• Roswell: Technology + Marketing Two

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    Posted in UFOs on May 27th, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    In recent years, China HVAC market along with China’s economic highlights in the development of business opportunities, fully open the market to provide development opportunities for foreign brands. Some brands have a firm foothold in the Chinese market, some brands eager to areas of the UK professional manufacturer of fluid control Roswell latter. For the China market, Roswell began to intensify efforts to develop, not only changes in distribution patterns, but also want to realize the localization of production, marketing campaign increased the intensity is evident. Roswell mainland market has accepted the HC Miss Zhang Li, director of network edited the interview, described Roswell specific market and product development plans to promote the new situation.

    Roswell Miss Zhang Li, director of the China market

    HC Network: Miss Zhang Li, Hello! I’m glad you accepted our interview you please give a brief history of the development of Roswell.

    Zhang Li: Roswell Flow Control Corporation factory based in Birmingham, England industrial city, Roswell employees around the world had less than 100 people from the developed to the current 20,000 people, branches all over the world. 2006 Roswell set up representative offices in Guangzhou, China, setting up representative offices in mainland China will be better for the region Proxy Cooperation Makers to provide better and efficient service.

    Roswell products from the original water Pump To the current to pump, industrial Valve Doors, air-conditioning systems such as Automatic Control Valves three competitive products, in an important share of the global market. Especially in air-conditioning system in the Automatic Control Valves, our Thermostat , Balance valve every year to lead the industry development, technical content continuously improve, get rid of. Estimated in the Chinese mainland market in the near future our products will account for 30% -40% industry market share. Looking ahead, we Roswell in the company’s products and strong policy support, there is no reason not to lead the agency in cooperation with mainland China makers of Ben a better future!

    HC Network: It is understood that Roswell Hong Kong companies to deal mainly with the Asia Pacific market, mainland China retail market has been dominated by imported, then the current market development in China Roswell any strategy change?

    Zhang Li: Overall, the Roswell market development in China is still in market development stage. Roswell Guangzhou, China set up a representative office in mainland China means the board Roswell attention, China’s rapid economic development has attracted the attention of their comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the information, we decided to step up efforts to develop the mainland market. Guangzhou will serve as the Roswell

    future market for the continent’s hub of marketing and promotion, from point to area, spreading the national market. Next year we will in the east, north, southwest of the three areas of the three branches. Mainland China within 3 years the market started popularity and reputation. The current situation is good, has recruited agents in many areas full.

    Our technical and marketing decisions can be in the market place while maintaining precise control and significant energy saving technologies such as the leading case, strengthening the marketing of our development ideas.

    I am a professional writer from China Quality Lighting, which contains a great deal of information about cadmium nitrate , nitrate reductase, welcome to visit!

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  • How To Fight The Winter Blues By Going Ufo Watching

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    Posted in UFO Sighting on May 25th, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    Why do some folks hate winter time so much? Is it the cold, the snow, the icy roads, or is it something else they truly fear, like getting the winter blues because they always think there’s nothing to do. I for one love winter, now I don’t care much for the heat bill, but as far as the snow, and the cold and the other things the season provides, it’s wonderful to me.

    You should learn to use the cold, snowy winter to your advantage instead of a means for depression. One thing I learned years ago, is the more it snows, the happier it is for me. Your probably thinking this person is a lot different then I am, aren’t you? Will, that is what makes folks like we are, were all humans but we all have different likes and dislikes. Now, let me get back to this articles subject which is; ‘ How to fight the winter blues by going UFO Watching ‘.

    There are more and more reports of UFO’s around the world every year, not just from ordinary citizens but from those in specialized jobs and services such as police officers, pilots and even astronauts. Every year the sightings actually increase, and now even the mainstream media here in the USA seems to be reporting on the stories and reports, and actually not ridiculing them, like they have in the past.

    In the winter time, the sky is the most clearest, the stars shine brilliantly and you can see a lot better then in the summer which has all the haze and humidity. When you go out UFO watching, you can go by yourself or take a group of people with you, if you have 4 or more, it’s pretty easy to keep an eye on the entire sky as one person can look towards the western sky, another towards the eastern sky, and so forth.

    There are some things that each person can take along such as a notebook, small flashlight, and pen for taking notes, or a small pocket recorder. A pair of binoculars hung around the neck with a strap makes viewing any objects easier, and if something truly strange does near your group or becomes visible, a digital camera with a good zoom will come in very valuable for taking a movie or snapshots of the UFO.

    Once you start going UFO hunting, you will have a great hobby, and you can have meetings to discuss your sightings, or even create a name for your group, or start a website about your UFO watching, and post photos and video on the encounters online, if you wish to do so. Anyway, you now have an interesting activity that can keep you busier all winter season, and it’s a great thing to help fight the winter blues.

    There is a website that describes numerous activities and other methods to help eliminate the Winter Blues, this website is called: Winter Activities – and it may be found at this url: http://www.winter-activities.com

    You may publish this article in your ezine, newsletter or on your web site as long as it is reprinted in its entirety and without modification except for formatting needs or grammar corrections.

    Robert W. Benjamin has been involved in weight loss and has been researching the Winter Blues for a few years. He has personally turned his life around at the age of 50, by reducing his body weight from 400 lbs to 185 lbs. If you want to turn your life around, and read other great info and ideas on beating the winter blues, please check out the website below:

    Winter Activities


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  • Seven Directions Custom Tours Announces New Tour From and To Space to Explore the Relationship with the Outer Space from Ancient Times to the Atomic Age, from UFOs to Space Tourism

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    Posted in UFOs on May 23rd, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    Santa Fe, New Mexico (PRWEB) April 30, 2013

    The clear skies over New Mexico have dazzled, intrigued and served as a vast science laboratory for centuries. This 9 night guided tour from Seven Directions Custom Tours travels through both time and space, from the ancient pueblo walls depicting astronomical events to the new Spaceport America where tourists will soon take flights into space.

    Offered from May through October, the intrigue begins when the group spends the night at the Hotel Andaluz where the infamous spy Harry Gold gave away information on the atomic bomb to the enemy.

    The tour starts with a tour of the Petroglyphs National Monument where the ancients painted and chipped a vast number of messages on the volcanic rocks, to continue with a visit to the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, part of the Smithsonian museums system, to learn about the history and technologies of the atomic era, a time when New Mexico played a critical role.

    The adventure continues at Chaco Culture National Historical Park, the site at the center of the Ancient Puebloans civilization where guests can admire the depiction of ancient astronomical events on the high canyon walls and learn about archaeo-astronomy and the influence of the skies and stars on the architecture and life of these people. After a close look to other rare examples of ancient paintings the drive continues to Los Alamos where the atomic bomb was created at the end of WWII.

    Santa Fe is renowned for its art and beauty but less recognized for its connections to the atomic era. It was in Santa Fe where the scientists and workers of Los Alamos traded in their identity to become a number and where secret documents were exchanged with details of the work going on “up there on the mountain” in Los Alamos.

    Also ghosts are part of the history of the oldest capital of the country and their stories will come alive during a private tour. Dinner is at the historic La Fonda Bar where then anonymous scientists, including J. Robert Oppenheimer, gathered for some time away from their hectic experiments.

    During the following days the itinerary take to the Very Large Array, a radio observatory with 27 parabolic dishes each 82 feet in diameter that contributed to the mapping of the Black Holes; to the Valley of Fire to walk among the volcanic rock valley created by an eruption 5,000 years ago and to Roswell, the UFO capital of the world.

    After a full immersion in UFO’s history and lore at the local museum another site, the Walker Aviation Museum, contribute to the extra terrestrial saga where those who believe in UFOs swear the aliens from the space craft that crashed at a nearby location were kept prisoners. This is also where the B-29 flights to Hiroshima and Nagasaki took off in August 1945.

    After a stop in Alamogordo for a visit to the Museum of Space and History rich of exhibitions and movies about space missions, the tour will continue up into the forest of the Sacramento Mountains for an overnight at a lodge that some say is haunted.

    Some relaxation at White Sands National Monument, the largest desert of its kind in the world, where one can hike and slide on the white dunes, then back to the atomic world at one of the most historic sites, Trinity Site, where the first atomic explosion took place on July 16, 1945. One month later the first bomb would be dropped on Japan. After a visit to an unusual museum of space memorabilia and a night in Las Cruces, Follow the Sun Team, the official tour operator for Spaceport America, will provide a tour of the stunning new buildings of the Spaceport, a place sure to be the focus of even more worldwide attention as the first space tourists take flight in the near future.

    A breathtaking journey like no other designed to discover the unusual attraction different people had with the space above New Mexico.

    For further information and media inquiries: Patrizia Antonicelli – Tel.505.820.3305

    About Seven Directions Tours:

    Seven Directions | Cultural and Sustainable Tours has established itself as one of the finest sustainable tour operators in the Southwest. They facilitate exceptional tours that create a memorable and authentic experience that is relaxing and profound in every respect. Seven Directions Tours caters to a wide-ranging audience that seeks a hands-on experience by putting them in touch with the landscape and the people. Clients learn salient information in the comfort of a tour they can customize. Seven Directions Tours can accommodate large and small groups, and individuals. They also specialize in Fly & Drive programs that clients can take on by themselves. To learn more about Seven Directions visit them at http://www.sevendirections.net

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    Bible books inform readers of “spies” who entered lands prior to destruction. The order of these “spies” was to find and “save” selected individuals before such destruction. The Good News is that no matter whom you are or what you did, you can still be counted among the selected. Although this might sound like a movie, just think about it. As the former attempt to “unite” the world under One rule returns, the economy falls. Laws are speedily changing. “Control” is becoming a thing of the present. While these things occur, accounts of Supernatural and Paranormal events increase. Might “God” be sending His Forces (Matthew 24:15-22; Luke 21:26-38)? I’m certain that Fatima-like (Portugal) events will occur by year’s end.

    I’d like to turn your attention to http://abundanthope .net/pages/ hazel/Developmen ts.shtml

    This website contains messages from God’s army. These Beings say that they are now “landing” upon Earth and will eventually make themselves known to selected humans. Now I don’t want anyone to think that they are not selected. I can assure you that if you want to be a part of the “saving” team, God has a front row seat for you. We’ll talk more about that “seat” later.

    But can we believe that Angels, aliens, spirits, or any other type of person is entering earth to help us? Well we believe (or at least accept) all the “bull” that our leaders preach. May if we were quiet and gave God the Spirit (John 4:24) a chance to talk, we might become Enlightened (Revelation 2:7).

    God has always sent spirits or Angels to save people (Matthew 24:30-44). Think of Joshua and Jericho. Think of Sodom and Gomorrah (to name a few). So it’s not uncommon to have these types of supernatural and/or “ufo” sighting events.

    There is a belief that our world is about to be turned over to the “Dark Ones”. Earth’s catastrophes and this united “push” for “global” and “one world” government is nothing new. The Allies resisted such an attempt during the second World War. Ironically, the Civil War was based on the South wanting to “unite” and withdraw from democracy.

    There is a belief that just before “things become Dark” that certain ones will be saved by angels/spirits. I will talk more about this later in the article.

    There is another belief that Evil will rule the earth. The Evil will eventually be overthrown by God and His angels.

    So are you interested? Are you interested in being saved? Don’t fool yourself feeling that it’s too hard. It’s actually very easy. That was the entire point of God’s Salvation plan. Peter tried to walk on water like God. Peter sank. Peter was smart enough to scream, “Lord, Save Me”. And Peter was immediately saved.

    Now don’t get me wrong. I’m no “Holy Roller” or “Born Again” type. But I’m smart enough (sorry, I’m just being honest) to know that planet Earth will show be taken back to the 40′s. I remember when America was “God’s Nation”. So if God is leaving, then I want to be with My Father!

    So are you interested?

    Please read this website http://www.godlikeproductions. com/forum1/ message1064745/ pg1

    That website talks about a man who couldn’t sleep. He went into the kitchen around 2:15 AM for a soda. He suddenly felt the “Presence” of someone. His deceased father was sitting in the room with him.

    Please make sure that you let what his father told him sink into your mind, heart, and spirit.

    His father told him that the formerly strong country will soon be no more. I can assure you that there is a reason why the 1917 Fatima Miracle is back in the News. The Moors named that location “Fatima”. I strongly advise you to study the financial and historical relationship between the Moors and the US. If God wills, I’ll be writing about this more. October 13th and 31st, 2010 will hold certain “historical” and occultic significance.

    His father also told him that he should “get right” with the Lord. Several reliable sources have informed me that “time will begin to speed up”. I’m assuming that world and legal changes will cause people to “think faster”. The man’s father told him that when God comes into a person’s life, they will make the right decision in an instance (1 Corinthians 15:52). This means that when the Angels “Come” to save you or me (Matthew 24:30-44), that what is in our hearts and mind will either “save” us or “condemn” us. That condemnation will be staying on Earth during that New World Rulership.

    God repeatedly told me to read the Bible. You can read other Holy Books. The Bible has been my best friend since childhood. I also believe that Jesus is the Perfect Example of how Love is not trapped by time.

    If you reject your fear and anxiety, Jesus will “lift you up (like He did Peter)”. You and you alone are responsible. No religion or person can help you become Friends with Jesus. This salvation will be based solely on your mind and heart. This is what the Father told his son. And it is also what God told me.

    It really will be like Raiders of the Lost Ark. The “spirits” will appear. These will be able to judge you instantly. I am told of Aliens who froze people and then evaluated them. If the person has “God in their mind and heart” they will be changed in a “moment of time (1 Corinthians 15:47-52)”. To humans, they will appear to have disappeared. Jodie Foster acted in a movie where this occurred. Ironically that movie was about UFO’s, Aliens, spirits, and the other side. Even if the person’s “spirit goes to be with God” and the body falls “dead” to the Earth (for viewers to witness), the person (spirit) will have “disappeared (left our physical realm)”.

    So what do you do if you want to be saved?

    It’s very simple. Religion makes it hard. People make it hard. Sad to say, families (and friends) make it hard. God made it so easy.

    You won’t be perfect. You just have to reach out to God. There is no special prayer. There are no formalities.

    Right here, Right now, just start talking to God. And be consistent. Don’t stop because you feel he’s not listening. Give him time to respond.

    Now I don’t know how he will respond. That’s not your concern either. Your concern is to keep praying to him consistently. You don’t have to worry about formalities. All things come in time.

    Bible reading is good. I suggest that everyone read all four Gospels. Learn about Jesus. It’s something about Jesus that emits powerful Love. I’ve heard of UFO’s that suddenly disappeared when Jesus was called. He really is Powerful!

    I won’t go in to your or my past mistakes, or our shortcomings. We’ll let God (Jesus) handle that. Just start praying and be consistent. Don’t expect God to react or respond in any certain way. Let the Spirit move as it List (John 3:8).

    This is why the Bible gave us Rahab. Rahab was a renowned prostitute in Jericho. Rahab was smart enough to know that Jericho’s days were numbered. The “spies” appeared to Rahab. She obeyed and saved herself and her entire family.

    Nothing will change. Expect to hear more turbulence. Expect to hear more scandals. Expect to hear more law changes. Expect to have more rules imposed upon you.

    As the above Father warned his son. The days are numbered (Daniel 5:26).

    I love God’s Wisdom! It is very possible that humans will have communications with Angels (as Jodi Foster did in that movie). On lookers will not be aware of it. Based on that communication, the person will either “disappear (to be with God-1 Corinthians 15:47-54)” or remain.

    Sounds unbelievable, huh? Yet who would have ever thought (after World War 2) that Earth would again be faced with a One World Order (Revelation 17:12-13, 17)?

    The main thing to realize is that it’s time to “let go” of Earth’s negativities. This may be hard to do. Refocusing on God, Prayer, Bible, and/or spiritual readings will help you.

    God has an arsenal of support. You just have to reach out to Him.

    This article can be freely edited and utilized as long as credit is given to its author (Gary Colin).

    Gary Colin is Author of, “Bible Symbolism What It Means To Your Salvation (ISBN 1-4241-0152-2)” http://garycolinastrologicalasscension.webs.com

    All articles can be freely edited and utilized as long as credit is given to Gary Colin. Contact Author for complete articles.

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  • World Renowned Scientists Reveal UFO Secrets at Press Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada

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    Posted in UFO Sighting on May 18th, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    Las Vegas Nevada (PRWEB) July 16, 2013

    WHEN:    Friday, July 19th 1pm – 2pm

    WHERE: JW Marriott Resort and Spa in the Murcia Room

                 221 N. Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

                 (Lunch will be served)

    WHY:     Consultants to NASA and the European Space Agency share the truth about UFOs and ETs at the 2013 MUFON Symposium. For more information go to http://www.mufonsymposium.com

    MEDIA CONTACT: JAN HARZAN 562-577-2258 mufonsymposium(at)gmail(dot)com

    The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) announces a PRESS Conference of world renowned scientists who will speak at the 2013 MUFON Symposium in Las Vegas and reveal for the first time important facts about UFOs and ETs. MUFON will also for the first time release its Top Ten UFO Cases of the Year to the press. Startling REAL UFO encounters which remain unexplained even after vigorous field investigation. MUFON is the world’s largest UFO investigative organization operating in 38 countries worldwide.

    Scientists at the press conference and available for interview include;

    Francois Louange, Ph.D – Formerly of the European Space Agency (ESA) and now consultant to GEIPAN, France’s UFO department within the ESA, will be sharing insights into France’s official UFO investigations including detailed UFO Photo Analysis, his area of expertise.

    Eric Davis, Ph.D – Consultant to NASA will speak on Faster-Than-Light Space Warps & Interstellar Flight: Will traversable wormholes and warp drives that include the engineering of space-time be the answer? When will our future begin with operational FTL Travel?

    Albert A. Harrison, Ph.D – Consultant to NASA will address Disclosure, Denial and Extraterrestrial Life: Both non-disclosure and disclosure offer advantages and disadvantages. Which is the right path for mankind? Are we ready for it? And, will it happen in our lifetime?

    Robert Powell, B.S. – Director of Research for MUFON will discuss the 2008 Stephenville, Texas Incident: Multiple Sightings supported by Radar: A real-time journey through the events of that night from behind the FAA Radar screen as F-16 jets are scrambled to intercept a massive and elusive UFO near the Western White House.

    Ted Peters, Ph.D – Science, SETI, and Ufology : What do Astrobiologists and Ufologists have in common? Their zeal for the scientific method calls for a close examination of the facts. What we may find will surprise you! Ted has been a consultant to NASA and SETI on the ethics of planetary protection.

    Ron Westrum, Ph.D – The Science of Hidden Events: Hidden events may be experienced by thousands, but remain hidden from social consciousness. How does the human psyche allow this to happen, and when will science wake up to the facts? (Professor Emeritus Eastern Michigan University)

    Don Donderi, Ph.D – Evidence for ET Abductions from the Viewpoints of Science, Scientific Intelligence and Common Sense: What are the implications of being in contact with extraterrestrial civilizations; on government policy, ourselves, and the future of our planet? (Professor Emeritus McGill University, Montreal)

    David Jacobs, Ph.D – Science, UFOs and the Search for ET Hybrids: Budd Hopkins coined the term “hybrids” to designate the offspring of Human/ET reproduction. An exciting new theory of hybridization will be revealed. (Professor Emeritus Temple University)

    Dr. Steven Greer, M.D. – Dr. Greer will share the results of skeletal & DNA studies done on the Atacama Humanoid – a 6” humanoid skeleton found in the Atacama Desert of Chile. These tests were performed by top scientists at Stanford University.

    Debbie Ziegelmeyer, MUFON State Director – Missouri’s UFO Flap and the Environment: Along with a large increase in UFO sightings in 2012 came an unusual number of “strange” environmental occurrences. Are they related?

    Paola Harris, M.A. – Crash retrieval: The 1945 San Antonio Crash and its Relationship to the Einstein / Oppenheimer MJ-12 document: Multiple first hand witness testimony and hard evidence that proves the crash of an ET craft.

    Media contact is Jan Harzan at 562-577-2258, or just come to the JW MARRIOTT at 1pm Sharp on Friday, July 19, 2013 in the Murcia Room. Your life will NEVER be the same.

    Lunch will be provided


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  • All-American Family on thatTripUSA to Complete 50,000 Mile, 50 State RV Journey

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    Posted in UFOs on May 16th, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    Helena, MT (PRWEB) May 15, 2013

    While many dream of a family RV trip to some far-flung vacation destination, a West Palm Beach, Florida family decided to expand upon that dream by visiting all 50 states in 13 months. On June 10, 2012, the Martin family left South Florida with their 38-foot fifth wheel to begin thatTripUSA in Delaware, the nation’s First State. To date, 46,000 miles have taken the Martins; Randy, Heidi, Kristi (age 14), and Kyle (age 12); to 46 states and three Canadian provinces.

    Along the way, they’ve traveled to famous sites like Mount Rushmore, the White House, Waikiki Beach, and the Grand Canyon; as well as lesser known “treasures” like the world’s largest squirrel in Texas and the International UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico. Currently, the Martins are in Montana, home to Glacier National Park and the annual Bucking Horse Sale, both on the family’s itinerary. Then, it’s on to Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska before returning to Florida.

    Heidi and Randy Martin’s decision to travel initially surprised friends and family members. After all, the couple has lived in West Palm Beach, Florida for 40 and 21 years, respectively, and never mentioned RVing before. Four years ago, Heidi had the idea for the family to tour the entire country. “I wanted my children to experience all the United States has to offer; the America that some might say exists only in the history books,” she explained. The rest of the family agreed and in the years since, the family planned their comprehensive tour of the United States, sold their home, and received a leave of absence from The King’s Academy; a private Christian school where Randy and Heidi are employed.

    As novice RVers and first-time nation-wide travelers, things haven’t always gone perfectly for the Martins. In Ohio, it took more than five hours to extricate the family’s truck and trailer from a muddy field. In Tennessee, Randy jackknifed the trailer but, thankfully, only caused cosmetic damage to the rig. The family even walked away from a hot-air balloon crash landing in a Sedona, Arizona neighborhood. Kyle remembers the accident as follows, “We hit two trees and just missed some houses. When we landed in the ditch and hit the stop sign, it was crazy! People were driving by us, waving and shaking their heads.”

    Despite these mishaps and others, Randy is happy that the family has accomplished its goals. “We had become tired of hearing what’s wrong with the United States. We wanted to discover and celebrate our nation’s greatness again. That’s what this trip has done for us. And, we’ve met many new friends too.” Heidi adds, “While teaching my children, I thought it would be wonderful if my family and I could share what we learned on our trip with school children and their families across the country. Maybe we can inspire them to take their own American road trip.”

    More information about the Martins and their American RV tour is available at http://thatTripUSA.com. Trip updates are also available on social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

    thatTripUSA FAQS

    What are the Martins’ favorite states visited on thatTripUSA?

    Favorites have included Pennsylvania, Colorado, Arizona, Hawaii, and Georgia. And, of course, the family loves their home state of Florida!

    How did thatTripUSA drive the RV to Hawaii?

    Actually, the Martins flew to Hawaii and will cruise to Alaska. They are only RVing the lower 48 states, but that’s still a lot of driving!

    Have the Martins met anyone famous on thatTripUSA?

    They’ve met Rev. Joel Osteen, former Vice Presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan, Montana Governor Steve Bullock, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, NASCAR Crew Chief Chad Knauss, and UNC NCAA Basketball Coach Roy Williams among others.

    Are the Martins homeschooling their children?

    Kristi (8th Grade) and Kyle (6th Grade) are enrolled in a great online school, The King’s Academy Online (TKAOnline.net).

    Would the Martins do thatTripUSA again?

    They have loved seeing all of America and are glad to have done it; but at the moment, they’re too tired to drive it all again. But, try asking again in a couple of months, because their answer might change!

    Will there be a book about thatTripUSA?

    Yes, the family is in the process of writing a couple of books. Stay tuned!

    Have the Martins seen snow falling on thatTripUSA?

    Yes, lots of snow has fallen on thatTripUSA! They’ve seen snow (in order of greatest to least snow fall) in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, Missouri, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Nebraska, New Mexico, Minnesota, Arizona, and Indiana.

    Where have the Martins eaten the best pizza on thatTripUSA?

    Favorite pizzas in America were from Bucceto’s Smiling Teeth in Bloomington, Indiana and Grotto’s Pizza in Lewes, Delaware.

    Is anyone sponsoring thatTripUSA?

    The Martins are grateful for the support of Kampgrounds of America (KOA), The King’s Academy of West Palm Beach, Florida, WPBF Channel 25, Washington DC/Capitol KOA, and Ride-Fi.

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  • Are Our Skies Being Deliberately View Blocked- UFOs?

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    Posted in UFO Sighting on May 14th, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    Are Our Skies Being Deliberately View Blocked?-UFOs?

    When I first noticed the blocking of our skies from their correct views, I thought I was crazy. I then began to research and found that many persons worldwide are witnessing this deception. I’ve been warning about deceptions in my October 2010 astrological forecast. You can read those articles at www.articlesbase.com

    Planes, jets and other human made sky vehicles are repeatedly told that they can’t fly in certain areas. Why restricted? Youtube features what appear to be UFO’s or portals which suddenly appear (often with clouds) and suddenly smaller UFO’s shoot from or into these portals (clouds?). A pilot flying into the Bermuda Triangle saw clouds which formed into a “funnel” and “shot” him hundreds of miles away from the Triangle. He could only remember seeing the clouds (living consciousness? form into the funnel (portal?). It’s funny how much of this information is in the Bible but most of us think that we’re way too smart to look to the Bible for such answers (Exodus 24:16-18; Psalm 104:1-10, 25-27; Revelation 1:7; Read all of Exodus Chapter 14-the Cloud of Deliverance). The one good thing I read about some of these UFO’s is that they interfer with Nuclear War Advancement. I honestly believe that if left unchecked, we humans who destroy ourselves and this planet.

    I always thought the “planes barred from flight” during the High Priest’s 2008 USA visit seemed strange. The unidentified blue sky light during the President’s Norwegian visit raised concerns. Extremely Strange Cloud Formations, and the UFO which shut down flights at a Chinese Air base, with a recent editorial on trails raises much concerns. The Internet continues to warn of UFO’s and strange planets, stars, and lights in the sky.

    I’ll let you do your own research to determine if and why our sky/space view is being deliberately blocked. Here’s an article/email written by Sherry Shriner on the subject:

    2. the sky…
    Date: Thu Oct 7, 2010 6:22 pm ((PDT))
    ok so it’s so fake…

    I was out at the football field tonight and noticed at sunset there were 8
    chemtrail planes above the sun trying to drown out the area behind it. The
    trails would dissolve as soon as they were sprayed and the ‘drones’ would
    just pop up…they never ‘arrive’ they just appear out of
    nowhere…sometimes it’s mil planes, other times it’s just alien drones disguised as planes.
    What I saw tonight were the alien drones.

    Then it’s dark, sky is crystal clear….and NO MOON???? NO STARS??? it was
    a clear night…no clouds in the sky at all…just one star in the
    east….and I couldn’t tell if it was Jupiter or Shema.

    So let’s say it was Shema..the only star in the sky??? They’re blocking
    everything else out so we can just see SHEMA?

    me thinks they’re getting ready to pull something, so all we see is Shema
    and them arriving from it or something…

    I don’t know how they’re doing it, but they’ve got some kind of dome over
    our atmosphere and they can block us out from seeing the moon and stars.

    get ready for the deceptions folks, they’re going to be good.

    This article can be freely edited and utilized as long as credit is given to its author (Gary Colin).

    Gary Colin is Author of, “Bible Symbolism What It Means To Your Salvation (ISBN 1-4241-0152-2)” http://garycolinastrologicalasscension.webs.com

    All articles can be freely edited and utilized as long as credit is given to Gary Colin. Contact Author for complete articles.

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  • https://youtube.com/devicesupport

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  • Dwelling Areas in Nottingham

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    Every year a lot of people move from one place to another. The reasons for doing that are various. However the most popular one that causes changing one`s lodgings is the change of the place of work or education. Some people make a permanent move some just rent property in the chosen area but all of them can face difficulties. So, if you made up your mind to move to Nottingham this article will provide you with some general information that can help you to choose the right living area in the town.

    A botanical garden devoted to trees

    Area of Arboretum is considered to be a place where students live in as it is not far from the city centre campus. Accumulation of shops, cafes, bars and nightspots make this place a wonderful choice for young couples as well.

    The area of Dunkirk

    Dunkirk is another area of the town that provides loggings for students as it is next to the main campus of the University of Nottingham. And it is no wonder, for this area is full of amenities and activities such as bowling, cinemas and pubs. The Highfields Park has plenty of recreational space including tennis and hockey facilities.

    The area of Lenton

    A very quiet place in the summer but extremely busy during the academic year is Lenton. Being a student area it is equipped with everything a learner needs in order to have the best pastimes. There are plenty of pleasantries and recreation spaces where you can relax in the sun and enjoy summer time. Such places as pubs, restaurants, cinemas, nightclubs and takeaways make the area very popular among the young people. Moreover all the mention above areas have nice and affordable students accommodation Nottingham.

    The area of Beeston

    Next district of Nottingham can be regarded as a separate town rather than region of the county town of Nottinghamshire. It is the area of Beeston. If you live there you will have no problem with any urban transport as many buses and trains will take you to the centre of Nottingham. People like this region and find it a nice place because of a beautiful park, shops and a busy high street. If you are looking for an inexpensive area to live the Meadows is just the one that satisfies this condition. However due to the local spacious terraces with great views of Victoria Embankment this place houses various festivals and events during the summer period. In addition this area is not far from the center of Nottingham thus you can access there even on foot.

    Canning Circus

    One of the most prestige, exclusive and beauty spot to live is Canning Circus. The location of this private residential estate is really extraordinary. This area has no buses running through the park, however it is not a problem at all as the spot is very close to the city centre. The area has hot many shops, bars, restaurants and other amenities.

    Undoubtedly, there are many more places of interest and attractions to visit in Nottingham, thus you are sure to be busy there. In case you plan to spend your weekend or holidays in the city property Nottingham are the two words that are to be typed while you are surfing the Internet looking for an appropriate accommodation to stay at.

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  • Theory States Roswell UFO Was a Nazi Wunderwaffe (Wonder-Weapon) – KOB 4

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    A new German film suggests that what landed there was a ten-foot-wide, 12-foot-high aircraft created by Nazi Germany. Source=http://www.kob.com/article/stories/s3607165.shtml#.VFbs8vnF8W4…
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