• Pastels Sighting sticks and viewfinders

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    Posted in UFO Sighting on April 30th, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    The two main tools you use for sighting and measuring are a sighting stick to help find relative sizes and proportions and a viewfinder to help you focus on your composition and analyze the arrangement of the elements of the work. Sighting is used to find correct placement of items in a scene and to find correct angles of some features. Measuring is used to gauge the relative scale and proportion of items in a scene.

    Sighting sticks are tools used for visually measuring heights, widths, and angles of objects and sighting the relationships of objects or parts to each other. You can use a kabob skewer, pencil, chopstick, or any thin, straight stick about eight inches long. A sighting stick is easy to find around the house, and this section shows you how to make a couple of kinds of viewfinders.

    A viewfinder allows you to find the best view and decide whether you want a vertical or horizontal format for the image, just like a viewfinder on a camera does. Viewfinders come in a couple of different varieties:

    Window: A window viewfinder is the simplest type; it’s just a piece of cardstock with a rectangular opening. The opening corresponds to the standard proportions of a piece of pastel paper. To quickly make your own, just cut a rectangular window in an index card or similar piece of cardboard. You can modify the window with threads taped in place to create crosshairs that help you visualize your image and transfer the forms to your drawing.
    Adjustable: This type of viewfinder, as the name implies, has an opening that can be adjusted for when you want to make a square image or a long rectangular image. If you want to make your own adjustable viewfinder, just follow these steps
    Cut two L shapes out of a piece of 81 ⁄2-x-11-inch or so sheet of cardstock, cardboard, or mat board.
    On the interior edges of each L, copy the marks of a ruler, starting in the innermost corner with zero.
    Clip the two L shapes together with large paper clips or butterfly clips to form a square or rectangle the same proportions as the height and width of your drawing paper. You can also use masking tape to temporarily fix the two L’s together.

    The main advantage to using an adjustable viewfinder is that you can adjust the opening to fit the proportions of your paper so that you have a square opening for a square piece of paper or have a long, rectangular opening for a long, rectangular piece of paper. Having a viewfinder that has the same proportions as your paper makes reproducing the image you see easier.

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  • International UFO Museum Roswell New Mexico HD

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    Visiting The International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell is sort of like a pilgrimage. And you’ll have a better journey if you have a little faith and imagination in your quest….
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  • UFOs: What A Load Of Rubbish!

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    Posted in UFO Sighting on April 26th, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    Pro-UFO (as in supporting the UFO extraterrestrial hypothesis) and ancient astronaut buffs are happy to claim evidence for extraterrestrials having been, or even now are, as just plain folk, tourists, scientists, colonizers, whatever, sharing with us this Third Rock out from the Sun.  Now a logical objection to this scenario is that there’s no obvious extraterrestrial detritus or garbage sites (kitchen middens) or ruins, etc. they left behind. There’s no fossil evidence for any non-terrestrial critter or of the mythological and possible extraterrestrial hybrids (like centaurs, the sphinx or mermaids). There are no skeletons of E.T. itself thus far uncovered. We’ve yet to find the burial remains (if any) of the alien Cyclops.


    That’s not to say there aren’t some pretty weird fossils in the geological record – within the strata of the rocks – but nothing that ultimately can’t be interpreted in terrestrial and Darwinian evolutionary terms. Trilobites were terrestrial.


    Of course as any palaeontologist is happy to point out, what fossils we do have amount to a tiny fraction of those still existing within the geological rock record; all fossils (discovered or not) are but an incredibly tiny fraction of all those critters (including plants) that once upon a time got fossilized. Of those that got fossilized, many remain buried, but many have since been destroyed by natural forces; that subset, all those potentially undiscovered fossils, or fossils that no longer exist, are in turn but a super ultra tiny fraction of all critters who have ever lived and died. Most (nearly all) critters when they die serve as food for something else, even if just bacteria. They get biodegraded in one way or another – dust-to-dust and ashes-to-ashes. Translated, the odds that one lone (out of trillions) Joe Trilobite will ever have been fossilized discovered and ultimately grace a museum display is astronomically against. So, that would have to apply to E.T. as well. There might well exist buried in the ground some bona fide E.T. artefact, even an E.T. itself, but that does nobody any good if that artefact remains buried or more likely as not, has been destroyed over geological eons by various and destructive natural geological processes.


    In summary, if any such extraterrestrial artefacts and fossils exist, they are so few in number, so eroded and weathered and buried and biodegraded that the proverbial-needle-in-the-proverbial-haystack is easy pickings by comparison. If anyone is familiar with the History Channel’s documentary series “Life After People”, infrastructure when left unattended to the mercy and forces of nature and ravages of time don’t last or survive all that long before crumbling to dust. It’s said that ‘man fears time, but time fears only the pyramids’. However, even so, it’s obvious that time has in fact taken its toll on those ancient wonders atGizainEgypt. In another 50,000 years, even if ten times that, even the pyramids will have been recycled back to sand as the wind and rain and pollution and earthquakes do their destructive things.


    Still, maybe an amateur archaeologist or palaeontologist or just plain lucky prospector or individual who happens to look at the right spot at the right time might stumble onto the find of the century – E.T. Actually it would be the find, not just of the century, but of all time.


    Those same natural geological forces and biological agents would also strut their natural recycling and breakdown stuff on E.T.’s waste. But, in addition, E.T. can and does have the option of removing their detritus off the planet. One also needs to ask; would we of necessity recognize and distinguish E.T.’s rubbish from all other forms of human rubbish? Would there be any obvious differences that would suggest extraterrestrial rubbish is somehow different from human rubbish? If we wouldn’t immediately jump to a conclusion that a metal bolt we found was extraterrestrial, would we then go to the trouble and submit it to complex analysis, analysis that would be required to confirm that this rubbish wasn’t ordinary rubbish but extraordinary rubbish?  Lack of E.T.’s garbage is not evidence of a lack of E.T.


    The lack of extraterrestrial rubbish dumps and artefacts could well be that E.T. cleaned up after themselves (unlike prone-to-litter humans on which a lot of human prehistory is based – excavations of our ancient garbage dumps, technically called kitchen middens, etc.). The E.T. ‘gods’ (ancient astronauts) took all of their stuff with them when they left, including the end products of their genetic experiments (apart from their ultimate final product – we humans and our hominoid ancestors which had died out on their own), the hybrid half & halves (like the Minotaur) of our mythology.


    Unless we humans start launching our garbage into space, say the ultimate incineration in the solar furnace; well let’s just say that option is going to increase waste disposal rates several thousand fold and therefore isn’t a realistic option – for us. Therefore, we have little option but to use Planet Earth as a garbage dump – much to the delight of archaeologists who base much of ancient human history on just such detritus. But of course, as noted earlier, time, natural forces and biological agents ultimately deal with most forms of human waste – solid, liquid and gaseous.


    There’s yet another solution to a lack of E.T.’s rubbish. A technologically advanced E.T. is probably equally advanced in recycling technology. If you undertake interstellar voyages you’d better be damned efficient at recycling. Anyway, I don’t recall anyone in ‘Star Trek’ for example leaving behind their litter – an artifact, maybe like a book onChicago’s gangsters yes, but not rubbish! Even that book was a violation of the Prime Directive! E.T. would pay closer attention to rules and regulations.


    Whether extraterrestrial artefacts have been eroded away by time or whether the aliens nearly removed or recycled their detritus, any and all remaining physical evidence as interpreted as evidence for E.T. is therefore evidence from our more modern eras, not the geological past. That evidence might be contained within human mythology or human archaeological relics that depict in one way or another the ‘gods’, entities that could be alien beings – figurines, artworks, monuments, etc. or the half & halves hybrids (like the stone monument of the Sphinx that rests near the trio of those great but crumbling pyramids on the Giza Plateau in Egypt). However, any archaeologist worth his or her salt will tell you that these are all the works of humans – works by man. Some out-of-place artefacts have been discovered but while anomalies or curiosities, they aren’t so totally extraordinary as to make a solid case for the existence of aliens. But, in conclusion to that observation that all roads that point to extraterrestrial ‘gods’ were paved by humans, well, absence of direct evidence linking extraterrestrials on Earth isn’t the same as evidence of extraterrestrials absence on Earth.


    But speaking of artifacts related to E.T. or ancient astronauts, there have been lots of authors, quite apart from Erich von Daniken, who have made careers out of pointing out archaeological evidence suggestive of E.T. Now clearly much of that is embellishment and wishful thinking and often plain nonsense, but, as most of life’s little mysteries are, this isn’t an either/or situation. There are many shades of gray here and I’ve seen quite a few artifacts, especially images, that are quite suggestive of an E.T. in our past, and of course if past tense, why not present tense? Now throw in that mythology to complement the archaeology…


    Finally, consider your own environment – home, work, community. Within that sphere that you exist in for the most part, what proof do you have that meteors exist? Has any meteorite landed in your back yard; crashed into your place of employment or for that matter anywhere within your day-to-day environment? What about an aircraft? You see these strange flying objects all the time yet you find no artifact of them, an artifact falling to earth in your back yard, your place of employment, or within your community. You probably have no actual physical piece of evidence to prove meteors or aircraft exist. It’s all just an eyewitness reality on your part. Of course if you claim to see a ‘shooting star’ or a Boeing 747 fly overhead; no one is likely to rubbish your sighting. So, can we rubbish UFOs just because there are no artifacts to be conveniently had, rather just eyewitness testimony in the main?


    And so, based on your own patch of turf, you have as much in the way of artifacts for E.T. as you have for meteors or airplanes (unless you have been unfortunate enough to really anger the gods and have a plane or meteorite land on your roof).


    But wait, what about that July 1947 UFO crash atRoswell,New Mexicoand other alleged incidents involving UFO crashes? Unfortunately, even if true, the aledged extraterrestrial artifacts are not in the hands of the open and above board scientific community. There’s no peer reviewed papers in scholarly journals on the studied remains. There’s no literature full stop in existence that isn’t controversial. The alleged artifacts aren’t on display in museums. Only the need-to-know elite have access, and they’re not talking. So,Roswellis a yes, but as proof positive, it’s a no – at least so far.


    However, there are modern UFO artifacts of sorts. In geology, not all fossils are bones or shells. In fact not all fossils are even remains of living things, but rather events. For example, there are fossilized rain drop impressions in now solid rock; ditto ripple marks. But with respect to former living creatures, there are fossils of just their burrows, and more frequently, just their footprints. A UFO ‘footprint’ is akin to a ground trace left behind after a UFO landing, like say the Socorro,New Mexicolanding on 24 April 1964 as witnessed by local police officer Lonnie Zamora. Magnetic traces left behind on metal objects like automobiles or physiological effects incurred on human (or plant and animal) tissue is something else that can be dealt with and analyzed in a laboratory. So, in one manner of speaking, there are UFO ‘artifacts’.


    So hunting for UFO or ancient astronaut artifacts, is akin to the old needle-in-a-haystack quest. But that’s something scientists employed in the scientifically legitimate Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (SETI) quest can identify with. That needle/haystack argument is their fallback position when SETI scientists are pressed or pressured into explaining why they haven’t themselves detected E.T. (albeit out there and not here) in over five decades of searching the heavens for that artificial radio beam or optical beacon. They would state, and rightly so, that absence of evidence is not the same thing as evidence of absence. And so that pithy saying too assists in coming to terms why UFOs (and ancient astronauts) are not rubbish. Absence of E.T.’s garbage is not the same thing of necessity as evidence of E.T.’s absence.

    Science librarian; retired.

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  • Area Rug Cleaning Redondo Beach

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    Area Rug Cleaning – What Every Rug Owner Must know About Cleaning
    Once you ruin an expensive area rug you learn your lesson and start hiring Redondo Beach Area Rug Cleaning services. If you’re smart, you’ll read this and learn from the mistakes of others. You’ll hire the professional area rug cleaning services right from day one!

    There are so many mistakes that can be made when you attempt area rug cleaning on your own. Everyone needs area rugs of some sort in their home, but most people have no clue when it comes to cleaning those rugs.

    Can you throw smaller rugs in the washing machine? Is there really any difference besides price between all of those rug cleaners in the store? How frequently should rugs be cleaned in order to maintain their beauty?

    These questions reflect some of the most tragic mistakes many people make when attempting area rug cleaning. Some will toss smaller sized are rugs in the washing machine without thinking, only to pull it out with the backing in shreds one cycle later.

    Others do not think there is any difference between cleaners and end up using something that damages their rug. Redondo Beach Area Rug Cleaning technicians see it every day – those very telling off-color, pale and bleached out spots. Unfortunately, much of this damage cannot be reversed even by the pros.

    Of course, if you have a cheap rug of limited value that you can easily replace, go ahead and try to clean it on your own first. If you can get it clean enough for your standards you could save a bit of money. If you have expensive rugs or some of your rugs cannot be replaced because they are rare or sentimental family hand-downs, you have to hire Redondo Beach Area Rug Cleaning services.

    Even if you have a favorite rug that you feel is so filthy or stained it is beyond recovery, call up Redondo Beach Area Rug Cleaning services and see what they can do. You just may salvage the rug and save yourself from replacing it.

    If you don’t have a lot of knowledge about area rug cleaning and your rugs are valuable or sentimentally valuable, don’t risk ruining them! Call the pros out and let them handle the job with perfection.

    Be sure to go to Redondo Beach Area Rug Cleaning to take advantage of our internet coupons or call us at (310) 374-1090 for a free estimate today.

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  • Encounters: U.F.O. Experience Explores Extraterrestrial Reports as “Star Trek Into Darkness” Premiers and XCON Opens in Myrtle Beach

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    Posted in UFOs on April 23rd, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    Myrtle Beach, S.C. (PRWEB) May 16, 2013

    More than 3,000 comic book and science fiction fans are expected to gather in Myrtle Beach, S.C. this weekend to attend the sixth-annual XCON World conference, just as one of the most-anticipated science fiction movies of the year, Star Trek Into Darkness, premiers. Those fans will also have the opportunity to explore a unique exhibition with more than 200 original and reproduction artifacts from UFO sightings and alien abductions at “Encounters: U.F.O. Experience” at Broadway at the Beach.

    Encounters started a limited run in Myrtle Beach that will last through the Labor Day weekend, and then it heads off on a worldwide tour. The exhibition is open Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sundays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.; and Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Beginning Memorial Day, it will be open seven days a week, Sundays through Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

    This extraordinary exhibition features seven galleries filled with original and replica artifacts. Displays include materials left by early man as supporting evidence of their alien encounters, and an exploration of military involvement with Roswell and Area 51. Visitors can view videos of UFO sightings from around the world, and listen to actual 9-1-1 calls made by people reporting sightings and alien abductions. A pop culture gallery even explores alien encounters in film. It features props from Men in Black and a full-size model of an alien from District 9, and kids are sure be delighted when they encounter a life-size E.T.

    The first comprehensive look at reported alien interactions with the people of earth, this exhibition is a must-see for anyone visiting Myrtle Beach. Tickets can be reserved by calling 843-353-0046, and they are $ 14 for adults, $ 12 Students, and $ 10 for children (ages 4 – 12). Children under the age of three are free.

    Star Trek Into Darkness, J.J. Abrams’ continuation of the popular sci-fi franchise, will be showing in 3-D at Broadway at the Beach’s BigD Theatre, a state-of-the art digital venue with an immense screen and epic surround sound. Just a short walk from Encounters, the much-anticipated movie opens May 16, and is a perfect weekend complement to the real-life reports presented at Encounters and the comic book world of XCON.

    The XCON VI conference gets underway at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center on Friday, May 17 and runs through Sunday, May 19. It will feature games, panel discussions, and special appearances by celebrities from The Walking Dead, Star Wars Episode IV, and Doctor Who. In addition, representatives from Encounters will be there to meet the crowd at a booth in aisle “D.” They’ll be accompanied by one of the exhibition’s alien figures who will be spinning an out-of-this-world prize wheel. Conference attendees who stop by the booth will be able to win special alien memorabilia and tickets to the exhibition.

    Encounters and BigD are a five-minute walk from each other, while the Convention Center is less than a half mile away. This makes Myrtle Beach — a resort town with some of the best beaches in our world — a great place for those who want to get an up close and personal look at things that are out of this world.

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  • UFO Sighting Incredible Footage Stealth Fighter Intercepts UFO

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    Posted in UFO Sighting on April 22nd, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    UFO Sighting Incredible Footage Stealth Fighter Intercepts UFO. Thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe. New video everyday!!!
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  • Preparations of Redesign a Kitchen Area

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    Is the kitchen the center of where common action of your family usually happens? It is a wonderful place for us not only to eat, cook and talk, but also laugh and cry. So, if its high time remodeled your own kitchen, you would have to consider some factors.

    The first factor that you will need to consider is the style you want your kitchen to have. Since you are not totally an expert on this, better search for some architectural designs that is close to how your kitchen looks like and find something you like. When you find something that interest you, stick with it! Most of the time even a small change to the design can also change to the budget you also have in mind. Remodeling a kitchen does not go cheap so better collaborate with your contractor to finalize your design.

    You should also start packing your kitchen goods a week before the construction begins, then find an area to serve as your temporary kitchen. Most of the time, the dining area is the common alternative to the kitchen since the dining table is already set there.

    But before the work begins discuss with your contractor about specific jobs that he will be handling especially if you also want to get involved with the remodeling process so that they can make the necessary permit for doing any electrical, mechanical, building or remodeling work.

    When everything is set up and all the needed materials for the kitchens have arrived, ask your contractor for a time line. This is necessary since the longer your remodeling takes place, the more expenses you will have. It is important to learn what is going to happen in each day and who to expect coming in your home so that you can be more prepared. But of course it is not all about saving your expenses you will also need to create a good working relationship with your contractor so that you can make sure that everything will go according to plan. It would be to your advantage if you can maintain good communication with them to avoid unwanted result in your kitchen. Always remember that the quality of the service they will give you is also the same quality of professionalism you give them.

    This also applies to the materials that you are going to use for the kitchen. If you started being cheap with your materials, it will easily show with the result of your kitchen. Do not expect your kitchen to look like an expensive looking one, when you were cheap in the first place. Take some time in learning the basics of remodeling and the things that goes with it such as the availability of the contractors, the materials that you will need, and the fixtures and appliances that will soon be added. Considering all these factors will also let you have an ideal budget in mind without also compromising the value of each thing you will need.

    Sun Lakes Waterfront Property affords you peaceful living. Browse Sun Lakes Three-Bedroom Houses.

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  • UFO capture by Yasmin Joyner at UFO sighting event 1/25/15

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    Posted in UFO Sighting on April 19th, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    Incredible footage captured by Yasmin Joyner at UFO sighting event at Hollydale Park, Southgate, CA Join.
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  • Roswell UFO and the Nazi Connection

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    Posted in UFOs on April 16th, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    In mid 1947, a crash of a military Air Force surveillance balloon at a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico gave rise to claims alleging the crash was of an extraterrestrial spaceship. Interest…
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  • Will President Obama End UFO Secrecy?

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    Posted in UFO Sighting on April 15th, 2015 by Ryqn Roswell

    When Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976, he promised that he would see the public learned the truth about UFOs. He was convinced he had seen an unidentified flying object, but never confirmed whether he thought it was an alien spacecraft.

    UFOlogists call the particular sighting “The Jimmy Carter UFO incident.” It happened one evening in 1969, two years before he became the governor of Georgia. He was giving a speech at the Lion’s club when a guest called his attention to an object in the sky. The object was reported to be 30 degrees above the horizon and Carter described it as being “bright white” and being as bright as the moon. It was said to have appeared to have closed in on where he was standing but to have stopped beyond a stand of pine trees some distance from him. The object is then said to have changed color, first to blue, then to red, then back to white, before appearing to recede into the distance.

    One of the things President Obama did on Day One is open up the Freedom of Information Act. He reversed Ashcroft’s restrictions on Freedom of Information Act requests as well as changes to the Presidential Records Act, and adopted general principles on transparency and open government. According to Obama’s memo, presented by the Electronic Frontier Foundation: “All agencies should adopt a presumption in favor of disclosure, in order to renew their commitment to the principles embodied in FOIA, and to usher in a new era of open Government. The presumption of disclosure should be applied to all decisions involving FOIA.”

    This week Fate Magazine, a magazine that has been around since the 1940s and reports on true incidents of UFO events and other areas of the paranormal, released the following press release.

    In one of his first official acts as president, Barack Obama issued a memorandum that could lead to the disclosure of previously unknown UFO secrets.

    “For a long time now there’s been too much secrecy in this city,” said Obama. “The old rules said that if there was a defensible argument for not disclosing something to the American people, then it should not be disclosed. That era is now over. Starting today, every agency and department should know that this administration stands on the side not of those who seek to withhold information, but those who seek to make it known.”

    Obama’s memorandum directs US government agencies to respond favorably to Freedom of Information Act requests unless there are compelling reasons not to. This could be of great assistance to journalists and citizen researchers, including those investigating the government’s involvement in the UFO phenomenon.

    Whether Obama plans a proactive release of UFO secrets is unknown, but there is citizen pressure on him to do so, as reflected in comments made to his transition team’s website. Comments promoting UFO disclosure finished among the top 100 submissions posted to the Citizen’s Briefing Book at Change.gov, which no longer exists it is now the WhiteHouse.gov

    In an “unofficial poll” conducted by Billy Booth’s “Guide to UFOs” he says that In an interview with the late Tim Russert, Obama once remarked that he was more interested in the plight of everyday Americans than aliens. That is understandable, considering the economic and social problems we are experiencing at this time. However, that does not necessarily mean he won’t try to release information on UFOs, as long as there is a concerted effort among Americans to make their desires known.

    Ufologist are hopeful mainly because with the Freedom of Information Act being more open to the public than in the past 8 years and because of the President’s insistence to have government transparency, then this could be the time when everyone finally learns the TRUTH about UFOs. The truth is out there.

    Cristina Aguilar, is a writer and spiritual advisor for http://www.liveperson.com/gypsy-raven. She is also author of “Gypsy Wisdom, a simple guide to card readings, spells and potions.” Available at http://www.thegypsywisdom.com.

    More at: http://www.aboutalien.com http://aboutalien.com/2011/07/yukon-territory-ufo-sighting-1996/ 4th Part of the Famous Giant UFO Mothership Sighting in Yukon Territory, Canada (1996)…
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