• UFO Sighting : Stephenville Texas Alien Encounter (Full Documentary)

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    UFO Sighting : Stephenville Texas Alien Encounter (Full Documentary) . 2013 2014 This documentary as well as all of the rest of these documentaries shown her…
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    The anatomy of these six beings does fit the reported Alien profile of having large heads,Hair less bodies,large black almond eyes, long fingers, three toes,…
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  • Area Rugs For Your Home

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    Jute Area Rugs

    Although jute may best be known as what’s on the back of your rug, it is a great minimalist choice for accent and area rugs because it is a fiber that is easily dyed and woven or made into braided rugs that are not only delicate to the touch but durable because they are naturally stain resistant and good for homes where there are pets and young children.

    Jute area rugs can best be cleaned by hand with a cloth or lightly shaken, and not subjected to steam cleaning or rough vacuuming. Just try not to get these area rugs wet. They absorb moisture quickly and can rot. This applies to all the area rugs that are left in their most natural states, even bamboo and sisal if untreated or unprotected. Jute rugs are biodegradable and made from a renewable resource.

    Other Environmentally Friendly Area Rugs

    Another way to be environmentally conscious while selecting a rug is to choose a vintage rug and therefore recycle something that might end up in a dump. There are lots of vintage braided rugs from the turn of the century and even some only 20 or 30 years old but have already acquired character. You needn’t buy a new rug to be contemporary!

    When buying an antique or vintage rug you may have to consider a couple issues. Is it in good condition or will it need some restoration? One way to check is to look at the back. Is the backing lose? Does it have mildew or water stains? Are the edges of the vintage area rug frayed? Are their holes from rats’ nibbling along the edge or is the hole in the centre? Remember rug restoration is possible, but it can be expensive. Just calculate any restoration costs into what appears to be your cheap carpet find before you think you have too good a deal to pass up.

    Visit Contemporary Wool Area Rugs to learn more about how to buy area rugs for your home.

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  • EXCLUSIVE: Buzz Aldrin Confirms UFO Sighting in Syfy’s ‘Aliens on the Moon’

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    Forget everything you think you know about the moon! The channel that brought you Sharknado has turned their sights to the stars for a two-hour documentary s…


  • FinanceMarlin.com Suggests 10 Bizarre Places and Attractions for Seniors to Visit

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    Miami, FL (PRWEB) July 08, 2013

    The Editor of Finance Marlin loves America and learning new things. After all, maintaining an educational outlook helps keeps the brain young and vital. Inspired by the Huffington Post’s article “Awesome America: 51 Facts And Attractions You Need To Check Out”, journey with Finance Marlin to discover ten places and/or attractions that are both interesting and bizarre. Who knows, packing the hip waders and s’mores may be in the near future.

    Something to keep in mind- if one is a senior where the money to travel is not readily available, take the advice of Globe Insurance (life insurance company) when they say, “Go out and buy a travel guide to your own hometown to start. You’ll be surprised at all of the things you can see that you never even knew existed right under your nose.”

    If traveling out of town is an option, FinanceMarlin.com recommends these 10 unusual places:

    1.    The Boll Weevil Monument in Enterprise, Alabama – Yes, that is written correctly. It is homage to a bug that forced the town to diversify their crops.

    2.    Kitt Peak National Observatory – Just southwest of Tucson, this is home to the largest collection of observatories in the world. How cool is that?

    3.    The PEZ factory in Orange, Connecticut – Visit the place where candy is made that pops from the throat of a plastic character.

    4.    The coffee plantations of Hawaii – It’s Hawaii. ‘Nuf said.

    5.    The “future” birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk at Riverside, Iowa – “Trekies” know that Captain Kirk’s birth date is, or will be March 22, 2228.

    6.    The Main Whoopie Pie Festival – Occurs each June to celebrate the official state treat of Maine.

    7.    The World’s Largest Ball of Twine – Housed in Darwin, Minnesota. It’s a real thing.

    8.    International UFO & Research Museum – Roswell, New Mexico. Where else would it be?

    9.    World’s Largest Calf Fry & Cook Off in Vinita, Oklahoma – In case there was any doubt, calf fries are in fact, bull testicles.

    10.    Mill Ends Park in Portland, Oregon – It’s the world’s smallest park spanning a diminutive 452 inches, built as a safe haven for leprechauns and snail races.

    FinanceMarlin.com recommends to seniors a different perspective on what America has to offer concerning travel sites, strange places and odd facts.

    About FinanceMarlin.com

    Finance Marlin promotes value and quality of life to seniors and for them.

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  • [2014] Insane – UFO sighting 100% real

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    IF YOU THINK ITS REAL OR FAKE!!! CLICK HERE TO GET ANSWER :) http://www.youtube.com/user/XxxFastestDrummerxxX?feature=watch please just, i have know idea wha…

    This UFO sighting was filmed in Brazil, during the night. What are your thoughts or opinion about this sighting/footage? As always, you decide for yourself! …


  • Finding a Mitsubishi in Roswell ? Buying Used and New Cars

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    When it’s time to buy a new car in these modern times, often people search through online listings and end up getting lost as to what is going to be best for their overall needs. Before you go searching for everything you can find online with the tag Roswell cars, make sure that you figure out a few things. If you don’t do any preliminary planning, you could end up showing up at a dealership only to be disappointed by what you find. Doing a little homeowner ahead of time can really help you get the right car for your needs. Consider the following few tips of things to consider before you spend a dime at a Mitsubishi dealer.

    First and foremost, make sure that you’re ready to buy a new or used vehicle. You’ll find that when you visit a quality dealership they will have both options for you and a variety of different choices in terms of years, body style, and more. If you aren’t quite ready to purchase an all new vehicle, at least look into a used option, as it will serve the same purpose overall. When you purchase certified used you will not only save money, but you will get a car that is going to last you some time. Sure it’s not brand new, but you won’t really notice the difference if you get a certified option with a warranty.

    Once you’ve made the decision that you are ready to buy, look over your finances and see what you have in terms of a down payment. If you don’t have a lot of money, that’s ok, you could use a trade in as a form of a down payment in many ways. When you research Roswell cars, you’ll find that a great number of options will appear and you can definitely utilize what you have to drive the price down for any automobile that you would like to purchase. If you don’t have an automobile, and you don’t have any money, but you still want to get into a new vehicle, that’s ok, there are a great number of options that you can explore to help you move forward with this process.

    Financing is always something that people are concerned with, especially those with bad credit. Don’t let that stop you from searching for a new vehicle, as you will find that Mitsubishi dealers in Roswell can in fact help you out. You may not get the rock bottom price on a model, but you will be able to get something that will not break the bank and allow you to get that car you need. Some of the options will have favorable monthly payments, and through the process of paying the payments, your credit will improve. At the end of your financing terms, you could end up with such a boost in your credit score, that you will be out of the negative category and back in good graces with all financial companies. That’s just one of the perks of purchasing a new or used car with financing. Don’t let this scare you, go in and talk to someone about what you can do.

    If you are looking for information on buying used and new cars, click on the link. Or you can visit http://www.roswellmitsubishi.com/.

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  • UFO sighting on Chinese news – July, 2009

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    Chinese news broadcast about a UFO sighting in July, 2009. Also see the following, about the recent UFO sighting during the eclipse in China: http://www.alln…
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  • Roswell UFO incident Google Doodle +solution #goodoocollect

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    There is a Google Doodle about the Roswell UFO incident on July 8th, 2013. On July 7th 1947 an airborne object crashed on a ranch near Roswell. On July 8th 1…

    Is It Really A Government Cover-Up?
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    Ufo Sighting 9/2013 recorded in California from the viewpoint of the beach. You can see a few Ufos flying over or behind this ship which appears to have a la…

    This UFO sighting was filmed during daytime in Melbourne, Australia on February 9, 2013 at approx 05:00 PM (local time). At 0:56 there is kinda an explosion …
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