• Essential Kitchen area Blueprints

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    The useful u-shape strategy is versatile in most cases puts one’s workstation on all three wall space. The benefits of this are great storage space and counter-top space on three edges that maximize effectiveness yet this is actually not the ideal designs for entertaining or perhaps for taking numerous cooks. Big traffic jams inside the actual kitchen area! An additional issue to consider is you have to possess the particular fundamental 8×8 foot space and anything less won’t provide the actual minimal 4 ft work space of which is actually suggested with regard to the actual centre of the space. inside a huge kitchen area for optimum performance, locate 1 workstation inside the free standing isle.

    The L-shape strategy enables a couple of work stations on 1 wall and the 3rd upon the adjacent wall. This specific structure is actually significantly more useful concerning space compared to the actual U-shape strategy particularly when the primary work stations tend to be located near to the bend of the L. the actual L-shaped strategy is not well suited with regard to small kitchen area spaces and you need to allow enough open counter-top space in between the two work stations that share the exact same wall. This is actually at minimum 4 ft. Other points to consider is the design of the work stations which usually tend to be crucial. the actual work really needs to move through the actual fridge to the actual sink and then to the range cooktop and preparing place. A great ideal over eating space will be the area contrary the bend of the L.

    The one particular wall strategy is actually normally seen inside scaled-down residences, getaway residences and condominiums. This specific floor strategy is actually definitely the most space saving yet is actually the very least useful for the cook. Typically there is the entrance at each end which usually converts directly into plenty of through traffic. This can create quite a couple of difficulties as well as disappointment with regard to the cook. One wall kitchens work better when the sink is in the centre beside the refrigerator and the stovetop. If you have the space, allow four ft of counter-top space on each side of the sink. Find out where you can discover great towel bars at my towel bar glass shelf website at TowelBarSuction.com.

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  • Scientist-Astronaut Edgar Mitchell confirms the existance of UFOs

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    Scientist-Astronaut Edgar Mitchell dropped a bombshell speaking at the fifth annual X-Conference saying “there is extraterrestrial life, and that it’s being concealed by the United States government”.


    The conference is where a group of speakers discuss “the governmental, political and media aspects of 60+ years of extraterrestrial engagement and government denials. George Noory Coast to Coast AM radio show host and famous author and archaeologist Graham Hancock where among others to speak at the gathering.


    During Mitchell’s presentation he explained that, having grown up in Roswell, New Mexico, the site of disputed UFO crash in 1947. Mitchell says he and other members of his community were told by military authorities not to talk about it.  But witnesses  “didn’t want to go to the grave with their story. They wanted to tell somebody reliable. And being a local boy and having been to the moon, they considered me reliable enough to whisper in my ear their particular story.” Mitchell claims, they eventually want the story out, and he is viewed as a credible messenger because of his resume.


    “I urge those who are doubtful: Read the books, read the lore, start to understand what has really been going on. Because there really is no doubt we are being visited,” he said.


    “The universe that we live in is much more wondrous, exciting, complex and far-reaching than we were ever able to know up to this point in time.”


     Mitchell claimed he used his highly-regarded status to speak confidentially with a Pentagon admiral, who confirmed the UFO crash at Roswell. He claims he has since spoken to government officials from three different countries who say they have had contact with aliens. He is now calling for NASA and the government to stop hiding evidence of alien contact and start being honest with the American public.


    A NASA spokesperson responded saying that “NASA does not track UFOs. NASA is not involved in any sort of cover-up about alien life on this planet or anywhere else – period.”


    This information Mitchell has said before but different this time is the mainstream media has picked it up as while as cyberspace. Mitchell has set the Internet ablaze with articles, blogs, and forum discussion. One reporter said what is getting all of the attention is Mitchell is a man who is respected highly, and a national hero, has with a somber, straight face told the world without reservation that we have been visited by UFOs, aliens are real, and our government is indeed, covering up this information.


    “Our destiny, in my opinion, and we might as well get started with it, is [to] become a part of the planetary community. … We should be ready to reach out beyond our planet and beyond our solar system to find out what is really going on out there.” Mitchell has said.


    Mitchell as a Navy officer achieved a Doctor of Science degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical engineering from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School. He also holds honorary doctorates from the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, New Mexico State University, the University of Akron, and Carnegie Mellon University.


    On Britain’s Kerrang radio show on July 23, 2008, Mitchell told the world that the 500+ witnesses telling us that a UFO from another world crashed in Roswell, N.M, in 1947, were in fact, telling the truth, and that a government cover-up of UFO and alien information began at that time, and continues today. We have been visited by beings from other worlds a number of other times also, some of which he had insider knowledge of during his time at NASA. These events were also covered up. UFO proponents, of course, already took these events as truth, but now we know for certain.


    Host Kerrang said there is a big difference between believing something is true, and knowing for certain that it [does]. I want to believe that UFOs are real, Dr. Mitchell knows UFOs are real. In all fairness, we cannot forget that he also told us that a lot of the reports of UFOs are not extraterrestrial in nature, there are a lot of reports that are misidentifications of planes, stars, comets, balloons, etc, reported as UFOs, and of course, we have many hoaxes, faked photos and videos to blur our vision of what is real.


    There have been a number of well respected individuals who have told us similar things, and some of them may also have inside information, but none of them had the impact of Mitchell’s statement. Could it be the time of his announcement, coming on the heels of the O’Hare Airport sighting, the Texas sightings, and the ongoing UFO waves over Great Britain? Possibly, or could it be who he is, a famous Astronaut?


    “I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we’ve been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomena is real,” Dr Mitchell said.


    Mitchell was part of the 1971 Apollo 14 moon mission. He is credited with the longest moonwalk in history for his nine-hour walk in the Fra Mauro Highlands region of the moon. Known for his interest in the paranormal, Mitchell conducted ESP experiments during his Apollo 14 mission.


    “Make no mistake, Roswell happened. I’ve seen secret files which show the government knew about it – but decided not to tell the public.” Mitchell said.

    In an exclusive interview on Oct 10, 1998 from his Florida home, Edgar told John Earls why he is convinced there is life on other planets and that aliens have, in fact, landed on Earth.


    As a former astronaut, the military people who have access to these files are more willing to talk to me than to people they regard as mere cranks.


    The stories I have heard from these people, who are more highly qualified than me to talk about UFOs, leave me in no doubt that aliens have already visited Earth.


    I’ve been interested in the subject since I joined NASA 40 years ago. Probably my most visionary moment was when I actually landed on the moon with Apollo 14.


    I felt an overwhelming sense that the universe itself is in some way a conscious being in its own right. This means that all life-forms, whether on Earth or elsewhere, are all part of one giant consciousness.


    So when I learned that aliens really do exist, I wasn’t too surprised. But what did shock me when I started investigating extra-terrestrial reports a decade ago is the extent to which the proof has been hushed up.


    Indeed, I’ve heard convincing stories about governments all over the world that know of alien visits – including the British government.


    Mitchell continued not all governments are anxious to keep their findings quiet. The Belgians have admitted that aliens may be out there and have released information about sightings that cannot be explained away as military planes, weather phenomena and so on.


    The whole question of extra-terrestrials should be looked at in an historical context. Five hundred years ago, the astronomer Copernicus was condemned as a heretic for saying that planet Earth wasn’t the centre of the universe but merely a small part of it.


    Now we laugh at those long-dead fools for not listening to the truth. People who believe in aliens aren’t all cranks and some may be looked upon in the future as visionaries similar to Copernicus. Meanwhile, the majority of us still believe mankind is the biological centre of the universe.


    We will refuse to accept that intelligent life exists outside Earth unless we personally bump into an alien while we’re doing the shopping. Is this attitude really any different from those “simpletons” of 500 years ago?


    My training at NASA only allows me to look at things scientifically. Even if I hadn’t been shown evidence of alien landings on Earth, the assumption must be that somewhere in the universe another planet is capable of supporting alien life.


    Those life-forms need not be “little green men”. The scientists’ definition of intelligent life is whether or not it can use and manage information. Even the most primitive microbes on Earth qualify by that definition, and surely there are at the very least similar microbes thriving on planets throughout the universe.


    I would describe myself as a cynic. I wasn’t convinced about the existence of aliens until I started talking to the military old-timers who were there at the time of Roswell. The more government documentation on aliens I was told about, the more convinced I became.


    I firmly believe that this documentation will have to be made public within the next three or four years. And if proof of ETs is finally made public, nobody will be happier than me.


    America’s leading authority on Venture Capital/Equity Funding. A trustee on some of the nations largest trade Union funds. A noted Author, Lecturer, Educator, Emergency Manager, Counter-Terrorist, War on Drugs and War on Terrorist Specialist, Business Consultant, Newspaper Publisher. Radio News caster. Labor Law generalist, Teamster Union Business Agent, General Organizer, Union Rank and File Member Grievances Representative, NLRB Union Representative, Union Contract Negotiator, Workers Compensation Appeals Board Hearing Representative. Investigative Reporter for print, electronic and on-line News Agencies.

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  • Saving Area in Your Closet

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    1. Get out of season clothes out of the closet. Winter clothes especially are bulky and take up a heap of space. They either eat up the closet with huge bins, or need a lot of house than you can make on your hanging bar. The secret’s to get a number of that out of the closet. Instead of storing out of season clothing in the closet when you are not using them, find some attic, garage, or spare bedroom house for storage. Use containers that seal out moisture and protect your garments from insects. Cedar closet accessories are nice for keeping clothes smelling fresh, repelling insects, and absorbing moisture.2. What if your closet remains crowded after you remove the alternate season’s garments? You’ll make extra area by obtaining the bulkiest things out of there. Huge coats and comforters take up a heap of space. Comforters will be stored in massive baggage that you can vacuum the air out of. You will be shocked how abundant smaller they get! Then you can simply prop them against the wall behind your hanging clothes and they’re off the shelf completely. You’ll be able to hang big coats on a wall mounted bar outside of the closet. Dress it up a bit with wood coat hangers and you will not mind having it as part of your d?cor. You’ll additionally use a portable garment rack to stay clothes that are not used very often out of sight.3. Once you have done that, you closet should be obtaining better. Provide away as many garments as you can. If you are storing one thing that you simply did not wear last season, then you’re in all probability going to worry regarding it even less when it comes out of storage again. Have an exchange with friends and provide no matter is left to charity. Another possibility is to own a garage sale and use the cash to update your closet.4. Install some shelving that accommodates the items that you own. If you waste a ton of vertical space as a result of shorter items sit on deep shelves, then add some smaller shelves or cubbies on prime of the existing shelf. A straightforward riser or divider will double the house in the closet storage areas.5. Create absolutely the most of closet house by utilizing area saving hangers, like velvet hangers. These new hangers are super robust and have a velvet coating to stop clothes from slipping and ending up within the floor. They come in several styles that may hold multiple things on one area saving hanger. You will love the look and be shocked at how abundant area these slim velvet hangers will make.

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  • Aliens From Zeta Reticuli Or Something Fowl From The Farm – The Ufo Enigma Solved

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    Posted in UFO Sighting on December 14th, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    For hundreds, or thousands of years there have been sightings and reports of UFO’s from almost every corner of the planet. Of course a lot of these sightings and reports could just be stories or even myths handed down from generation to generation, but with so many cases maybe there is a great deal of truth to the reports. In fact if the ancient caveman was the only ones to have recorded incidents of UFO encounters, we may easily pass off the reports as myths. Every year there are more reports of UFOs then the previous years, in fact in the year 2010 there were more reports of UFO’s then previous years, and 2011 looks to be the same. Not only are there thousands of reports made by normal citizens, but many of the reports come in from what is regarded as people who have a generally high IQ and or higher position in society, such as military personnel, commercial pilots, government personnel, doctors and others.

    Clearly something is going on, and I believe I have stumbled upon a mystery most fowl indeed. Growing up on a large dairy farm I was exposed to seeing numerous cattle, pigs, chickens and roosters. One summer my brother and I were constantly terrorized by a rooster, a Rhode Island Red, named Bubby. Bubby was a menace, in fact he was a real bully, whenever my brother and I ventured outside, he would attack us. Bubby, could be 100 feet away, and if he spotted one or both of us he would suddenly, run, flap his wings and head towards whichever one of us was the closest to him. Bubby would attack with flapping wings, pecking his sharp beat, and poking us in the shins with his sharp spurs.

    My brother and I would run, screaming into the house, bleeding profusely from our wounds, while Bubby, would casually walk back towards the barn with his head held high in victory. Bubby, the rooster, ruined many summer vacations for my brother and I, due to the fact that we had to spend almost all of our time away from School, being a prisoner inside the house. One day a neighbor friend of my Brothers, a boy named Berak, came down to visit us, he came inside and said; “You guys are not going to believe this but I just saw a UFO flying over your house!” Berak, said the UFO was large, and it was shaped like a disk or saucer. Berak, talked so much about the UFO, that despite being terrorized by Bubby, the rooster, my brother and I decided to go outside to see if we could spot the UFO ourselves.

    The three of us had been outside for roughly 10 minutes when our friend Berak, shouted “There it is!”, we looked up in the direction Berak, was looking, and we both saw a large UFO just as Berak, had described earlier. We stood there for a few seconds and watched as the large UFO hovered over the barn, then it started heading in our direction, strangely the closer it got, the smaller it became in size, like it had some advanced technology to morph or change it’s shape. Suddenly the UFO, changed completely into a shape my brother and I had seen many times, it was Bubby, the rooster. Strangely all of the times Bubby, had attacked us, he did so by running, and flapping his wings, now he had discovered the ability to fly. We all ran into the house screaming, and we told our Dad about the UFO that had changed into a rooster.

    Dad, laughed and said; “Heck I have seen that many times on the farm, a Rhode Island Red Rooster has a special chemical in their feathers that makes them look distorted in daylight when they fly, in fact the brighter the sun is shining, the more they distort, they even do it during the night time when they fly, giving off a sort of Rooster Bio-Luminousness or ‘RBL’ as scientists call it”. Amazingly a small normal Rhode Island Red Rooster can appear to be a large saucer shaped UFO when flying. It sounded unbelievable but we had seen it with our very eyes.

    Over the next year I decided to do some experiments, so I saved my money that I earned by selling issues of ‘Red Herring magazine’, and I purchased a Barred Rock species of Rooster. The Barred Rock is colored black or (dark brown) and white, I got a very healthy one that could fly high, and let it loose. The Barred Rock Rooster took off and flew a short but high journey into the air, as the sun light shined off it, it quickly took the shape of a large cigar or cylinder shaped UFO, again as with the Rhode Island Red flew, its appearance changed back into that of a rooster as it neared the ground. Next I purchased a white species of Rooster, called a White Leghorn, and repeated the experiment, not only did the rooster’s appearance change once it flew into the sunlight, but it appeared to change into a large, silent, black triangle craft, and when flying at night it appeared to have lights underneath it.

    I believe I had stumbled upon solving one of the greatest mysteries of mankind, the UFO enigma. I know that many folks that read this article will find the evidence hard to believe, but I have the test notes and the proof to back it up. This also explains why after thousands and thousands of UFO’s reports, there is no concrete proof of one, even as they land, but if you observe one some bright sunlit day or during a starry night, look closely as it nears the ground, and you may discover that in reality it is a rooster that has escaped from some farmers coop.

    There is a website that describes theories about UFO’s and numerous other topics of interest such as conspiracies, secret technology, ufos, secret weapons research, bible end times predictions and many other such subjects, this website is called: The Great Deception and it may be found at this url: http://www.great-deception.com

    You may publish this article in your ezine, newsletter or on your web site as long as it is reprinted in its entirety and without modification except for formatting needs or grammar corrections.

    Robert W. Benjamin has been in the software business since the early 1980’s on the VIC 20, C64, AMIGA, and WINDOWS Computer Systems. He has won magazine awards for the ‘Game of the Month’, and more, in several European computer magazines.

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  • The Charming Area of Shanklin

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    A small seaside village called Shanklin has something that attracts many tourists and holidaymakers every year. This modest and sequestered spot lies in the south-east coast of the Isle of Wight. Though being of a small dimension this place is well known owing to its traditional old thatched cottages, two large clean beaches and outstanding scenery. People especially come to that place to contemplate the beauty of the deep, narrow ravine known as Shanklin Chine. This geological feature of the place is very magnificent indeed. With small houses on the top of it, grandiose cascades of crystal-clear water falling from the height of 280 feet, lush vegetation and laid-out nature traces this area seems to be the most enigmatic place in the world.

    History and culture

    Here you can also find some historical and cultural heritage of the Island such as the Royal Marine Commandos Memorial and Shanklin Theatre that is on the High Street. This street together with Regent Street is also considered to be the main shopping centre in this part of the Isle of Wight. Two big supermarkets located there are important not only for tourists but for the local people as well. Besides this there are many minor shops distributed throughout the area such as newsagents, bakeries, clothing and sports shops, arts and craft shops.

    Traditional seaside attractions

    It would be interesting to know that all the place of the Chine includes about three acres and the surface of this area varies to a considerable degree, there are 105 feet from its highest point to the level of the sea. In spite of the fact that Shanklin is a small old village it is well illuminated with electricity at night especially during the summer period. This time the gorge turns into a wonderful Fairyland. A great number of lights are sparkling everywhere highlighting Isle of wight hotels, restaurants, bars and coffee houses that are mostly located on an open area next to the sea.

    A nice stroll along the sea front will give you a special feeling of satisfaction or inspiration. The area of Shanklin also can provide you with its garden and gift shop. The Tea Rooms, where one can take refreshments, are located at the lower place of the Chine. Also it is important to mention that the esplanade located above Hope Beach is proud of its amenities such as a crazy golf course, a sailing club and a children’s play area equipped with every device a child could only desire: slides, swings, ball pools and bouncy castles. Such a children`s play area can entertain and amuse your kids for hours.

    If you are looking for a more romantic atmosphere you can stop at an anciently looking cottage with a roof made of straw or reeds. The cliff of Shanklin will amaze you to learn an interesting fact, to be more precise you will be able to hear the buzzing of wasps in the tiny holes in the face of it. Thus, this unusual natural phenomenon beckons almost every visitor of the place. As you can see, if taken all round Shanklin is a wonderful plays on the Isle of Wight to spend summer vacations.

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  • Dwelling Areas in Nottingham

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    Every year a lot of people move from one place to another. The reasons for doing that are various. However the most popular one that causes changing one`s lodgings is the change of the place of work or education. Some people make a permanent move some just rent property in the chosen area but all of them can face difficulties. So, if you made up your mind to move to Nottingham this article will provide you with some general information that can help you to choose the right living area in the town. A botanical garden devoted to trees Area of Arboretum is considered to be a place where students live in as it is not far from the city centre campus. Accumulation of shops, cafes, bars and nightspots make this place a wonderful choice for young couples as well. The area of Dunkirk Dunkirk is another area of the town that provides loggings for students as it is next to the main campus of the University of Nottingham. And it is no wonder, for this area is full of amenities and activities such as bowling, cinemas and pubs. The Highfields Park has plenty of recreational space including tennis and hockey facilities. The area of Lenton A very quiet place in the summer but extremely busy during the academic year is Lenton. Being a student area it is equipped with everything a learner needs in order to have the best pastimes. There are plenty of pleasantries and recreation spaces where you can relax in the sun and enjoy summer time. Such places as pubs, restaurants, cinemas, nightclubs and takeaways make the area very popular among the young people. Moreover all the mention above areas have nice and affordable students accommodation Nottingham. The area of Beeston Next district of Nottingham can be regarded as a separate town rather than region of the county town of Nottinghamshire. It is the area of Beeston. If you live there you will have no problem with any urban transport as many buses and trains will take you to the centre of Nottingham. People like this region and find it a nice place because of a beautiful park, shops and a busy high street. If you are looking for an inexpensive area to live the Meadows is just the one that satisfies this condition. However due to the local spacious terraces with great views of Victoria Embankment this place houses various festivals and events during the summer period. In addition this area is not far from the center of Nottingham thus you can access there even on foot. Canning Circus One of the most prestige, exclusive and beauty spot to live is Canning Circus. The location of this private residential estate is really extraordinary. This area has no buses running through the park, however it is not a problem at all as the spot is very close to the city centre. The area has hot many shops, bars, restaurants and other amenities.

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  • Ufo Disclosure – Et Disclosure – Why It Will Never Happen From The President

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    Posted in UFO Sighting on December 7th, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    I have been following the UFO and Extraterrestrial phenomena since the 1970’s, I have read numerous books by many of the top authors in the field including those by: Vallee, Strieber, Hopkins, Imbrogno, and literally tons of other authors. The phenomena seems to be growing more and more every year, and there are reports of UFO’s and actual encounters with non-earth beings from all around the globe, not to mention reports of crop circles.

    The UFO sightings may be increasing or they may not be, one thing that has increased at a dramatic pace is the technology that allows people to capture and report the sightings, such as cell phones, digital cameras, and a host of other devices. Maybe what really has increased is the technology to report the sightings, instead of the sightings themselves, but this like most areas of the UFO phenomena, will continue to be up for debate.

    Besides the reported pace of UFO sightings increasing, there is another branch of this same field that seems to be growing at a rapid pace also, and that is that we are on the verge of a major News release by the USA President or some other government agency stating that UFO’s and Extraterrestrial’s are visiting the Earth, in other words, we are on the verge of UFO Disclosure.

    I have been reading about UFO disclosure since the late 1970’s, as far back as I started reading and researching the UFO phenomena it’s self. What is the major reason for UFO disclosure according to most of the people that report it’s coming? Hollywood and the Movies. If you research back over the years, you will read reports in books, and magazines and other publications where some major author or so called expert in the field of UFO’s states, UFO Disclosure is about to be released.

    If you do a little bit of careful research you will discover that just before the UFO disclosure fever revs up, there has been a major motion picture released with UFO’s or Extraterrestrial’s as the subject, such examples are: Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), and ET The Extraterrestrial (1982), i.e., right up to the current releases such as Independence Day (1996), The Fourth Kind (2009), Skyline (2010), and now there are at least two UFO – Extraterrestrial movies to be released in 2011.

    So as more and more such movies are released, more and more the fever over UFO Disclosure will rise, as folks will say the government is behind the directors in Hollywood, paying them fees, or offering some other incentive to create and release movies on the UFO-ET subject, to get the people of the world ready or prepare our minds to accept such a release of information from the President or some other Government agency.

    This is nothing but foolishness, if you research the movies over time, starting from ‘SKYLINE (2010), and going way back to the original ‘War of the Worlds (1953), you will discover that the majority of any UFO-ET movie is not a pleasant subject, the aliens are far superior, they come to attack, colonize, or destroy mankind, there are tons of huge effects, with major explosions, and scenes of terror, excitement, and action.

    The only reason Hollywood, Producers, Directors or sources for funding for such projects releases more and more of these films, is because they have a huge audience, and bring in a LOT of money. When you find a subject such as UFO’s and Extraterrestrial’s Invading the earth, to be such a huge money making source, you are going to see more and more of these films being made, the only true disclosure is, ‘Hey! These films make a lot of money!

    And if you truly believe that there is disclosure coming by the President of the USA or some agency of the Government, stop and think about it! For years and years, every since as far back as the major UFO sighting and reported abduction of Betty and Barney Hill (1961), there have been thousands of reports of not only UFO sightings but abductions by aliens, mostly the species known as the ‘Greys’.

    Reputable people from not only the USA but around the world have reported UFO sightings and abductions, these people range from police officers, doctors, lawyers, airline pilots and tons of other highly regarded people, with great credentials behind them.

    Every since the so called Alien flying saucer crash at Roswell in 1947, the Government of the USA as stated time after time, that there are NO ALIEN UFO’s, NO Extraterrestrial beings visiting the Earth, so what does this say about all of the eye witnesses to such UFO’s, even the airline pilots and others with such big credentials, it says that they are either mistaken for what they have seen, or they are lying, or worse.

    The same thing is said about those that have reported abductions, they are either being fed the information by the Hypnotherapist that regress them, or they have lied about the whole incident, or their mental state makes them believe it has happened, even though it’s just a fantasy, the Government says, there has been and is no proof of any alien abductions, in fact folks have been ridiculed, and made to look completely insane for over 60 years by the USA Government, so do you truly believe this same Government or the President, is going to come forward and say, ‘Reports about UFO’s and Extraterrestrial’s have been real!’, of course not. There would be such a state of chaos around the world, that it would be worse if the aliens are real, and launched a world wide attack against us, disclosure cannot happen, and will not happen, by the USA Government or the President of the United States.

    If UFO’s are real, and Extraterrestrial’s are visiting us, and abducting humans and animals such as cows and horses, the only way disclosure can occur is by the Aliens themselves, as a worldwide landing or such mass unveiling occurs, as the sighting of hundreds of giant spaceships and one time, over major cities of the world.

    There is a website that describes UFO’s and Extraterrestrial’s and numerous other topics of interest such as conspiracies, secret technology, ufos, secret weapons research, bible end times predictions and many other such subjects, this website is called: The Great Deception and it may be found at this url: http://www.great-deception.com

    You may publish this article in your ezine, newsletter or on your web site as long as it is reprinted in its entirety and without modification except for formatting needs or grammar corrections.

    Robert W. Benjamin has been in the software business since the early 1980’s on the VIC 20, C64, AMIGA, and WINDOWS Computer Systems. He has won magazine awards for the ‘Game of the Month’, and more, in several European computer magazines.

    The Great Deception


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