of E.T.’s garbage is not evidence of a lack of E.T.


    The lack of extraterrestrial rubbish dumps and artefacts could well be that E.T. cleaned up after themselves (unlike prone-to-litter humans on which a lot of human prehistory is based – excavations of our ancient garbage dumps, technically called kitchen middens, etc.). The E.T. ‘gods’ (ancient astronauts) took all of their stuff with them when they left, including the end products of their genetic experiments (apart from their ultimate final product – we humans and our hominoid ancestors which had died out on their own), the hybrid half & halves (like the Minotaur) of our mythology.


    Unless we humans start launching our garbage into space, say the ultimate incineration in the solar furnace; well let’s just say that option is going to increase waste disposal rates several thousand fold and therefore isn’t a realistic option – for us. Therefore, we have little option but to use Planet Earth as a garbage dump – much to the delight of archaeologists who base much of ancient human history on just such detritus. But of course, as noted earlier, time, natural forces and biological agents ultimately deal with most forms of human waste – solid, liquid and gaseous.


    There’s yet another solution to a lack of E.T.’s rubbish. A technologically advanced E.T. is probably equally advanced in recycling technology. If you undertake interstellar voyages you’d better be damned efficient at recycling. Anyway, I don’t recall anyone in ‘Star Trek’ for example leaving behind their litter – an artifact, maybe like a book onChicago’s gangsters yes, but not rubbish! Even that book was a violation of the Prime Directive! E.T. would pay closer attention to rules and regulations.


    Whether extraterrestrial artefacts have been eroded away by time or whether the aliens nearly removed or recycled their detritus, any and all remaining physical evidence as interpreted as evidence for E.T. is therefore evidence from our more modern eras, not the geological past. That evidence might be contained within human mythology or human archaeological relics that depict in one way or another the ‘gods’, entities that could be alien beings – figurines, artworks, monuments, etc. or the half & halves hybrids (like the stone monument of the Sphinx that rests near the trio of those great but crumbling pyramids on the Giza Plateau in Egypt). However, any archaeologist worth his or her salt will tell you that these are all the works of humans – works by man. Some out-of-place artefacts have been discovered but while anomalies or curiosities, they aren’t so totally extraordinary as to make a solid case for the existence of aliens. But, in conclusion to that observation that all roads that point to extraterrestrial ‘gods’ were paved by humans, well, absence of direct evidence linking extraterrestrials on Earth isn’t the same as evidence of extraterrestrials absence on Earth.


    But speaking of artifacts related to E.T. or ancient astronauts, there have been lots of authors, quite apart from Erich von Daniken, who have made careers out of pointing out archaeological evidence suggestive of E.T. Now clearly much of that is embellishment and wishful thinking and often plain nonsense, but, as most of life’s little mysteries are, this isn’t an either/or situation. There are many shades of gray here and I’ve seen quite a few artifacts, especially images, that are quite suggestive of an E.T. in our past, and of course if past tense, why not present tense? Now throw in that mythology to complement the archaeology…


    Finally, consider your own environment – home, work, community. Within that sphere that you exist in for the most part, what proof do you have that meteors exist? Has any meteorite landed in your back yard; crashed into your place of employment or for that matter anywhere within your day-to-day environment? What about an aircraft? You see these strange flying objects all the time yet you find no artifact of them, an artifact falling to earth in your back yard, your place of employment, or within your community. You probably have no actual physical piece of evidence to prove meteors or aircraft exist. It’s all just an eyewitness reality on your part. Of course if you claim to see a ‘shooting star’ or a Boeing 747 fly overhead; no one is likely to rubbish your sighting. So, can we rubbish UFOs just because there are no artifacts to be conveniently had, rather just eyewitness testimony in the main?


    And so, based on your own patch of turf, you have as much in the way of artifacts for E.T. as you have for meteors or airplanes (unless you have been unfortunate enough to really anger the gods and have a plane or meteorite land on your roof).


    But wait, what about that July 1947 UFO crash atRoswell,New Mexicoand other alleged incidents involving UFO crashes? Unfortunately, even if true, the aledged extraterrestrial artifacts are not in the hands of the open and above board scientific community. There’s no peer reviewed papers in scholarly journals on the studied remains. There’s no literature full stop in existence that isn’t controversial. The alleged artifacts aren’t on display in museums. Only the need-to-know elite have access, and they’re not talking. So,Roswellis a yes, but as proof positive, it’s a no – at least so far.


    However, there are modern UFO artifacts of sorts. In geology, not all fossils are bones or shells. In fact not all fossils are even remains of living things, but rather events. For example, there are fossilized rain drop impressions in now solid rock; ditto ripple marks. But with respect to former living creatures, there are fossils of just their burrows, and more frequently, just their footprints. A UFO ‘footprint’ is akin to a ground trace left behind after a UFO landing, like say the Socorro,New Mexicolanding on 24 April 1964 as witnessed by local police officer Lonnie Zamora. Magnetic traces left behind on metal objects like automobiles or physiological effects incurred on human (or plant and animal) tissue is something else that can be dealt with and analyzed in a laboratory. So, in one manner of speaking, there are UFO ‘artifacts’.


    So hunting for UFO or ancient astronaut artifacts, is akin to the old needle-in-a-haystack quest. But that’s something scientists employed in the scientifically legitimate Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (SETI) quest can identify with. That needle/haystack argument is their fallback position when SETI scientists are pressed or pressured into explaining why they haven’t themselves detected E.T. (albeit out there and not here) in over five decades of searching the heavens for that artificial radio beam or optical beacon. They would state, and rightly so, that absence of evidence is not the same thing as evidence of absence. And so that pithy saying too assists in coming to terms why UFOs (and ancient astronauts) are not rubbish. Absence of E.T.’s garbage is not the same thing of necessity as evidence of E.T.’s absence.

    Science librarian; retired.

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  • UFO Sighting Incredible Footage Stealth Fighter Intercepts UFO

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    UFO Sighting Incredible Footage Stealth Fighter Intercepts UFO. Thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe. New video everyday!!!
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  • UFO capture by Yasmin Joyner at UFO sighting event 1/25/15

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    Posted in UFO Sighting on April 19th, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    Incredible footage captured by Yasmin Joyner at UFO sighting event at Hollydale Park, Southgate, CA Join.
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  • Will President Obama End UFO Secrecy?

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    Posted in UFO Sighting on April 15th, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    When Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976, he promised that he would see the public learned the truth about UFOs. He was convinced he had seen an unidentified flying object, but never confirmed whether he thought it was an alien spacecraft.

    UFOlogists call the particular sighting “The Jimmy Carter UFO incident.” It happened one evening in 1969, two years before he became the governor of Georgia. He was giving a speech at the Lion’s club when a guest called his attention to an object in the sky. The object was reported to be 30 degrees above the horizon and Carter described it as being “bright white” and being as bright as the moon. It was said to have appeared to have closed in on where he was standing but to have stopped beyond a stand of pine trees some distance from him. The object is then said to have changed color, first to blue, then to red, then back to white, before appearing to recede into the distance.

    One of the things President Obama did on Day One is open up the Freedom of Information Act. He reversed Ashcroft’s restrictions on Freedom of Information Act requests as well as changes to the Presidential Records Act, and adopted general principles on transparency and open government. According to Obama’s memo, presented by the Electronic Frontier Foundation: “All agencies should adopt a presumption in favor of disclosure, in order to renew their commitment to the principles embodied in FOIA, and to usher in a new era of open Government. The presumption of disclosure should be applied to all decisions involving FOIA.”

    This week Fate Magazine, a magazine that has been around since the 1940s and reports on true incidents of UFO events and other areas of the paranormal, released the following press release.

    In one of his first official acts as president, Barack Obama issued a memorandum that could lead to the disclosure of previously unknown UFO secrets.

    “For a long time now there’s been too much secrecy in this city,” said Obama. “The old rules said that if there was a defensible argument for not disclosing something to the American people, then it should not be disclosed. That era is now over. Starting today, every agency and department should know that this administration stands on the side not of those who seek to withhold information, but those who seek to make it known.”

    Obama’s memorandum directs US government agencies to respond favorably to Freedom of Information Act requests unless there are compelling reasons not to. This could be of great assistance to journalists and citizen researchers, including those investigating the government’s involvement in the UFO phenomenon.

    Whether Obama plans a proactive release of UFO secrets is unknown, but there is citizen pressure on him to do so, as reflected in comments made to his transition team’s website. Comments promoting UFO disclosure finished among the top 100 submissions posted to the Citizen’s Briefing Book at Change.gov, which no longer exists it is now the WhiteHouse.gov

    In an “unofficial poll” conducted by Billy Booth’s “Guide to UFOs” he says that In an interview with the late Tim Russert, Obama once remarked that he was more interested in the plight of everyday Americans than aliens. That is understandable, considering the economic and social problems we are experiencing at this time. However, that does not necessarily mean he won’t try to release information on UFOs, as long as there is a concerted effort among Americans to make their desires known.

    Ufologist are hopeful mainly because with the Freedom of Information Act being more open to the public than in the past 8 years and because of the President’s insistence to have government transparency, then this could be the time when everyone finally learns the TRUTH about UFOs. The truth is out there.

    Cristina Aguilar, is a writer and spiritual advisor for http://www.liveperson.com/gypsy-raven. She is also author of “Gypsy Wisdom, a simple guide to card readings, spells and potions.” Available at http://www.thegypsywisdom.com.

    More at: http://www.aboutalien.com http://aboutalien.com/2011/07/yukon-territory-ufo-sighting-1996/ 4th Part of the Famous Giant UFO Mothership Sighting in Yukon Territory, Canada (1996)…
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  • A Basic Knowledge about the UFO

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    Posted in UFO Sighting on April 12th, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    The elaboration of the word UFO is Unidentified flying Object. Naturally it is not seen by anyone own eyes. But technologically and experimentally many scientists has brought it out for the people’s attention. People think that the UFO is like a natural flying object in the space, or it is merely regarded as the spacecraft. The only difference about this flying object is that like other aircrafts, this thing can also fly in the air in addition to the space also.

    The UFO spacecraft is a little bit different in its physical manners and outlooks. Naturally the outlook of this spacecraft is similar to like a solid ring or a circle upon which, it is based. The upper side of the aircraft is similar to the upper half of a sphere for convenience to tell.

    The most important fact about the UFOs is that, in general peoples thought, it is mentioned that the UFO is the alien carrying flying object. It is something natural to like, people in any plane. The only difference is that the UFO contains alien or logically the living people of the outside worlds. Scientists have even not researched well about whether there is any existence of lives outside the earth or not. But they also have made a great research about the oxygen availabilities outside the world. There are several planets in our universe. None of us can surely say if there is any living creature outside the world. But our thought of the UFO has made the premonition about the existence of those personated living creatures.

    Now days, UFO related stories are very tragic as it is something that is unfamiliar with us. Many parents tell fairy tales and stories about the outsider world that makes them curious and enjoyed. Thus the subject has a greater attention for both the sides, kids for enjoying and scientists for experiments and inventions.

    From the thought of the present world, the existence of the alien creature has not been approved yet but the thought of the UFOs has forced to learn about it much. Many of the peoples say that they’ve seen some unidentified objects in the sky long ago. This has made the curiosity enormous of the scientists to think deeper about it.  Scientists are really curious about anything new that strikes their attention like creative things and attractive thoughts. Thus the subject has given them a real story to unlock the mystery.

    Visit Paranormal experience for more information about UFO.

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